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06:52 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Expect Committee On UMPP To Submit Final Report By FY-end
06:51 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Will Make Sure Planned 5 UMPPs Get Timely Approvals
06:51 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: All New UMPPs Will Get Handholding From The Govt
06:50 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Have Plans For UMPPs In Bihar & Jharkhand
06:50 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Will See Gradual Phase-out Of Exemptions
06:46 pm : Flashes: PM Said Any Positive Suggestion On Land Acqn Will Be Acted Upon
06:46 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Road Projects Can Be Jump-started Immediately With EPC
06:45 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Looking At Differential Voting Rights For PSU Bank Boards
06:45 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Looking At Innovative Instruments For Reinvigorating PSU Bank Boards
06:44 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Bank Bureau Will Be An Autonomous Body & Select Bank Chiefs
06:43 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Trying To Pass Constitutional Amendment To GST In This Session
06:43 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Can See Movement In Many Stalled Projects
06:42 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance:Govt Infra Investments Will Improve Rail Network
06:41 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance:Will Start Allocating Gross Budgetary Support Of Rs 70,000 Cr Immediately
06:40 pm : Flashes: Rs 70,000 Cr Divestment Target For FY16 Is Ambitious: :Divestment Secy
02:27 pm : Interpretations: 10% TDS introduced for PF withdrawal before 5 years
02:14 pm : Interpretations: Buyback tax up from 22.66% to 23.07% for unlisted companies
02:11 pm : Interpretations: Specific mutual fund service tax exemption withdrawn

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chilax | 10 min 26 sec

See here,yesterday what madhusudan kela said: "Kela: What cult are we talking of destroying, where is the cult? From 2009 till 2014, there was a withdrawal of Rs 1 lakh crore from the domestic investors. That is not even recaptured. It is not even recouped what we lost, we have got a part of what we lost and we are talking of the absolute saving and also the relative savings have doubled for each and every individual in India including the absolute amount of money, which was available, which effectively means that you saved a lot of money, you put it in bank deposit, you put it in gold, you put it in real estate but not one single penny of that money net-net has come into equity markets. That is statistics number one. Statistics number two -- even out of the saving which is there, not even 3 percent is invested in financial assets in equity, what cult are we talking about? I am saying if there is a real crack, which has happened as Ramesh Damani said market may go down another 10 percent who knows if there is a real global rout, which happens but if history is to go by and this is my biggest point, investors now have to differentiate. Is it risky to invest or is it volatile? If it is volatile then it is a great opportunity. History has suggested these kinds of things are only proven to be volatility. We have been in the markets, even the best of the companies, which has gone up -- take even for HDFC Bank or HDFC which have performed very well, you would see there is a correction of 30-40 percent which has happened even in those companies in the last 10-year period. However, if investors had to lose the nerve at this point of time and say is it a real risk, which means are we talking that the India story is completely derailed, are we talking that all which we have learnt in last 20 years about India, was it all an eyewash then I can agree with you that the cult might get destroyed but I fear that none of that is the case. I think we are still going to be one of the strongest economies in the next five years. Our growth rates are there, there is a lot of work, which has happened in the last 12-18 months, which was noticed four months bank but somehow it is getting unnoticed."

chilax | 14 min 4 sec

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Best Of Budget 2015

budget impact

sector impact

Leather Products

14:33 pm

Govt reduces excise duty on leather footwear to 6%

Bata India 1035.35 6.20
Relaxo Footwear 496.90 -13.15
Mirza Intl 98.85 -9.35
Bhartiya Inter 476.85 -11.15



14:31 pm

Excise duty on cigarettes increased by 25% for sub-65 mm cigarettes

ITC 319.55 -0.45
Godfrey Phillip 570.05 -6.45
VST 1475.95 6.80
Kothari Product 213.00 -3.35


Transport & Logistics

14:01 pm

Service tax hike of 2.4% for non-economy class air travel

Container Corp 1357.30 -39.00
Allcargo 289.95 -7.05
VRL Logistics 388.05 -16.30
Jet Airways 312.20 -13.65


Computers - Software

13:57 pm

Fee for technical services rate reduced from 25% to 10%

TCS 2574.45 -31.15
Infosys 1073.95 -25.40
Wipro 554.10 -13.05
HCL Tech 940.30 -20.70


Telecommunications - Service

13:56 pm

Govt reduces royalty rates

Bharti Airtel 350.00 3.25
Idea Cellular 149.10 -0.30
Reliance Comm 58.55 -1.10
Tata Comm 472.00 -8.70


Media & Entertainment

13:54 pm

Entertainment sector removed from service tax negative list

Zee Entertain 360.40 -7.55
Sun TV Network 361.50 -11.10
Dish TV India 102.05 -3.80
DB Corp 308.15 -1.90


Auto - LCVs & HCVs

13:47 pm

Import duty on vehicles with capacity more than 10 seats increased to 40% from 10%

Tata Motors 321.10 -12.45
Eicher Motors 19580.40 -533.45
Ashok Leyland 85.00 -2.65
Force Motors 207.55 -10.90


Steel - Large

13:46 pm

Customs duty on bituminous coal reduced to 10% from 55%

JSW Steel 903.45 -26.55
Tata Steel 218.90 -10.85
SAIL 47.20 -1.60
Essar Steel 51.80 -5.30


Consumer Goods - Electronic

13:44 pm

Customs duty on LED, LCD panels made nil

Videocon Ind 141.75 0.15
Videocon Intl 84.25 -1.25
Mirc Electronic 13.15 -0.25
PG Electroplast 119.65 6.10


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