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Stocks in the news: Bajaj Auto, Laurus Labs, M&M, Bhushan Steel, SPARC, Deccan Cements

Bajaj Auto | Laurus Labs | M&M | Bhushan Steel | SPARC | Deccan Cement are stocks, which are in news today.
May 22, 2017 / 08:10 AM IST

Here are stocks that are in news today:

Results Today - GAIL, Bank of India, Engineers India, Godrej Industries, SRF, PTC India Financial Services, Den Networks, Ajmera Realty Infra India, Aksh Optifibre, Allcargo Logistics, Banco Products, Bhagiradha Chemicals Industries, Brigade Enterprises, CCL Products, Dhunseri Petrochem, Future Market Networks, Ganesha Ecosphere, RattanIndia Infra, RattanIndia Power, KM Sugar Mills, Lakshmi Machine Works, Meghmani Organics, Mindteck, MIRC Electronics, Prakash Industries, Prime Focus, Sharda Cropchem, Multibase India, Munjal Auto Industries, Onward Technologies, Orient Bell, Ruchira Papers, Tera Software, Texmaco Infrastructure Holdings, Texmaco Rail Engineering, Virinchi, Pincon Spirit, HPL Electric & Power

Laurus Labs
US FDA Inspected API Facility Of Unit 2; No 483s Issued

Formulations Facility Of Unit 2 Gets EIR From US FDA On May 18

Indiabulls Ventures

Subsidiary- Indiabulls Asset Reconstruction (ARC) has been granted the Certificate of Registration (CoR) by the Reserve bank of India

Mahindra and Mahindra

To invest in high-end electric powertrain technology which will be used for the future line up of electric vehicles

Cadila Healthcare

NCLT approves the Scheme of Arrangement between Cadila Healthcare Limited and Zydus Healthcare Limited

Zuari Agro

Integrated Revamp of Ammonia-Urea plants at a cost of approximately Rs 1300 crore capacity will increase from 1350 MTPD to 1800 MTPD

Hindustan Copper

To manufacture copper cathode, proposed capacity to be 1.0 lakh tonne per annum at an estimated cost of Rs 3025 crore


USFDA denies approval for Elepsia XR

Bhushan Steel

Wins auction for iron ore mine in Sundergarh district having a reserve of 92 million tonne

Reliance Communications

CARE revised the long term facility rating from ‘CARE A-‘ to ‘CARE BB' and the short term facility rating from ‘CARE A2+ to ‘CARE A4'

Goa Carbon

Operations re-start at Goa Plant


CRISIL Limited has assigned a 'CRISIL A1+' (CRISIL A one plus) rating to the proposed Rs.2000 Crore Short Term Debt Issue

Adani Sez/ Adani Enterprises

Board meeting May 24 to consider raising funds via various methods


Employee strike on May Rs 23

CNBC-TV18 Exclusive: PVR
Average Rate Of Tax Was 27% & Around 10%-12% On Food
Expected 18% Tax Rate For Cinemas
In Some States We Had Zero Or Less Than 10% Entertainment Tax
Expect Tax Rate Fall To Get Set-off Against F&B Tax Rate Hike
Classifying Cinema As Luxury Has Come As A Complete Shocker
Expect First 90 Days Post GST Roll-out To Be Chaotic
At 28% We Hardly Have Any Headroom To Look At Prices

Don’t See Sharp Cuts In Prices Of Movie Tickets In Maharashtra

Future Group

Aion in talks to buy into future group holding co.

Fortis Malar, Fortis Healthcare

IHH leads race to acquire singh bro’s healthcare ops.


Oil ministry may block PSU’s buying GDF stake in Petronet

Shree Cements plans to spread in east and invest Rs 2000 crore

JP Associates/ Ultratech

Both companies plan to seasl the deal by July


Co. to roll out neem projects in more states

Titan, Gitanjali

Both companies under worlds top 10 luxury brands

Bajaj Auto plans to raise sales in FY18

Federal Mogul Q4
Net Profit Up 80.6 percent At Rs 23.3 Cr Vs Rs 12.9 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 4.9 percent At Rs 343.6 Cr Vs Rs 327.4 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 41.9 percent At Rs 51.8 Cr Vs Rs 36.5 cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 15.1 percent Vs 11.2 percent (YoY)

Balasore Alloys Q4
Net Profit At Rs 46 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 2.2 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 91.3 percent At Rs 358.5 Cr Vs Rs 187.4 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA At Rs 96.4 Cr Vs Rs 16.5 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 26.9 percent Vs 8.8 percent (YoY)

Zuari Agro Q4
Net Profit At Rs 36.4 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 39.5 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Down 25 percent At Rs 948.4 Cr Vs Rs 1,265.3 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA At Rs 10 Cr Vs EBITDA Loss Of Rs 61.7 Cr (YoY)

Net Loss At Rs 317.9 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 101 Cr (YoY)
Provisions & Write-offs At Rs 499.6 Cr Vs Rs 139.9 Cr (QoQ) Vs Rs 484.4 Cr (YoY)

Income From Ops Down 40.9 percent At Rs 577.5 Cr Vs Rs 977.6 Cr (YoY)

Aarti Ind Q4
Net Profit Up 6.8 percent At Rs 74.3 Cr Vs Rs 69.6 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 12.2 percent At Rs 834.4 Cr Vs Rs 743.8 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 11.6 percent At Rs 152.7 Cr Vs Rs 136.8 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 18.3 percent Vs 18.4 percent (YoY)

Polyplex Corp Q4
Net Profit Down 42.9 percent At Rs 35.8 Cr Vs Rs 62.7 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Down 1 percent At Rs 830.4 Cr Vs Rs 838.9 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 40.7 percent At Rs 96.5 Cr Vs Rs 162.7 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 11.6 percent Vs 19.4 percent (YoY)

NR Agarwal Q4
Net Profit Up 23 percent At Rs 24.1 Cr Vs Rs 19.6 Cr (YoY)

Revenue Up 23.9 percent At Rs 282.3 Cr Vs Rs 227.9 Cr (YoY)

Bharat Bijlee Q4
Net Profit At Rs 10.3 Cr Vs Rs 2.5 Cr (YoY)

Revenue Up 31.1 percent At Rs 222.1 Cr Vs Rs 169.4 Cr (YoY)

MM Forgings Q4
Net Profit Up 15.5 percent At Rs 12.7 Cr Vs Rs 11 Cr (YoY)

Revenue Down 3.2 percent At Rs 120.5 Cr Vs Rs 124.5 Cr (YoY)

Suzlon Q4
Net Profit At Rs 579 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 333.9 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 54 percent At Rs 4,999.3 Cr Vs Rs 3,246 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA At Rs 1,032.8 Cr Vs Rs 362.9 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 20.7 percent Vs 11.2 percent (YoY)

Titagarh Wagons Q4
Cons Net Profit At Rs 12 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 7 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income At Rs 661.9 Cr Vs Rs 320.4 Cr (YoY)
Cons EBITDA Up 79.5 percent At Rs 35.9 Cr Vs Rs 20 Cr (YoY)
Cons EBITDA Margin At 5.5 percent Vs 6.3 percent (YoY)

Cons Other Income Down 63.3 percent At Rs 7.7 Cr Vs Rs 21 Cr (YoY)

Net Profit Up 72.1 percent At Rs 7.4 Cr Vs Rs 4.3 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 22.4 percent At Rs 245 Cr Vs Rs 200.1 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 1.5 percent At Rs 12.8 Cr Vs Rs 13 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 5.6 percent Vs 6.9 percent (YoY)

Elecon Engg Q4
Net Profit Up 29.1 percent At Rs 29.7 Cr Vs Rs 23 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 1.5 percent At Rs 446.6 Cr Vs Rs 453.3 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 15.8 percent At Rs 88 Cr Vs Rs 76 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 20.8 percent Vs 18.1 percent (YoY)

Net Profit Up 36.4 percent At Rs 55.1 Cr Vs Rs 40.4 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 10.8 percent At Rs 2,216.2 Cr Vs Rs 2,000.9 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 7.4 percent At Rs 109.3 Cr Vs Rs 101.8 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 4.9 percent Vs 5.1 percent (YoY)

Mahindra Holidays Q4
Net Profit Up 4.3 percent At Rs 31.8 Cr Vs Rs 30.5 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 26.5 percent At Rs 310.5 Cr Vs Rs 245.5 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Flat At Rs 59.2 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 19.1 percent Vs 24.1 percent (YoY)

V-Guard Q4
Net Profit Down 0.2 percent At Rs 41.9 Cr Vs Rs 42 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 21.4 percent At Rs 623.3 Cr Vs Rs 513.3 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 6.3 percent At Rs 59.4 Cr Vs Rs 63.4 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 9.5 percent Vs 12.4 percent (YoY)

VRL Logistics Q4
Net Profit Down 29.4 percent At Rs 8.4 Cr Vs Rs 11.9 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 6.6 percent At Rs 442.9 Cr Vs Rs 415.6 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 14.4 percent At Rs 41.7 Cr Vs Rs 48.7 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 9.4 percent Vs 11.7 percent (YoY)

SPML Infra Q4
Net Profit At Rs 11.4 Cr Vs Rs 3.4 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 14 percent At Rs 474.9 Cr Vs Rs 552.2 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 8.4 percent At Rs 43.5 Cr Vs Rs 47.5 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Margin At 9.2 percent Vs 8.6 percent (YoY)

Other Income At Rs 38.9 Cr Vs Rs 12.6 Cr (YoY)

Thirumalai Chemicals Q4
Cons Net Profit Down 21.7 percent At Rs 18.4 Cr Vs Rs 23.5 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income Up 27.8 percent At Rs 310.5 Cr Vs Rs 242.9 Cr (YoY)
Cons EBITDA Up 4.7 percent At Rs 44.8 Cr Vs Rs 42.8 Cr (YoY)

Cons EBITDA Margin At 14.4 percent Vs 17.6 percent (YoY)

Just Dial Q4
Net Profit Down 37 percent At Rs 25.4 Cr Vs Rs 40.3 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 5.9 percent At Rs 181.7 Cr Vs Rs 171.6 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 9.8 percent At Rs 32.2 Cr Vs Rs 35.7 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 17.7 percent Vs 20.8 percent (YoY)

Net Profit Up 44.8 percent At Rs 113.1 Cr Vs Rs 78.1 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 27.4 percent At Rs 879.2 Cr Vs Rs 690 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 4.8 percent At Rs 182.9 Cr Vs Rs 174.6 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 22.2 percent Vs 27.2 percent (YoY)

Corporation Bank Q4
Net Profit At Rs 160 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 511 Cr (YoY)
NII Down 9.7 percent At Rs 934.1 Cr Vs Rs 990.6 Cr (YoY)
Gross NPA At 11.70 percent Vs 11.26 percent (QoQ)
Net NPA At 8.33 percent Vs 7.64 percent (QoQ)
Gross NPA At Rs 17,045.2 Cr Vs Rs 15,828 Cr (QoQ)
Net NPA At Rs 11,692.2 Cr Vs Rs 10,314.9 Cr (QoQ)

Provisions At Rs 948 Cr Vs Rs 933.7 Cr (QoQ); Vs Rs 1,960.2 Cr (YoY)

Triveni Engg Q4
Cons Net Profit Up 34.4 percent At Rs 60.5 Cr Vs Rs 45 Cr (YoY)
Cons Revenue Up 91.5 percent At Rs 937.5 Cr Vs Rs 489.5 Cr (YoY)
Cons EBITDA At Rs 169.3 Cr Vs Rs 71.7 Cr (YoY)

Cons EBITDA Margin At 18.9 percent Vs 15.3 percent (YoY)

Triveni Glass Q4
Net Profit At Rs 1.8 Cr Vs Rs 0.4 Cr (YoY)

Total Income Down 27 percent At Rs 13 Cr Vs Rs 17.8 Cr (YoY)

Other stocks and sectors in the news
Premier Explosives board approves QIP of Rs 66 crore
Bhagiradh Chemicals - Fire at facility in Andhra Pradesh
Balasore Alloys board approves issuing 3.5 crore warrants to promoters on pref basis
JSW Energy to raise Rs1000 crore through issuance of NCD's
Chambal Fertilizer aapproved the sale and disposal of the remaining 3 ships/vessels owned by the Company
Neuland Labs entered into Joint development agreement with Phoenix Embassy Techno Zone for development land owned by company in Nanakramguda
Capital First raised Rs 150 crore via debentures
Deccan Cements approves stocks split
Coromandel incorporates subsidiary in Nigeria
Mahindra Holidays recommends bonus of 1 share for every 2 heldSuzlon approves enabling resolution to raise up to Rs 2000 crore