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Jun 22, 2007, 07.34 PM | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Infiniti Retail launches Croma Zip

Infiniti Retail launches Croma Zip

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Infiniti Retail launches Croma Zip

Infiniti Retail launches Croma Zip

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Infiniti Retail Limited , a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons , today unveiled `Croma Zip’, India’s first consumer durable and electronic retail store in the airside terminal at the domestic airport in Mumbai. This first, 850-square-foot, ‘limited edition’ Croma store is a showroom for portable electronic devices and offers a select range of electronics and accessories, for the consumers on the move.


Croma Zip offers travelers a variety of electronic devices and accessories. The selection includes laptops, cell phones, PDAs, CD & DVD players, MP3 players, cameras, travel essentials such as wireless headsets, batteries and airline adapter cords, plus a full line of accessories. There is a separate section on entertainment, including LCD panels, gaming consoles, remote controlled cars, DVD’s and VCD’s.


Speaking at the launch of Croma Zip, Ajit Joshi, Chief Executive Officer, Infiniti Retail Ltd, says the company's objective was to meet the electronics need of consumers in all possible environments. “The idea is to make shopping in an airport a fun and educational experience..”


At Croma Zip, customers can test some of the hottest gadgets to arrive in the marketplace while they are at the airport. Knowledgeable staff guides them in their technology decisions. "We're a traveler's dream," adds Mr. Joshi, “and we have a completely hands-on, touch it, feel it concept. Our customers get to experience our high-tech products before purchasing. We have something for everyone."


Adds Mr. Avijit Mitra, CFO, Infiniti Retail Ltd, “These days, air travel is about more than just reaching your destination and we want to enhance the whole travel experience”. He further adds, “Technology is increasingly a part of our everyday lives. Croma Zip allows our customers to sample the latest in consumer electronics while waiting for their flights." 


Sourced From: Vaishnavi Corporate Communications Pvt Ltd

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