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Five things you need to know about the Oben Rorr electric motorcycle

Launched at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.25 lakh, the Oben Rorr boasts a range of 200 km on a single charge and a top speed of 100 km/h. This and other highlights in this article.

March 27, 2022 / 11:26 AM IST

Launched at Rs 99,999, the Oben Rorr is fairly game changing, both in terms of design and features.

Launched at Rs 99,999, the Oben Rorr is fairly game changing, both in terms of design and features.

The electric vehicle market in India is picking up steam more than ever before and while four-wheelers seem to be coming out from the major auto manufacturers, two-wheelers aren’t seeing as much steam. Two-wheeler EVs are currently limited to a select few scooters from bigger brands like the Chetak from Bajaj Auto and the iQube from TVS and then there is Ather and Ola.

But this hasn’t stopped indigenous companies from launching their own products. The latest addition to the electric motorcycle market is an e-bike called Rorr launched by Bengaluru based startup, Oben EV. Launched at Rs 99,999, the Oben Rorr is fairly game changing, both in terms of design and features. But what makes this bike special? Here are five highlights of the Oben Rorr e-bike

Unique street fighter design
At first glance, it seems like Oben has taken inspiration for the Rorr from KTM 200 Duke. It gets similar sharp lines and tank style. But that’s where the similarities end. The headlamp is a round LED unit with circular LED DRLs. Above this sits a 6.5-inch fully digital instrument cluster which can be paired to your phone via a dedicated app. this will be capable of giving you bike stats as well as allow you to connect to roadside assistance and doorstep service.

Moving over to the rear, the split seat units ends at the rear flanked by a split tail-grab giving the Rorr a fairly sporty look. The tail lamp, too, is an LED unit as are the indicators. The bikes runs on 17-inch five-spoke alloy rims and the sprocket for the belt has also been uniquely designed.
What you notice about the Rorr is the fact that the bike is fairly tidy. Most of the wiring and batteries and circuits have been safely and stylishly tucked away into the big silver box that sits where an IC engine would have normally been. Because of this, the bike also gets a three-tone paint scheme with Red/Black/Silver and Yellow/Black/Silver.

Powertrain and other specs
The Oben Rorr is powered by a 4.4 kWh lithium-ion-phospate battery pack which is a slightly more advanced battery tech compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.. This is then couple with a 10 kW electric motor which produces 62 Nm of continuous torque. This is transmitted to the rear wheel via a belt drive with single stage reduction. Top-speed has been claimed at 100 km/h and a 0-40 km/h speed of three seconds. There’s no gearbox or transmission seeing as how this is an electric motor.

As for the other components, suspension comes via a conventional telescopic fork up front and a monoshock at the rear. Aside from the better stability and handling that a monoshock provides, this also gives the bike a sporty look. braking is handled by petal discs at both ends clamped down on by gold painted calipers, another feature that gives the bike a premium look.

Range and charging
Unlike its rivals, the Tork Kratos and the Revolt RV400, Oben EV is boasting a range of close to 200 km on a single charge. This of course, is under ideal conditions, but it is something that most electric two-wheelers still cannot accomplish entirely. The Kratos’ range measures in at 180 km while the RV400 completes 150 km on a single charge. Even in the scooters segment, the Ola S1 pro currently boasts an ARAI certified range of 180 km.

The Rorr also gets riding modes that changes the output of the battery and consequently the output of the motor. Eco mode allows for a true range of 150 km but top speed is capped at 50 km/h. City mode offers a true range of 120 km with the top speed limited to70 km/h. And finally, you have Havoc mode which alongside increasing the electric motor’s output to maximum also reduces the bike’s range to 100 km. Even with all of this, the Oben Rorr has the highest range in the segment.

Charging for the battery can be done via a normal 5 amp socket but a 15 amp charger from Oben will allow for a speed of 1 percent per minute which means a claimed charging time of just about two hours. The company says that the 15 amp socket will be installed at the customer’s residence at no extra cost.

While the weather conditions in our country is beautiful, flooding is something that a lot of EV buyers will definitely be worried about. Obviously, manufacturers do make the battery compartments and motors waterproof and so does Oben EV. The Rorr’s battery compartment has a IP67 dust and waterproof rating. The electric motor on the other hand has an IP65 rating which may not stand up to a complete submerge but at least it wont be damaged by normal rainfall and water puddles.

Prices and deliveries
Ex-showroom, the Oben Rorr costs 1,24,999. This is whithout the state subsidies and the prices go down even further. For example, in in Rajasthan, the price stands at Rs 1,14,999 while in Gujarat this falls further to 1,04,999. Maharashtra and Delhi see a sub-Rs 1 lakh price at Rs 99,999 and Rs 94,999 respectively. Bookings for the Rorr have already started for a token amount of Rs 999. Test rides of the e-bike are scheduled to begin sometime in May and the company has said that deliveries should begin by July. Oben Rorr is also offering a three year warranty on the motor while the battery gets a three year warranted but capped at 60,000 km. The company is also claiming to set up close to 1,000 charging stations across the country.

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