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The rise and rise of community managers: The new stars of the Web3 universe

In Web3, a community team is as important as a product team

April 05, 2022 / 08:17 PM IST

Rahul (name changed), a community leader at a Web3 startup, and his team have spent the last couple of months rebuilding the firm’s Discord community, taking it to 7,000 members, after it was hacked in late 2021. The 15,000 Discord members the company gained through an aggressive marketing strategy had been reduced to just about 2,000 by the attack.

What's the big deal, one may ask? Probably not much, unless you are a startup in the world of Web3, the newest iteration of the internet and a term used to describe digital services built on blockchain technology.

According to Rahul, initial members of the community serve as its top evangelists because they are the ones who help spread the word about the company.

The goal is always to get more people to join the community, and those who are leading it are at the heart of any Web3 startup. As a result, people capable of running Web3 communities in the country are hugely sought-after.