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  • Explained | How to claim 'unclaimed' funds

    Rs 82,000 crore lies unclaimed across financial securities. This week, Sumaira Abidi explains how to claim your 'unclaimed' money.

  • Financial planning: how right investment can help achieve financial goals

    Planning your finances might seem very complicated but with a few basic steps, you can help your advisor devise the perfect financial plan for you. Ahead of the World Financial Planning on October 6, Dilshad Billimoria from Dilzer Consultants tells us what to focus on while making a financial plan, and how the right investments can help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Explained | MF investing: What not to do

    With the market at a record high, there is always the danger that investors can fall prey to some rookie mistakes which can jeopardise their portfolios. Sumaira Abidi explains what not to do.

  • Ex-ICICI Bank boss KV Kamath feels every individual must make a will today!

    Many of us hesitate in drafting a Will and making nominations. But the onset of Covid-19 has shown that life is uncertain. Inaugurating an initiative of the Association of Registered Investment Advisers (ARIA) to help stranded people cope with succession planning upon losing their loved ones to Covid-19, KV Kamath shared his views on the importance of timely planning your will. - He stressed upon the need to make nominations in our existing as well as new investments - Kamath also stressed upon the need to have standardisation of forms and processes required in succession planning Who is KV Kamath? KV Kamath was the former Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank and then its Chairman from 2009-15. He was also the Chairman of Infosys between 2011 and 2015. He came back to India last year from Shanghai where he served close to five years as the chief of the New Development Bank of BRICS countries.

  • After gold, silver ETFs will soon be available for investing; should you buy?

    At it's board meeting, SEBI approved the idea of launching silver ETFs in India. As of now, MFs in India can only launch ETFs tracking gold prices. How do silver ETFs work? Let's find out.

  • Your Money Matters | How to develop investing mindset for wealth creation

    Developing the right investing mindset is as important as striking a balance between spending and saving, or looking for the right investment options for a better portfolio. In this episode of Your Money Matters, we tell you how to develop an investing mindset and money behaviours that are key to wealth creation for young investors.

  • Ideas For Profit | Manappuram Finance

    The divergent performance of Muthoot and Manappuram Finance narrates a story of superior versus inferior execution in the same business. Despite the troubled past, improving macros and the huge valuation discount to peer - Muthoot Finance - warrants attention. While there are execution challenges, it is a worthy bet for the risk-taker. Find out why

    Ideas for Profit
  • Explained | what is smallcase investing: pros and cons

    For a product that has hardly been around for a few years, smallcases - which are basically curated portfolios - are making quite a splash in the investment fraternity. In this video, we help understand this new style of investing.

  • Your money matters | How to strike a balance between saving & spending

    With abundant spending options for millennials, how can we strike a balance between spending and saving for the future? Lets find out the ways to make saving fun with Mrin Agarwal, founder of Finsafe India in the first episode of Moneycontrol’s personal finance series - 'Your Money Matters'

  • Protecting your investments from any market crash just before your retirement

    An equity-heavy strategy makes sense only if you are still years away from retirement

  • Understanding behavioural biases that can lead to investment mistakes

    What keeps your portfolio from performing at its optimum potential? Sumaira Abidi explores the behavioural biases that may be at play.

  • Explained | How MF risk is measured

    The concept of selecting mutual funds schemes on the basis of returns needs to be overhauled. Investors need to select schemes on the basis of risk-adjusted returns. Sumaira Abidi explains the various measures of risk.


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Mrin Agarwal



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