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OLA Electric and the lessons in EV ownership

The transition from internal combustion to EVs comes with a steep learning curve

April 28, 2022 / 10:51 PM IST
Ola S1 Pro Scooter caught fire in Pune. (PC-Twitter videos)

Ola S1 Pro Scooter caught fire in Pune. (PC-Twitter videos)

The Privacy Notice on Tesla’s official website is a succinct brief on just what the brand intends to do with the data it collects from its cars. The notice makes it very clear that vehicle data collected is not tied to your identity or account and that no one would have any knowledge about your location or the history of where you’ve been. This is specified within the first two paragraphs of the page.

image (1)

The Privacy Notice by Ola Electric is the opposite. It’s drowning in legalese, poorly formatted and designed to obfuscate. It also makes none of the claims that Tesla does. According to the web page, Ola Electric does receive real time information about your whereabouts to provide navigation-based services (This is conditional upon customer consent). Ola does specify the several instances where the company collects private data, but unlike Tesla, it makes no promise of dissociating the data from your identity or account.

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