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France pushes to bar Russia from SWIFT as Germany brakes

While Le Maire received public backing for the move from other nations including Austria, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner resisted the high-pressure timetable without ruling out an exclusion altogether.

February 25, 2022 / 11:07 PM IST
A missile fragment pierced the ceiling of an apartment. (Image: AP)

A missile fragment pierced the ceiling of an apartment. (Image: AP)

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire on Friday pushed for Russia to be excluded from the global SWIFT interbank system over its attack on Ukraine, supported by other EU nations but facing a more cautious Germany.

"Some (European Union) member states have shown reservations, France is not one of these states," Le Maire told reporters after a meeting of EU finance ministers in Paris -- while describing the move as a "financial nuclear weapon".

He added that SWIFT exclusion would be weighed "not in the coming days or weeks, but in the coming hours", with technical advice from the European Commission.

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