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06:52 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Expect Committee On UMPP To Submit Final Report By FY-end
06:51 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Will Make Sure Planned 5 UMPPs Get Timely Approvals
06:51 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: All New UMPPs Will Get Handholding From The Govt
06:50 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Have Plans For UMPPs In Bihar & Jharkhand
06:50 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Will See Gradual Phase-out Of Exemptions
06:46 pm : Flashes: PM Said Any Positive Suggestion On Land Acqn Will Be Acted Upon
06:46 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Road Projects Can Be Jump-started Immediately With EPC
06:45 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Looking At Differential Voting Rights For PSU Bank Boards
06:45 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Looking At Innovative Instruments For Reinvigorating PSU Bank Boards
06:44 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Bank Bureau Will Be An Autonomous Body & Select Bank Chiefs
06:43 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Trying To Pass Constitutional Amendment To GST In This Session
06:43 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Can See Movement In Many Stalled Projects
06:42 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance:Govt Infra Investments Will Improve Rail Network
06:41 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance:Will Start Allocating Gross Budgetary Support Of Rs 70,000 Cr Immediately
06:40 pm : Flashes: Rs 70,000 Cr Divestment Target For FY16 Is Ambitious: :Divestment Secy
02:27 pm : Interpretations: 10% TDS introduced for PF withdrawal before 5 years
02:14 pm : Interpretations: Buyback tax up from 22.66% to 23.07% for unlisted companies
02:11 pm : Interpretations: Specific mutual fund service tax exemption withdrawn

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sadiquetz_dreamboy1984 | 36 min 15 sec

I predicted it 48 hours before: GreeceThe ObserverGreek referendum: Germany says it won’t leave Greece in the lurchGerman finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, appears to bolster No votein last-minute intervention on Saturday John Hooperin AthensSaturday 4 July 201518.49 BST00.02 BST (The Guardian) Investors around the world held their breath on Saturday as 10 million Greeks prepared to vote in a referendum that presents the biggest challenge to the euro since its adoption.After more than five months of eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation between Alexis Tsipras’s radical left-led government and Greece’s creditors, and with only hours to go before voting began, one of the most hawkish of the lenders appeared toblink. Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, until now even more of a hardliner than his chancellor Angela Merkel, suddenly turned a more conciliatory face towards Athens.Having previously insisted that a No voteon the lenders’ last terms would see their country forced out of the euro, Schäuble told theBildnewspaper that the choice before them on Sunday was between holding on to the euro and being “temporarily without it”.It was far from clear what Schäuble had in mind, but economists have mooted the notion of a period in whichGreecemight go back to its national currency, the drachma, while its economy recovered.With pharmacists in Athens reporting that the government had rationed the distribution of drugs, and fears being raised of food shortages within weeks, the finance minister of Europe’s biggest economy said: “It is clear that we will notleave the [Greek] people in the lurch.”What effect Schäuble’s last-minute intervention may have on the vote is impossible to gauge. But it appears to favour the No camp.His remarks seemed to endorse the claims of the Greek government, which has called for a No vote, to the effect thata majority in favour of rejection would not lead to the country’s exit from the euro (“Grexit”).The German minister’s tone was strikingly at odds with that of his charismatic but controversial Greek counterpart, Yanis Varoufakis, who turned up the heat before the ballot by accusing Greece’s creditors of terrorism.“Why did they force us to close the banks?” he asked in an interview published by the Spanish dailyEl Mundo. “To instil fear in people. And spreading fear is called terrorism.”Rallies in support of Greece were held in several European capitals on Saturday. Others were also held in Britain: in London, Liverpool and Edinburgh.Greece’s lenders were not the only people spreading alarm. Several economists warned that financial markets were underestimating the risks of a No vote – and even of a Yes vote.The streets are calm but Greece is haunted by fear of civil strifeThe situation is Greece has become increasingly fragile against a background of growing problems in China. In an effort to stabilise China’s stock markets, which have slumped by almost 30% since the middle of last month, its top securities brokerages said on Saturday that they would buy at least 120bn yuan (£12.4bn) of shares.The undertaking followed a string of official policy initiatives in the last week that included a cut in interest rates and a relaxation of margin lending rules. None has so far succeeded in halting the slide.The OxfordEconomicsthinktank warned that the closure of Greece’s banks and the imposition of capital controls last weekend would be difficult to reverse.“Cyprus was able to gradually loosen capital controls because of a decisive and credible commitment to reform. This is not possible in Greece,” it said. “Our latest scenario analysis suggests an exit probability of around 67%.”In a reference to the2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers– the spark that detonated global recession – Megan Greene, chief economist of the Canadian asset management firm Manulife, said: “Grexit would be a Lehman-type event, but with a much slower fuse.”She added: “The immediate impact might be relatively muted in the markets. A No vote is also supported by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

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budget impact

sector impact

Leather Products

14:33 pm

Govt reduces excise duty on leather footwear to 6%

Bata India 1083.55 11.00
Relaxo Footwear 488.35 -0.10
Mirza Intl 84.50 1.35
Bhartiya Inter 532.30 24.80



14:31 pm

Excise duty on cigarettes increased by 25% for sub-65 mm cigarettes

ITC 314.80 -0.25
VST 1670.70 19.70
Godfrey Phillip 474.10 10.15
Kothari Product 197.55 0.35


Transport & Logistics

14:01 pm

Service tax hike of 2.4% for non-economy class air travel

Container Corp 1741.65 -0.90
Allcargo 314.45 -2.90
Jet Airways 277.75 -2.75
Aegis Logistics 824.50 2.20


Computers - Software

13:57 pm

Fee for technical services rate reduced from 25% to 10%

TCS 2491.60 -23.80
Infosys 990.30 2.30
Wipro 546.75 -5.65
HCL Tech 964.90 10.40


Telecommunications - Service

13:56 pm

Govt reduces royalty rates

Bharti Airtel 435.10 1.95
Idea Cellular 181.20 -1.45
Reliance Comm 63.35 -1.10
Tata Comm 430.35 2.40


Media & Entertainment

13:54 pm

Entertainment sector removed from service tax negative list

Zee Entertain 369.40 0.30
Dish TV India 106.20 -0.85
Sun TV Network 361.65 1.90
TV18 Broadcast 37.80 -0.80


Auto - LCVs & HCVs

13:47 pm

Import duty on vehicles with capacity more than 10 seats increased to 40% from 10%

Tata Motors 436.40 -8.10
Eicher Motors 16520.50 739.35
Ashok Leyland 72.70 -1.25
Force Motors 207.55 -10.90


Steel - Large

13:46 pm

Customs duty on bituminous coal reduced to 10% from 55%

Tata Steel 301.20 -3.15
SAIL 63.15 -1.65
JSW Steel 868.95 -17.20
Essar Steel 51.80 -5.30


Consumer Goods - Electronic

13:44 pm

Customs duty on LED, LCD panels made nil

Videocon Ind 150.45 0.80
Videocon Int 84.25 -1.25
Mirc Electronic 13.70 0.45
PG Electroplast 128.70 4.35


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