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Woman’s 131 kg 'wedding cake dress' sets world record. See photos

Wear your dress and eat it too: A Swedish custom baker's creation grabs a Guinness World Record.

February 03, 2023 / 03:05 PM IST
The world's largest wearable cake dress seen at Swedish fair.

The world's largest wearable cake dress seen at Swedish fair.

A Swedish baker appeared at a wedding fair wearing a fluffy, white gown made of cake, delighting the audience and earning a Guinness World  Record.

Natasha Coline carried a total weight of 131.15 kilograms, excluding the corsage and metal bolts that supported the layered cake.

Coline runs a bakery specialising in custom cakes. She said the idea of making a cake dress came to her a few years ago while working in her small shop.

( (Image credit: Guinness World Records)

She tried the idea on her daughter first.

"It wasn't perfect, but perfect for the first time," she was quoted as saying by Guinness World Records. "The attempt was a challenge to myself and it's nice to have it officially confirmed."

guinness cake

(Image credit: Guinness World Records)

Coline's record-breaking cake, created by her and her team, was supported using an aluminum frame. The top was a plaster corsage. Sugar paste, fondant and royal icing were used to make it look like a traditional wedding dress complete with a sweetheart neckline.

She was handed a certificate for walking in the world's largest wearable cake dress (supported).

At the fair, people were seen helping themselves to slices from the cake dress. What was left of the 131-kg cake was distributed for free at Coline's store later.

first published: Feb 3, 2023 03:03 pm