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  • News - financial planning ,job losses

    Six ways to save your job in the current storm of layoffs

    When looking for work, you can protect your employability by negotiating certain clauses including a longer notice period and a golden handshake.

  • News - financial planning ,salary

    23% of salaried people aren’t prepared for financial emergencies: Survey

    Saving money is a big challenge for individuals — 57 percent of those surveyed saved less than 20 percent of their take-home salary, and 24 percent did not save at all. This was mainly due to lifestyle expenses, big loans, and simply not having a savings mindset.

  • News - financial planning ,retirement planning

    Mother’s Day 2023: Why single mothers should not ignore their retirement goals

    On Mother's Day, diligent financial planning can ensure smooth sailing through every stage of life. Retirement will go well if you have an adequate emergency corpus, life and health covers in place