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06:52 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Expect Committee On UMPP To Submit Final Report By FY-end
06:51 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Will Make Sure Planned 5 UMPPs Get Timely Approvals
06:51 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: All New UMPPs Will Get Handholding From The Govt
06:50 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Have Plans For UMPPs In Bihar & Jharkhand
06:50 pm : Flashes: Coal & Power Ministe: Will See Gradual Phase-out Of Exemptions
06:46 pm : Flashes: PM Said Any Positive Suggestion On Land Acqn Will Be Acted Upon
06:46 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Road Projects Can Be Jump-started Immediately With EPC
06:45 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Looking At Differential Voting Rights For PSU Bank Boards
06:45 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Looking At Innovative Instruments For Reinvigorating PSU Bank Boards
06:44 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Bank Bureau Will Be An Autonomous Body & Select Bank Chiefs
06:43 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Trying To Pass Constitutional Amendment To GST In This Session
06:43 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance: Can See Movement In Many Stalled Projects
06:42 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance:Govt Infra Investments Will Improve Rail Network
06:41 pm : Flashes: MoS Finance:Will Start Allocating Gross Budgetary Support Of Rs 70,000 Cr Immediately
06:40 pm : Flashes: Rs 70,000 Cr Divestment Target For FY16 Is Ambitious: :Divestment Secy
02:27 pm : Interpretations: 10% TDS introduced for PF withdrawal before 5 years
02:14 pm : Interpretations: Buyback tax up from 22.66% to 23.07% for unlisted companies
02:11 pm : Interpretations: Specific mutual fund service tax exemption withdrawn

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questionsonly | 14 sec

Dear Santosh, Do you agree with me that ordinary innocent investor needs to be protected from persons who are mis-utilizing your site to entice them to a particular share by making totally false representations that a particular share will be Rs. 50/-, 60/-, 70/- after Diwali 2015, which at present is around .80. If yes then go ahead and read this post, if not redflag me here and now so that I can never post at MMB again. I assure I will not get any other ID here ever! I quote below, what I read on some boards: I must also say that I am quoting only what is most important in my message to you, but there are many more very important things which are there on several boards and I`m not bringing those in as this will make this message very large and do remember that even 30th June has passed. R P SHARMA Dear PARTH, Please always remember : We have the power to move / break any share as u seen in HCC. We started buying Gv films @44 Paise & Gv touched 99 Paise today within only .7 trading days. Orient Green will also move up as per our planning and wishes. 4.47 PM May 28th -- Vicky, have you not seen our strength as we pulled up GV from 45 Paise to 99 Paise within 7 Sessions ?? We r still buyer but will buy more as per our targeted rates and our plan. RP... 12.49 PM Jun 1st -- Worth picking up as news has to come sometime before June 10th 5.08 PM May 6th -- News must start before June, so anytime now. 5.58 PM May 8th -- ashish , yes plan was old one. But if this takes off then the value of shares can exceed even 70 in a years time. just look at market and stock value of others in this field 1.13 PM May 14th -- If GV is again uc today then its very certain that miniplex theatre story is real and June 10th announcement should confirm . 9.13 AM May 25th -- umesh, today operator put 451000 shares on sale. No buyers, so your shorting story does not work. Big buyers rigging now to buy cheaper. Please note for your own benefit in future 11.31 AM Jun 3rd -- After 18th expect the new projects to be announced. on lower capital you can expect GV to rise once it is 1 Rs face value to over Rs 50 very fast. Reason, projects are amazing and profitable 8.21 AM Jun 9th -- 3.1 lac shares traded. Now deadline coming so final buying taking place ! Luckily I bought last quantity of mine @47 paisa. Expect rate of 60 in October ! 10.08 AM Jun 11th == Now what picture is created by the above messages which presently is only 79 paise a penny stock; being a Co. which was well known but slipped in very bad times in recent past few years running in to losses after 2008? I do not have to explain this as you are intelligent enough to make out the picture, but if necessary you can go and read my three posts on GV films board, which are merely indicative, which I posted contradicting the very rosy picture created on that board basing on Google search, spreadsheet calculations and data available in public domain. You NOW also keep in mind, this post: -- Yes buy for target 2.85/3.15 in short term. RP... 12.26 PM May 27th -- After my those three posts this was posted there by the very same person: R P SHARMA GV is still a nice buy for long term. RP 11.06 AM Jun 16th -- Some questions arise. The first question is what was the basis either technical analysis or fundamental analysis or on any other basis on which he arrived at this target of within a SHORT TERM surely calculated before 27th May? By today that short-term is probably over. Second question is what factors were there around my three posts which influenced this analysis to be radically changed to this greatest extent that he has to post this on 16th June that GV is still a nice buy for LONG TERM! ---- ONLY WITHIN 19 DAYS of his own short term post?? From short-term to straightway long term not even medium term! WHY? I exposed the lies of that group in those three detailed posts which was in response to a boarder`s query addressed to me and thereafter painting of the rosy picture completely stopped. The group never had any answer to any of the questions that I raised nor to any of the things that were there in those three posts so launched TOTALLY FALSE abusive personal attacks against me like being under drugs, alcohol, insane and without education etc. which surely being completely false allegations are not even worth denying and on principle, I didn`t mark any one of these as offensive although one of the post was marked offensive by another gentleman. I JUST IGNORED following my own laid out golden principle here many years back. That group went against me and marked my last post which was also vital wherein I raised the question if misleading by a group can be considered as insider trading under the rules of Sebi which has been made very strict recently. Mod then deleted this post wholly wrongly; how I have detailed in those questions in that post in About MMB. You may read it there.

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