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Farmer grows restricted opium poppies by mistake: 'Absolutely no idea'

She showed off her new flowers on Instagram and soon, the authorities came knocking on her door.

November 26, 2022 / 01:27 PM IST
(Image credit: @cliftonblooms/Instagram)

(Image credit: @cliftonblooms/Instagram)

Kate Dixon runs a flower farm in Tasmania, Australia, supplying beautiful and vibrant blooms to local florists year-round.

Her Instagram page, Clifton Blooms, is a riot of colours as she frequently posts about new yield on it. So when she shared a photo of some frilly pink poppies she had grown, she didn't think it was anything unusual.

But soon, the authorities reached out to her with questions, ABC reported. This week, an official came to her farm to check the flowers and send them for tests.

What they discovered came as a shock to her. Dixon had mistakenly planted opium poppies at her farm.