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Oct 14, 11:07

6540.76 75.29 (1.16%)

  Intraday 52 Week
OPEN: 6,490.49 HIGH: 6,542.78 7,954.62
PREV CLOSE: 6,465.47 LOW: 6,480.95 6,017.59
Returns - S&P BSE PSU
YTD 1 Week 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
-9.61% -1.20% -1.30% -14.20% -13.80% -4.90% -23.50% -15.10%
Simple Moving Averages
Month Oct'19 Sep'19 Aug'19 Jul'19 Jun'19 May'19
HIGH 6805.66 6908.02 6972.88 7928.03 7954.62 7927.78
LOW 6398.63 6175.63 6017.59 6815.91 7485.31 7001.08
CLOSE 6465.47 6785.90 6348.92 6967.88 7832.33 7825.82
Company Points
ONGC 16.64
IOC 12.65
SBI 11.44
HPCL 7.15
BPCL 4.84
Company Points
Power Grid Corp -2.49
Coal India -2.04
Bank of Baroda -1.99
GAIL -1.32
Bank of Mah -0.60
Bombay Stock Exchange Limited launched 'BSE PSU Index' on 4 June 2001. This index consists of major Public Sector Undertakings listed on BSE. The BSE PSU Index is displayed on-line on the BOLT trading terminals nationwide.

a. An Index to track the performance of listed equity of PSU companies
b. A suitable benchmark for the Central Government to monitor its wealth on the bourses.
The Base Date for the BSE PSU Index is 1st February 1999, the date when the BSE-500 was launched. Being a subset of BSE-500, the BSE PSU Index ensures a reasonable history of how the Central Government wealth fluctuated on the bourses. The Base Value for the BSE PSU Index has been set at 1000 to ensure adequacy in terms of daily index movement.

Source : BSE
For consideration of scrips for inclusion in BSE PSU index, Public Sector Undertaking refers to any undertaking wherein the Central Government holding is equal to or more than 51%. Since BSE PSU index is a subset of BSE-500 index, scrips that form part of BSE-500 index automatically get included in BSE PSU index

Source : BSE

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