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06:52 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Expect Committee On UMPP To Submit Final Report By FY-end
06:51 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Will Make Sure Planned 5 UMPPs Get Timely Approvals
06:51 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: All New UMPPs Will Get Handholding From The Govt
06:50 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Have Plans For UMPPs In Bihar & Jharkhand
06:50 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Will See Gradual Phase-out Of Exemptions
06:46 pm : Flashes: PM Said Any Positive Suggestion On Land Acqn Will Be Acted Upon
06:46 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Road Projects Can Be Jump-started Immediately With EPC
06:45 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Looking At Differential Voting Rights For PSU Bank Boards
06:45 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Looking At Innovative Instruments For Reinvigorating PSU Bank Boards
06:44 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Bank Bureau Will Be An Autonomous Body & Select Bank Chiefs
06:43 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Trying To Pass Constitutional Amendment To GST In This Session
06:43 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Can See Movement In Many Stalled Projects
06:42 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance:Govt Infra Investments Will Improve Rail Network
06:41 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance:Will Start Allocating Gross Budgetary Support Of Rs 70,000 Cr Immediately
06:40 pm : Flashes: Rs 70,000 Cr Divestment Target For FY16 Is Ambitious: :Divestment Secy
02:27 pm : Interpretations: 10% TDS introduced for PF withdrawal before 5 years
02:14 pm : Interpretations: Buyback tax up from 22.66% to 23.07% for unlisted companies
02:11 pm : Interpretations: Specific mutual fund service tax exemption withdrawn

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Raja Bahadur | 58 min 34 sec

Sir, My understanding says, Indian consumer is a very greedy smart dog, the ONLY thing it is loyal is towards its LUST for brands and is now addicted to them. Many people see this eCommerce play has given an advantage and made consumer as king but in my humble opinion, its not. People these days are buying stuff which they don`t actually need but they are offered at discount. For instance, I see youngsters and well as mature people flipping their mobiles and gadgets in favour of new models and devices, frankly speaking their outgoing device is just as good, and here I am talking about devices being dump after 3-4 months of use simple because a new model has come in. This has lead to erosion of savings, living on debt(read EMI), expenditure where basis is not need but craving. The notion of having the latest and best (just because its expensive) due to the fact it portrays an illusion of prosperity to self and in mind of others further fuels this trend. I feel its rightly pointed out that these eCommerce players would only continue to make higher sales and show growth in topline till PE Investors keep giving them money to burn in selling stuff at a deep discount. Once this money gets stop/reduced, the very same Indian consumer would turn away, because it is not loyal to them, as I said earlier. I feel soon, we should have a bubble burst in China and IF it so happens and these PE firms go bust, lord save Indian eCommerce players who have managed to glitter themselves so much that have outshine everything. All that glitters is not gold, an old saying gets so relevant. Thanks and regards.

whatsupji | 1 hr 11 min 9 sec

Ra_two ji: thank you for taking time ... here is my understanding of what`s happened to the Gross Profit.. ================== Consolidated Data Jayant Agro Year end: Sales2015: 1580.71Cr Cost Of Goods Sold 2015: 1077.50Cr Gross Profit= (Sales - Cost of Goods Sold) Gross Profit 2015=(1580.71 - 1077.50)= 503.21Cr ================== Sales 2014: 1537.80Cr Cost Of GoodsSold 2014: 1134.23Cr Gross Profit 2014=(1537.80-1134.23) = 403.57Cr =================== Gross Profit in 2015 is 503.21Cr compared to 403.57Cr (2014) clearly shows that Cost of Goods Sold (Raw material) has come down substantially for Jayant Agro for the year 2015 and this has resulted in almost 100Cr increase in Gross Profits compared to 2014.. So the question is Jayant agro 2015 Gross Profit is 503.21Cr but Net Profit is just: 10Cr Jayant agro 2014 Gross Profit is 403.57Cr but Net Profit is 40Cr Clearly there is some expense which is eating into the Gross Profit... We need to identify the elephant in the room =================== Answer:Elephant in the Room: "Inventory as an Expense Item" Inventory = (Purchase of Stock in Trade) (PLUS) (Change in Inventory of Finished Goods) 2015 Purchase of Stock in Trade: 223.76Cr 2015 Change in Inventory of Finished Goods: 43.70Cr 2015 Inventory = 223.76 (Plus) 43.70 = 267.46Cr ================== 2014 Purchase of Stock in Trade: 195.09Cr 2014 Change in Inventory of Finished Goods: -ve 37.35Cr 2014 Inventory = 195.09 (Plus) -ve37.35 = 157.74Cr ================== 2015 Inventory as an Expense in Income statement: 267.46Cr 2014 Inventory as an Expense in Income Statement: 157.74Cr As everyone can see if the inventory levels were same as last year (sales are almost identical as last year) we could have seen an additional PBDIT of 100Cr but then the management is conservative and just decided to take this opportunity of low Raw Material Prices to increase their inventory by 100Cr over last year`s level.. ==================== The surprising part is if you look at the Balance Sheet which has an Inventory Line item.. 2015 Inventory in Balance Sheet: 115.64Cr 2014 Inventory in Balance Sheet: 222.26Cr There is a decrease in Value of Inventory in 2015 Suppose inventory is 100 Cost is 20/- , Inventory Value= 100x20 = 2000/- Suppose Inventory is 130 Cost is 15/- , Inventory Value=130x15 = 1950/- so even though inventory is up by 30% since the cost is down Inventory value is down.. ======================= Ra_two ji according to my understanding the Elephant in the room is the higher inventory cost in 2015 (267Cr) compared to 2014 (157Cr) which has completely negated the reduction in cost of Raw material prices for Jayant Agro.. if we normalize the earnings (consider steady inventory levels as last year) we can see that clearly this year(2015) due to low raw material prices Jayant would have reported bumper Profits.. of 100Cr .. deduct Other income of 17Cr and other expenses.. Jayant still would have reported higher Profits than last year!! ==================== Now the Question is ... In Light of this understanding do you think Jayant agro Year End March 2015 Results are really Bad or as they say "Truth is Stranger than Friction" =happy investing whatsup-indianstockideas

akgrado | 2 hrs 16 min 33 sec

akgrado | 2 hrs 21 min 57 sec


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budget impact

sector impact

Leather Products

14:33 pm

Govt reduces excise duty on leather footwear to 6%

Bata India 1070.95 17.50
Relaxo Footwear 849.80 0.10
Mirza Intl 86.05 -0.30
Bhartiya Inter 452.65 -5.00



14:31 pm

Excise duty on cigarettes increased by 25% for sub-65 mm cigarettes

ITC 329.65 1.65
Godfrey Phillip 496.70 5.25
VST 1665.45 -3.10
Kothari Product 214.10 0.00


Transport & Logistics

14:01 pm

Service tax hike of 2.4% for non-economy class air travel

Container Corp 1826.00 137.85
Jet Airways 384.50 -0.20
Allcargo 326.00 2.20
Aegis Logistics 706.75 5.90


Computers - Software

13:57 pm

Fee for technical services rate reduced from 25% to 10%

TCS 2491.60 -23.80
Infosys 2008.75 -7.85
HCL Tech 1010.75 30.65
Wipro 561.70 7.15


Telecommunications - Service

13:56 pm

Govt reduces royalty rates

Bharti Airtel 425.60 22.60
Idea Cellular 173.20 4.00
Reliance Comm 68.05 3.50
Tata Comm 430.35 2.40


Media & Entertainment

13:54 pm

Entertainment sector removed from service tax negative list

Zee Entertain 323.75 5.60
Sun TV Network 361.65 1.90
Dish TV India 101.25 4.20
DB Corp 360.20 -4.10


Auto - LCVs & HCVs

13:47 pm

Import duty on vehicles with capacity more than 10 seats increased to 40% from 10%

Tata Motors 505.25 -4.55
Eicher Motors 16520.50 739.35
Ashok Leyland 71.45 0.95
Force Motors 207.55 -10.90


Steel - Large

13:46 pm

Customs duty on bituminous coal reduced to 10% from 55%

Tata Steel 328.50 3.80
SAIL 65.90 0.10
JSW Steel 916.30 0.20
Essar Steel 51.80 -5.30


Consumer Goods - Electronic

13:44 pm

Customs duty on LED, LCD panels made nil

Videocon Ind 148.75 1.00
Videocon Int 84.25 -1.25
Mirc Electronic 13.15 0.35
PG Electroplast 128.70 4.35


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