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Last Updated : Aug 10, 2016 10:28 AM IST | Source: CNBC-TV18

Stocks in news: SBI, PFC, Aptech, IOB, JK Tyre, M&M, AstraZeneca

SBI | Godrej Properties | Himachal Futuristic Communication | Bharat Financial | Archies | PFC | Greenply Industries | Aptech | Grasim | Aditya Birla Nuvo | Kennametal | Prism Cement | Patel Integrated Logistics | AstraZeneca | Anuh Pharma | IOB | United Bank | UCO Bank and JK Tyre are stocks, which are in the news today.

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Here are stocks that are in news today:

Results today: Mahindra and Mahindra

JK Tyre Q1
-Consolidated net profit down 14.3 percent at Rs 100.3 crore versus Rs 117.1 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 0.8 percent at Rs 1,780.8 crore versus Rs 1,766.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 19 percent at Rs 357.1 crore versus Rs 300 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 20.1 percent versus 17 percent (YoY)
-Exceptional loss at Rs 40.4 crore versus loss of Rs 9.1 crore (YoY)


UCO Bank Q1
-Net loss at Rs 440 crore versus profit of Rs 257 crore (YoY)
-NII down 28.1 percent at Rs 985.4 crore versus Rs 1,370.6 crore (YoY)
-Gross NPA at 17.19 percent versus 15.43 percent (QoQ)
-Net NPA at 10.04 percent versus 9.09 percent (QoQ)
-Slippages at Rs 3,100 crore
-Recoveries at Rs 1,427 crore
-Restructured book of Rs 500 crore slipped into NPAs

Container Corporation Q1
-Net profit down 14 percent at Rs 178.5 crore versus Rs 207.3 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 5.7 percent at Rs 1,339.2 crore versus Rs 1,420.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 8.1 percent at Rs 261.9 crore versus Rs 285 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 19.6 percent versus 20.1 percent (YoY)

Indian Overseas Bank Q1
-Net loss at Rs 1,450.5 crore versus profit of Rs 14.8 crore (YoY)
-Gross NPA at 20.48 percent versus 17.4 percent (QoQ)
-Net NPA at 13.97 percent versus 11.89 percent (QoQ)
-Gross NPA up 12.9 percent at Rs 33,913 crore versus Rs 30,049 crore (QoQ)
-Net NPA up 11 percent at Rs 21,321 crore versus Rs 19,213 crore (QoQ)
-Provisions at Rs 2,137.8 crore versus Rs 2,666 crore (QoQ); versus Rs 663.6 crore (YoY)
-NII down 6.3 percent at Rs 1,245 crore versus Rs 1,329 crore (YoY)
-Net interest margin at 1.87 percent

United Bank Q1
-Net profit down 26.6 percent at Rs 38.3 crore versus Rs 52.2 crore (YoY)
-Gross NPA at 14.29 percent versus 13.26 percent (QoQ)
-Net NPA at 9.85 percent versus 9.04 percent (QoQ)
-Provisions at Rs 378.3 crore versus Rs 1,173.4 crore (QoQ) & versus Rs 493.6 crore (YoY)
-NII down 13.2 percent at Rs 545.5 crore versus Rs 628.3 crore (YoY)

Flexituff International Q1
-Net loss at Rs 3.2 crore versus profit of Rs 1.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 3.1 percent at Rs 286.1 crore versus Rs 277.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 6.3 percent at Rs 33.6 crore versus Rs 31.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 11.7 percent versus 11.4 percent (YoY)

Huhtamaki PPL Q1
-Net profit down 8 percent at Rs 18.3 crore versus Rs 19.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 5 percent at Rs 572.2 crore versus Rs 544.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 5.4 percent at Rs 59.3 crore versus Rs 62.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 10.4 percent versus 11.5 percent (YoY)

Anuh Pharma Q1
-Net profit down 51.3 percent at Rs 3.9 crore versus Rs 8 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 43.3 percent at Rs 49.1 crore versus Rs 86.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 62.4 percent at Rs 4.4 crore versus Rs 11.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 9 percent versus 13.5 percent (YoY)

Indag Rubber Q1
-Net profit down 27.5 percent at Rs 5.8 crore versus Rs 8 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 23.9 percent at Rs 48.8 crore versus Rs 64.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 25.2 percent at Rs 8.6 crore versus Rs 11.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 17.6 percent versus 17.9 percent (YoY)

Patel Integrated Logistics Q1
-Net profit up 20 percent at Rs 2.4 crore versus Rs 2 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 8.5 percent at Rs 122.2 crore versus Rs 133.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 17.9 percent at Rs 4.6 crore versus Rs 5.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 3.8 percent versus 4.2 percent (YoY)

AMD Industries Q1
-Net profit down 23.1 percent at Rs 5 crore versus Rs 6.5 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 16.3 percent at  Rs 54.4 crore versus Rs 65 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 17.2 percent at Rs 10.6 crore versus Rs 12.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 19.5 percent versus 19.7 percent (YoY)

AstraZeneca Q1
-Net profit at Rs 10.6 crore versus Rs 2.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 5.7 percent at  Rs 139.5 crore versus Rs 132 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 16 crore versus Rs 5.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 11.5 percent versus 4 percent (YoY)

Swastika Investsmart Q1
-Net profit at Rs 2.35 crore versus loss of Rs 0.22 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 2.1 percent at Rs 5.34 crore versus Rs 5.23 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 1.62 crore versus Rs 0.29 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 30.3 percent versus 5.5 percent (YoY)

Gokaldas Exports Q1
-Consolidated net loss at Rs 11.6 crore versus loss of Rs 10.8 crore (YoY)
-Total Income down 15.4 percent at Rs 230.4 crore versus Rs 272.5 crore (YoY)

Hindoostan Mills Q1
-Net loss at Rs 2.6 crore versus profit of Rs 0.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 9.2 percent at Rs 38.6 crore versus Rs 42.5 crore (YoY)

Globus Spirits Q1
-Net profit up 80 percent at Rs 6.3 crore versus Rs 3.5 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 24.5 percent at Rs 196.4 crore versus Rs 157.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 17.1 percent Rs 19.2 crore versus Rs 16.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 9.8 percent versus 10.4 percent (YoY)

Prism Cement Q1
-Net profit at Rs 15.7 crore versus loss of Rs 14.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 0.6 percent at Rs 1,409.6 crore versus Rs 1,417.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 57.3 percent at Rs 98.5 crore versus Rs 64.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 7 percent versus 4.5 percent (YoY)

Kennametal Q1
-Net profit down 54.7 percent at Rs 7.2 crore versus Rs 15.9 crore (YoY)
-Total Income down 1.9 percent at Rs 154.8 crore versus Rs 157.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 28.4 percent at Rs 14.6 crore versus Rs 20.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 9.4 percent versus 12.9 percent (YoY)

Shyam Tele Q1
-Net loss at Rs 1.7 crore versus loss of Rs 0.1 crore (QoQ)
-Total income down 21.1 percent at Rs 40.5 crore versus Rs 51.3 crore (QoQ)

Kopran Q1
-Net profit at Rs 2.1 crore versus Rs 0.6 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 0.5 percent at Rs 62.3 crore versus Rs 62.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 2 percent at Rs 5.2 crore versus Rs 5.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 8.3 percent versus 8.1 percent (YoY)
-Other income at Rs 2.7 crore versus Rs 0.4 crore (YoY)

Nitesh Estates Q1
-Consolidated net loss at Rs 2.6 crore versus loss of 20.3 crore (YoY)
-Total income at Rs 98.2 crore versus Rs 48.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 22.1 crore versus EBITDA loss of Rs 2.2 crore (YoY)

-Net profit up 8.6 percent at Rs 1,712 crore versus Rs 1,576 crore (YoY)
-Calculated NII up 6.8 percent at Rs 2,639 crore versus Rs 2,470 crore (YoY)
-Gross NPA at Rs 7,562 crore versus Rs 7,520 crore (QoQ)
-Restructured standard assets at Rs 107.6 crore versus Rs 201.3 crore (YoY)

Jagran Prakashan Q1
-Net profit up 5.3 percent at Rs 73.6 crore versus Rs 69.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 8.6 percent at  Rs 473.4 crore versus Rs 436 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 5.7 percent at Rs 130.3 crore versus Rs 123.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 27.5 percent versus 28.3 percent (YoY)

Emco Q1
-Net loss at Rs 4 crore versus loss of Rs 11.5 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 40.8 percent at Rs 203.3 crore versus Rs 144.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 17.8 crore versus Rs 7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 8.8 percent versus 4.8 percent (YoY)

Weizmann Q1
-Net profit at Rs 90 lakh versus Rs 84.6 lakh (YoY)
-Total income up 82.6 percent at Rs 22.1 crore versus Rs 12.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 2.1 crore versus Rs 0.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 9.5 percent versus 5.8 percent (YoY)

Wires & Fabriks Q1
-Net profit at Rs 30 lakh versus Rs 29.4 lakh (YoY)
-Total income up 2.3 percent at Rs 22.2 crore versus Rs 21.7 crore (YoY)

Orient Abrasives Q1
-Net profit down 2 percent at Rs 4.8 crore versus Rs 4.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 5.2 percent at Rs 57.1 crore versus Rs 54.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 22.2 percent at Rs 8.4 crore versus Rs 10.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 14.7 percent versus 19.9 percent (YoY)

-Names Pawan Kumar Bajaj as MD & CEO Of United Bank
-Names Ravindra Prabhakar Marathe as MD & CEO of Bank Of Maharashtra
-Names Dinesh Kumar Khara as managing director of SBI

Adani Ports concall
-On track to achieve volume growth guidance of 10-15 percent
-Have started reducing related party loans
-Will make significant reduction in L&A by September-October
-Planning to bring down capex
-Katupali acquisition to be completed by FY17-end

USFDA approvals
-Glenmark Pharma gets US FDA nod for Triamcinolone acetonide cream
Alert: Triamcinolone Acetonide reduces the swelling, itching & redness caused due to various skin conditions
-Aurobindo Pharma gets US FDA nod for Galantamine hydrobromide oral capsules
Alert: Galantamine Hydrobromide is used to treat mild to moderate dementia related to alzheimer's
-Sun Pharma Industries gets US FDA nod for Buprenorphine hydrochloride; Naloxone hydrochloride
-Teva Pharma USA gets tentative US FDA nod for Arformoterol tartrate
Alert: Arformoterol Tartrate is used to treat bronchoconstriction in patients with chronic bronchitis & emphysema

Other stocks and sectors that are in news today:
-Godrej Properties to launch 12 more projects by March End: ET
-Godrej Properties board approves amalgamation of wholly owned subsidiaries Happy Highrises & Godrej Vikhroli Properties with company
-Himachal Futuristic Communication acquires Polixel Security Systems for Rs 11 crore; Polixel into integrated securities & surveillance Business
-Zicom's 10.5 lakh warrants allotted to promoters stands cancelled due to non-conversion
-Financial Technologies in focus - Jignesh Shah Granted Bail by Special Court under PMLA
-Bharat Financial in focus - S Dilli Raj is on leave for 2 months for "personal reasons"
-Indraprastha Gas receives letter of intent from Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board for city gas distribution in Rewari
-Archies CEO resigns with immediate effect
-PFC board approves merger of company with wholly owned subsidiary PFC Green Energy
-Greenply Industries withdraws QIP allotment announcement
-Bulk Deals: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala buys 7 lakh shares of Aptech at Rs 91.62/share

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