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Tax calculator

With this tool find out your tax liabilities.


You need a budget to check if you are on the right track to savings and investments. A budget will also keep a tab on your daily spending habits.

Current expenses calculator

Use this tool to calculate the total monthly and annual expenses for you and the family members for whom you are financially responsible.

Contingency funds

An emergency fund is a must in your portfolio. This tool will help you figure out how much you need to set aside for emergencies.

Cost of living calculator

This calculator helps you calculate your cost of living in any future year based on your projected lifestyle and adjusted for your expected annual rate of inflation.

How to be a crorepati

This calculator helps you to calculate the amount that you need to save to become a crorepati by a particular age.

Debt evaluation

A debt evaluation tool will tell you if you have borrowed more than you can afford. Banks are freely giving loans but the question you must ask is, should you really take one?

Debt reduction plan

Use this debt reduction tool to find out how long it will take for you to repay your debts, especially those mounted on credit cards and other insecure loans.

Plan your insurance properly

Understand how much life insurance you need, primarily based on analysing the expense profile and the current wealth level of your dependants/family.

Plan your retirement

The Retirement Planner will help you understand how much you need to grow your wealth before you retire and how to plan for it.

How you can save by reducing spending

Use this tool to calculate the total monthly and annual expenses for you and the family members for whom you are financially responsible.

Should my spouse work

If you've just had a baby and are planning to quit working (or if it’s the husband reading this, if your spouse is planning to quit work), here is a little help!

EMI calculator

Use this tool to calculate how much EMI you will pay on your loans.

How have your stocks performed?

Find out if you have made or lost money in your investments.

Compare funds

Confused with which fund to choose? Worry not. With this tool you can compare funds and make a right choice.

Are you invested in the best funds?

Find out if your fund is among the top performing funds.

Calculate ULIP returns

Want to know if your ULIP funds are giving you good returns. This tool will help you find out.

Asset allocation tool

This tool will suggest an asset allocation for you across different asset classes based on your level of risk capacity and risk tolerance.

Magic of compounding tool

Use this calculator to understand the astounding power of compounding. We bet after seeing the results, you'll want to try and start investing as soon as possible!

How much will you have in your company PF?

This tool will help you estimate how much balance you will have in your employers provident fund account when you retire.

Gratuity calculator

This tool will help you estimate how much gratuity you will get when you retire. Gratuity is paid if you have worked in a company for more than 5 years.

Find out your risk profile

Based on your risk profile, we will recommend an asset allocation structure best suited for you.

Postal deposits

Use this tool to find quick information on postal deposits.

Home loans

Can’t make up your mind to choose between fixed or floating interest rate? Use our tool to find out what suits you the best.

Auto loans

Looking to buy a new or second hand vehicle? Our tool can help you with information.

Personal loans

Want a personal loan? Calculate the applicable interest rate with this tool.

Study loans

Need a study loan? But don’t know much about it? Find answers to these with our tool.




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