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Last Updated : Aug 09, 2016 09:29 AM IST | Source: CNBC-TV18

Stocks in news: Tata Motors, HDFC, Lupin, Idea, Max Fin, Cadila

Tata Motors | HDFC | Lupin | Idea Cellular | Max Financial | Mukand | Nitin Fire | Subros | Cadila | Jindal Steel | Arvind | SRF and HOEC are stocks, which are in the news today.

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Here are stocks that are in news today:

Results today: Lupin, Apollo Tyres, Adani Ports, Adani Power, JK Tyre, Natco Pharma, Tata Global Beverages, Godrej Properties, Manappuram Financial, PFC, Geometric, Century Textiles, Edelweiss Financial, Container Corporation Of India, UCO Bank, United Bank Of India, Astrazeneca Pharma India, Insecticides India, Teamlease Services, Intellect Design Arena, Indian Overseas Bank, S H Kelkar, Jagran Prakashan, Jubilant Life Sciences, Anuh Pharma, Archies, Atul Auto, DCM Shriram, Emco, Finolex Cables, Gokaldas Exports, Huhtamaki, Indag Rubber, JBM Auto, Monte Carlo Fashions, Nitesh Estates, Patel Integrated Logistics, Prism Cement, RSWM, Subex, Sundram Fasteners, Wheels India, Williamson Magor & Co

Idea Cellular Q1
-Standalone net profit down 36.1 percent at Rs 497.1 crore versus Rs 777.8 crore (YoY)
-Standalone revenue up 7.9 percent at Rs 9,486.6 crore versus Rs 8,791.5 crore (YoY)
-Standalone EBITDA up 3.2 percent at Rs 3,074.2 crore versus Rs 2,979.3 crore (YoY)
-Standalone EBITDA margin at 32.4 percent versus 33.9 percent (YoY)
-Voice realisation per minute at 34.30p versus 33.30p (QoQ)
-Volume growth at 199.3 billion minutes versus 201.6 billion minutes (QoQ)
-Blended mobile average realisation per user at Rs 142 versus Rs 147 (YoY)
-Average revenue per user at Rs 181 versus Rs 179 (QoQ)
-Average minutes of use per user at 379 versus 387 minutes (QoQ)
-Average realisation per minute at 47.70p versus 46.40p (QoQ)
-Average voice realisation per minute at 34.30p versus 33.30p (QoQ)


Max Financial Q1
-Net profit at Rs 107.1 crore versus Rs 24.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income at Rs 131.7 crore versus Rs 40.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 107.5 crore versus Rs 25.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 81.6 percent versus 63.8 percent (YoY)

Polaris Q1
-Consolidated net profit up 8.2 percent at Rs 39.7 crore versus Rs 36.7 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated total income up 0.5 percent at Rs 495.5 crore versus Rs 493 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA up 2.3 percent at Rs 58.7 crore versus Rs 57.4 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA margin at 11.85 percent versus 11.65 percent (YoY)

Usha Martin Q1
-Loss at Rs 32.6 crore versus loss of Rs 91.6 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 5.1 percent at Rs 832 crore versus Rs 876.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 2.8 percent at Rs 102.5 crore versus Rs 105.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 12.3 percent versus 12 percent (YoY)

Poly Medicure Q1
-Net profit up 29.6 percent at Rs 12.7 crore versus Rs 9.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 7.8 percent at Rs 102.7 crore versus Rs 95.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 28.3 percent at Rs 23.1 crore versus Rs 18 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 22.5 percent versus 18.9 percent (YoY)

Lumax Industries Q1
-Net profit flat at Rs 13.3 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 4.6 percent at Rs 303.5 crore versus Rs 318 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 12.7 percent at Rs 23.4 crore versus Rs 26.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 7.7 percent versus 8.4 percent (YoY)

Schneider Electric Q1
-Net loss at Rs 13.7 crore versus loss of Rs 13.6 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 16.6 percent at Rs 277.7 crore versus Rs 332.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 20.7 percent at Rs 3.5 crore versus Rs 2.9 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 1.3 percent versus 0.9 percent (YoY)

Career Point Q1 consolidated
-Net profit down 4.2 percent at Rs 2.3 crore versus Rs 2.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 2.9 percent at Rs 18 crore versus Rs 17.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 39.4 percent at Rs 4.6 crore versus Rs 3.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 25.6 percent versus 18.9 percent (YoY)

Technofab Engineering Q1
-Net profit up 41.7 percent at Rs 1.7 crore versus Rs 1.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 8.5 percent at Rs 100.5 crore versus Rs 92.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 23 percent at Rs 9.1 crore versus Rs 7.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 9.1 percent versus 8 percent (YoY)

Tasty Bite Q1
-Net profit at Rs 5.6 crore versus Rs 2.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 51.8 percent at Rs 58.9 crore versus Rs 38.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 10.3 crore versus Rs 5.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 17.5 percent versus 13.1 percent (YoY)

KIC Metaliks Q1
-Net profit at Rs 18 lakh versus Rs 16 lakh (YoY)
-Total income up 24.5 percent at Rs 75.1 crore versus Rs 60.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA unchanged at Rs 3.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 4.8 percent versus 6 percent (YoY)

Harita Seating Q1
-Net profit up 3 percent at Rs 3.4 crore versus Rs 3.3 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 8 percent at Rs 80.8 crore versus Rs 74.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 39.4 percent at Rs 4.6 crore versus Rs 3.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 5.7 percent versus 4.4 percent (YoY)

Goodricke Group Q1
-Net profit at Rs 14.4 crore versus Rs 4.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 22 percent at Rs 125 crore versus Rs 102.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 14.1 crore versus Rs 6.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 11.3 percent versus 6.3 percent (YoY)

-Net profit up 27.2 percent at Rs 144.2 crore versus Rs 113.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 0.2 percent at Rs 1,219.2 crore versus Rs 1,221.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 8.4 percent at Rs 290.4 crore versus Rs 268 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 23.8 percent versus 21.9 percent (YoY)

Navneet Education Q1
-Net profit up 15.4 percent at Rs 113.6 crore versus Rs 98.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 8.6 percent at Rs 560.5 crore versus Rs 516.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 14.1 percent at Rs 180.2 crore versus Rs 158 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 32.1 percent versus 30.6 percent (YoY)

Gallantt Ispat Q1
-Net profit at Rs 15.5 crore versus Rs 4.1 crore (YoY)
-Exceptional gain at Rs 9.6 crore
-Total income down 19.5 percent at Rs 117.3 crore versus Rs 145.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 1 percent at Rs 10.2 crore versus Rs 10.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 8.7 percent versus 6.9 percent (YoY)

Nitin Fire Q1
-Net loss at Rs 6.2 crore versus profit of Rs 3.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 40.9 percent at Rs 79.3 crore versus Rs 134.2 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 78 percent at Rs 2.8 crore versus Rs 12.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 3.5 percent versus 9.5 percent (YoY)

Upper Ganges Sugar Q1
-Net profit at Rs 22.9 crore versus loss of Rs 44.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 57 percent at Rs 269.7 crore versus Rs 171.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 55.6 crore versus EBITDA loss of Rs 24.6 crore (YoY)

Mukand Q1
-Net profit at Rs 10.3 crore versus loss of Rs 5.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 0.4 percent at Rs 677.6 crore versus Rs 680.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 23.9 percent at Rs 94.9 crore versus Rs 76.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 14 percent versus 11.3 percent (YoY)

IOL Chemicals Q1
-Net profit at Rs 0.7 crore versus loss of Rs 17.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 18.3 percent at Rs 162.3 crore versus Rs 137.2 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 25.8 crore versus Rs 2.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 15.9 percent versus 1.7 percent (YoY)

Dion Global Q1
-Net loss at Rs 31.5 crore versus loss of Rs 13.3 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 17 percent at Rs 53.2 crore versus Rs 64.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 7 crore versus loss of Rs 3.9 crore (YoY)

Acrysil Q1
-Consolidated net profit down 31.9 percent at Rs 3.2 crore versus Rs 4.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 13.5 percent at Rs 48.8 crore versus Rs 43 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 10.6 percent at Rs 9.4 crore versus Rs 8.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 19.3 percent versus 19.8 percent (YoY)

Vikas Ecotech Q1
-Net profit at Rs 9.1 crore versus Rs 0.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 72.6 percent at Rs 101 crore versus Rs 58.5 crore (YoY)
-EBIDA at Rs 17.8 crore versus Rs 4.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 17.6 percent versus 8.2 percent (YoY)

Gallantt Metal Q1
-Net profit down 41.1 percent at Rs 5.83 crore versus Rs 9.89 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 10.11 percent at Rs 164.62 crore versus Rs 183.13 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 24.9 percent at Rs 12.01 crore versus Rs 16.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 7.3 percent versus 8.8 percent (YoY)

Inox Leisure Q1
-Consolidated net profit down 1.3 percent at Rs 25 crore versus Rs 25.3 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated total income up 11.4 percent at Rs 337 crore versus Rs 302.5 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA down 3.7 percent at Rs 62.1 crore versus Rs 64.5 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA margin at 18.4 percent versus 21.3 percent (YoY)

Vadilal Q1
-Net profit up 7.9 percent at Rs 23.1 crore versus Rs 21.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 7.2 percent at Rs 196.2 crore versus Rs 183 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 2.2 percent at Rs 42.7 crore versus Rs 41.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 21.8 percent versus 22.8 percent (YoY)

Subros Q1
-Net loss at Rs 0.8 crore versus profit of Rs 4 crore (YoY)
-Exceptional loss of Rs 3.8 crore
-Total income up 9.9 percent at Rs 324.4 crore versus Rs 295.2 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 1.8 percent at Rs 32.8 crore versus Rs 33.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 10.1 percent versus 11.3 percent (YoY)

-Net profit down 90.6 percent at Rs 3.2 crore versus Rs 34.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 12 percent at Rs 182.4 crore versus Rs 207.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 44.8 percent at Rs 30.4 crore versus Rs 55.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 16.7 percent versus 26.6 percent (YoY)

Tata Motors
-July group global wholesales up 20 percent at 88,159 units (YoY)
-July global passenger vehicles wholesales up 34 percent at 57,796 units (YoY)
-July global commercial vehicles wholesales flat at 30,363 units (YoY)
-July JLR global wholesales at 43,932 units
-July Jaguar wholesales at 14,369 units

HDFC Life-Max Life deal
-HDFC Life & Max Life boards approve scheme of arrangement leading to merger
-Life insurance business of Max Financial to be demerged into HDFC Life
-Max Financial Services shareholders to get 2.33 HDFC Life shares for each held
-Max Life shareholders to get 1 share of Max Financial for every 5 held
-HDFC Share in merged entity to come down to 42.5 percent
-Expect to get all regulatory approvals
-HDFC Life to be listed on NSE & BSE post merger with Max Life
-HDFC Life to hold 69 percent & Max Financial to hold 31 percent in merged entity
-Non-compete fee of Rs 850 crore to be given to Max promoters
-Upfront payment of non-compete fee at Rs 501 crore
-Transaction expected to be completed in 12-15 months
-Non-compete fee to be paid for a period of 4 years

Other stocks and sectors that are in news today:
-Dhanlaxmi Bank expects Rs 120 crore equity infusion this week: Mint
-M&M to set up nations first auto shredding unit: BS
-Union Bank eyes Rs 1,200 crore recovery from small size non-performing assets: BS
-Cadila buys skin treatment lotion Melgain from Issar Pharma
-JSPL likely to finalise an agreement with its lenders for bringing Rs 7,500 crore worth loans under 5/25 scheme: BS
-Sterlite Power Tech picks up stake in Finnish drone maker: BS
-Jiya Eco Products' bonus shares available for trading
-Hisar Metal goes ex-date for 1:2 bonus issue
-Bombay Wire Ropes goes ex-date for stock split
-Arvind - CARE upgrades long term rating from A+ to AA- and reaffirms short term rating of A1+
-Manappuram Finance scouts to buy micro finance institutions
-Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilizers clarifies that rumors of plants at Lote Parshuram being shut down are false
-Gitanjali Gems board meeting on August 11, 2016 to consider issue of convertible warrants to promoters
-Sun Pharma extends 'Imatinib Mesylate Savings Card' beyond July 2016 for patients in US
-Piramal Enterprises board meeting on August 11, 2016 to consider issue of non-convertible debentures (NCDs) worth Rs 2,050 crore
-BSL, HEG, Maral Overseas, RSWM - Income tax officials visited office premises on August 4 and left on August 6 after checking of records
-SRF approved multipurpose plant worth Rs 180 crore and Chloromethanes plant worth Rs 165 crore at Dahej
-Alfred Herbert received Rs 20.91 crore from Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board on completion of part of company land
-Motherson Sumi subsidiary company completed tap issue of USD 100 million of 4.875 percent coupon to form a single series with the USD 300 million of 4.875 percent coupon
-Satia Industries board meeting on August 13 to consider merger of TC Spinners with itself and also issue of convertible warrants
-Shriram Transport Finance approved and allotted NCDs worth Rs 110 crore
-REC board meeting on August 11 to consider bonus issue
-HOEC - Promoter group divested its entire stake except 5,745 shares and nominee directors have stepped down. Board of Directors to continue to govern the company

First Published on Aug 9, 2016 08:01 am