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Bata India Ltd.

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Company History - Bata India
 - Bata India Limited the Company was incorporated at Calcutta.
 The Company Manufacture and market of all types of footwear,
 footwear components, leather and products allied to footwear
 - Bata was originally promoted as Bata Shoe Co Pvt Ltd by Leader
 AG, Switzerland, a member of the Toronto-based multinational,
 Bata Shoe Organisation (BSO).  It became a public limited
 company in 1973 and the name was changed to Bata India Ltd.
 - Tanning was introduced at the new factory at Batanagar, along
 with the introduction of leather products towards the end of the
 - In addition to the footwear manufacturing plant, a machinery
 department was set up which produced the first Indian-made major
 shoe machine.  A leather footwear factory was established at
 Patna, Bihar, which is known today as Bataganj.
 - In Mokamehgat, a tannery was established and a hide purchasing
 centre was also set up there.  Another factory was constructed
 at Faridabad.
 - With the public issue of capital in June, Leader A.G. St.
 Moritz, Switzerland offered for sale 5,00,000 shares out of
 their holdings at a premium of Rs 20 per share (2,00,000 shares
 each to LIC and UTI and 1,00,000 shares to the public).
 - Leader A.G. St. Moritz, Switzerland offered for sale 8,00,000
 shares at a premium of Rs 8 per share to resident Indian
 nationals thereby reducing their holdings to 12,00,000 shares or
 40% of the issue capital.
 - Another 47,14,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a
 premium of Rs 25 per share were issued to Bata (BN) B.V.,
 Amsterdam, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leader A.G. St. Moritz,
 Switzerland, in order to raise their holding in the Company from
 40% to 51%.
 - 7,50,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:4.
 - 15,00,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 2:5 in April.
 - The Company privately placed with financial institutions (UTI,
 LIC, GIC & its subsidiary) 15% debentures worth Rs 5 crores.
 The Company also allotted debentures worth Rs 1.75 crores to the
 Army Group Insurance Fund.
 - The Bata Shoe Organisation consists of 96 independently run
 companies in 90 countries throughout the world.
 - 52,50,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.
 - Agreement was arrived at with Adidas of West Germany for
 manufacture and marketing of sports and special application
 footwear, spots goods and sports wear in India and the products
 were expected to be launched in December, 1989.
 - Marketing of `Star' clothings designed by Murjani
 International, New York, U.S.A. and sourced through Inmark
 Brands Pvt. Ltd., was launched.
 - A new brand of shoe, `Tigre' was introduced during the year
 for sales through wholesalers and independent retailers.
 - The Company sucessfully launched `Adidas' collection of
 hi-tech sports footwear.
 - As a result of the R&D activities, special leather board was
 developed as a substitute for insole leather.
 - A highly versatile sample 18-station bicolour injection
 moulding plant was installed in the Bangalore factory for
 production of `State-of-the-art' injection moulded shoes with
 synthetic and textile uppers and specially developed PVC
 compounds as soleing material.
 - Pursuant to a Scheme of Arrangement between the Company and
 Bata Properties, Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company,
 certain properties constituting the real estate division of the
 Company were transferred to BPL for better development and
 management with effect from 1st July.
 - A promotional brand `Tigre' was launched to keep the factories
 full at all times and thereby reduce losses due to under
 recovery of overheads.
 - The Company issued non-convertible debentures aggregating Rs
 3.50 crores to SBI Mutual Fund.  These debentures are redeemable
 in three equal instalment at the end of 6th, 7th and 8th year
 from the date of allotment.  Negotiations were in progress for
 private placement of the remaining debentures.
 - The workers at Batanagar factory went on strike from 3rd
 January, to 23rd May, which resulted in a substantial loss of
 production during the initial 6 months of the year.
 - The Company undertook to set up a green field export oriented
 unit at Hosur in Tamilnadu with the State-of-the-art technology.
 - Over the years, the Company with the collaboration of Bata
 Development, Ltd., London, U.K., and its association with Bata,
 Ltd., Toronto, has been building up its own well-equipped and
 up-to-date R&D organisation.
 - The Company undertook to expand and modernise its existing
 plants for capacity optimisation to become cost efficient on a
 global basis.  Apart from it also undertook expansion and
 upgradation of its retail stores.  Export Oriented Unit was also
 to be set up at Hosur in Tamil Nadu.
 - During January, the Company issued 105,00,000 No. of equity
 shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 20 per share on rights
 basis in the proportion of 1:1.  Allotment of 1,856 No. of
 equity shares was kept in abeyance since the matter was
 sub-judice.  The balance 104,98,144 shares were allotted.
 - 13,114,000 No. of equity shares allotted to Bata (BN) BV
 Amaterdown, The Northerlands the holding company.
 - The Long Term Agreement with the Bata Mazdoor Union
 representing employees of Batanagar and Calcutta Offices was
 signed at bipartite level satisfactorily without any disruption
 of work.
 - The Company has received a notice in writing from a member of
 the Company under Section 257 of the Companies Act, 1956
 signifying his intention to propose the appointment of Mr Thakur
 as a Director of the Company.
 - India's largest shoe company Bata India (BIL) has performed
 admirably to stage a remarkable turnaround for the year ended
 December 1996.
 - Bata has entered into a marketing tie-up with Nike wherein the
 latter's products will be offered from select Bata outlets.
 - The company's debt-equity ratio is also set to improve
 dramatically to 0.60:1 from 1.90:1 in December 1996, and 2.06:1
 in December 1996.
 - Bata India, a 51 per cent subsidiary of Canada based Bata Shoe
 Organisation, had last revalued its buildings in 1969, and the
 latest exercise which will cover all fixed assets is expected to
 substantially prop up its reserves.
 - Bata India, a subsidiary of the Canadian multinational Bata
 Shoe Organisation, has suspended its after-sales service.
 - Every Bata outlet, 1,000 owned and over 600 joint ventures
 were expected to sell Hush Puppies, Marie Claire and Adidas.
 - Bata India has proposed a dividend of 85 paise per share to
 its shareholders for the year ended December `98.
 - The shoe major had concluded long term wage agreements with
 the workers of its factories at Faridabad (Haryana) and
 Mokamehghat (Bihar) for three years up to 2001.
 - Bata needs to launch new products on a regular basis by
 expanding its women's range, and moving into the premium
 segments it had vacated.
 - The company will launch the `Sundrops' line at New Delhi on
 August 16.
 - The company signed seven long-term agreements and the last in
 Batanagar is in an advanced stage of negotiations which will be
 settled soon.
 - Bata's Faridabad factory workers' union finally reached an
 agreement with the company management, ending the nearly
 eight-month-old lock-out at the unit.
 - Bata India is aiming to achieve a 15 per cent growth in
 turnover and profits in 1999, to reach the target set out in the
 Vision 2001 plan drawn up by Compass, the international board of
 the Bata Shoe Organisation (BSO).
 - Shoe major Bata India, which is set to unleash a new
 advertisement campaign for its new ladies range `Sundrops', has
 signed up film actress Rani Mukherjee to endorse the line.
 - Bata India (Bata) is the largest footwear manufacturer and
 produces a wide range of footwear such as canvas, rubber,
 leather, plastic and so on.
 - The Company has lifted the lock-out at its Peenya factory in
 Karnataka.  The lockout was declared on March 8th following a
 strike by the employees' union.
 -Withdraws  lockout at Bata India's Peenya Factory on the direction
 of Government of Karnataka.
 -Creates its own insider Trading rules in an attempt to protect the
 rights of shareholders and prevent unscrupulous trading in the
 company's share by insiders.
 -Shareholders approve for the transfer of Tannery and Footwear
 division to separate companies.
 -Appoints Mr Jaswant Singh as the wholetime Director, Marketing and
 -Shareholders pass all the major nine requisite resolutions.
 -Appoints Gautam Thapar, Vice-chairman and MD of Ballarpur Industries
 Ltd on the Board of the company.
 -Forges into a retailing alliance with Lee Cooper Shoes , to retail
 their shoes.
 -Engages Ogilvy and Mather to devise its Festive season Advertising,
 side stepping , JWT, its incumbent agency.
 -Repositions itself as the marketing firm.
 -Bata unveils new flagship store in Mumbai
 -de-lists equity shares from the Calcutta Stock Exchange Association
 -Appoints Mr Constantin Salameh, Senior VP and CFO of Bata Shoe
 Organization as acting Chairman
 -Bata India has inducted P M Sinha, former CEO of Pepsi Cola
 International South Asia as Chairman of the company
 -Bata India Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 1:4
 - Bata India Ltd has informed that Mr. J Carbajal has been appointed
 as an Additional Director on the Board of Bata India Limited
 - Bata India Ltd has set up a new flagship store in
 - Bata India Ltd has informed that Mr. Fadzilah Bin Mohd Hussein has
 been appointed as an Additional Director on the Board of the Company
 with effect from July 29, 2010.
 -Mr. Rajeev Gopalakrishnan has been appointed as an Additional
 Director of the Company 
 -Bata India - Board recommended Dividend of Rs. 4/- per share (i.e.
 -Appointments of Mr. Atual Singh and Mr. Akshay N Chudasama as
 Additional Directors of the Company
 -Mr. Gigi Abraham has been appointed as an Additional Director of the
 -Mr. Maloy Kumar Gupta has been appointed as the Company Secretary &
 Compliance Officer of the Company
 -Bata India gains as parent company hikes stake.
 -Bata India bagged the award for 'Most Admired Large Format Multi
 Brand Footwear Retailer of the Year' by the Images Shoes &
 Accessories Forum - 2013.
 -Bata India Most attractive brand at the 11th position - 2013. 
 -Brand Equity recognized Bata into the 'Top Most Trusted Brands' in
 November 2013
 -Udyog Rattan Award - The Institute of Economics Studies honoured Mr.
 Rajeev Gopalakrishnan and the Company with the Certificate of
 Excellence and Gold Medal at the International Global Meet scheduled
 on the 23rd January 2014. 
 -The Registered Office of the Company has been shifted from 6A, S.N.
 Banerjee Road, Kolkata 700 013 to 27B, Camac Street, 1st floor,
 Kolkata 700016, West Bengal, India. Tel: (033) 39802001 
 Fax: (033) 2289 5748.
 -Bata India has splits its face value form Rs. 10 to Rs. 5