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Moneycontrol Pro Panorama | Getting the consumption engine to hum again

In today’s edition of Moneycontrol Pro Panorama: China’s aggression poses tactical challenge, fintech sector's expectations from budget, startups are just like any other business, investors need not panic, and more

January 30, 2023 / 04:15 PM IST
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By now, you would have read enough about how companies need to unleash animal spirits by investing in new capacity. Higher private sector capex spending can reduce the pressure on the government, which has been doing the heavy lifting on the investment front. While the government and bankers have been telling companies to go forth and spend fearlessly, the response has been less than satisfactory.

While there could be several reasons for their reluctance, such as higher interest rates or having purged their balance sheets of excess debt only recently, the strength of domestic consumption may also be playing on their minds.

The rural consumer, for example, is in a far weaker position than the urban consumer and this has been the case for some years now. From a time when rural demand for FMCG goods was growing at a multiple of urban demand, the situation is now reversed. But there are some bright spots, too. Rural consumer sentiment has picked up of late, as has urban consumer sentiment. If these stay the course, then demand too should recover. Today’s Budget Snapshots talks about these trends.

There are worry spots in urban demand too, with the December quarter results seeing sectors such as paints and durables showing some weakness. Two-wheeler sales have for a very long time now been seeing depressed demand and even sales of entry-level cars have been affected. Thankfully, the demand for premium goods — whether in FMCG or durables or automobiles — has been resilient and has given companies cover till the other segments regain their full health.

One way of approaching this problem of weak consumption is to pin it on external problems. Once those problems solve themselves, the situation should improve. While the economy was slowing down pre-pandemic, the lockdowns did hurt several sections of the economy. But that is in the past. Then, there’s the inflation shock that has hit on multiple fronts, such as fuel, food and then became broad-based. Slowing inflation trends mean this could get resolved soon.

The budget is all about deciding how much to allocate to different priorities. In today’s edition, for example, our contributors have written about how the budget should approach allocations to the healthcare andtransportation sectors. These are sectors that lead to a multiplier effect, in terms of quality of life and productivity of citizens and creating infrastructure that’s around for decades.

Taking steps to spur consumption, in that sense, is akin to jumpstarting a drained battery. It’s not a lasting solution. But there are also times when it is needed when nothing else is working. Is it the case now?

When the economy is pegged to grow at 7 percent in FY23 and then to just below 6 percent next year, the need for a stimulus is not visible from the numbers. But the dichotomy in consumption does open the window for a debate on whether there needs to be a better redistribution of income. Will the budget include any measures to spur consumption in pockets where signs of economic distress are evident is a question that will be answered in a few days from now. If the budget does make those efforts and they are seen as being significant enough to boost consumption, then companies may well decide that the time to invest is now.

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