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Noida Twin Tower Demolition: Things to remember as residents of neighbouring societies vacate homes

The residents have vacated their premises by 7 am on August 28 and will be allowed to return only after 4 pm following safety clearance from officials.

Representational image

Representational image

Supertech’s illegal twin towers are all set to be razed on August 28. While the demolition of the towers is the result of a decade-long battle spearheaded by four senior citizens, it will bring relief to around 1,400 families living in two adjoining societies — Emerald Court (660 flats) and ATS Green Village (736 flats) having a total of 5,000 residents.

The residents started vacating their premises at 7 am on August 28 and they will be allowed to return only after 4 pm following safety clearance from officials. Around 2,700 vehicles from both societies will also be removed.

While some residents planned a vacation, others decided to stay at hotels or with friends. Many Emerald Court residents have opted to stay in the clubs of neighbouring societies - Parsvnath Prestige and Purvanchal Silver City.

Emerald Court RWA president UBS Teotia has said that the community halls of Sector 93 and 82 will also be opened, if required, and people can go and rest there between 8 am and 5 pm.

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Here is a list of things that the residents of these two societies should do:

1.      Don't wait for the eleventh hour: All residents have to leave their premises by 7 am on August 28. They should not wait till the last hour as the lifts and stairs may get crowded on the eleventh hour. Leave as early as possible.

2.      Follow advisories: They should follow advisories as issued by the RWAs and the administration. They must try and seal doors and windows using plastic cover, wrap glass items in bubble wrap, unplug electric appliances and turn off gas connections.

3.      Don't leave pets behind.

4.      Carry books and medicines: Those who are moving to nearby clubs/community centres, must take along their laptops, smartphones and chargers. Those interested in reading can carry along their favourite book. Since most of the elderly people are moving to clubs, they should not forget their medicines.

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5.      Sign the declaration form at the gate: Make sure you sign the declaration form at the gate before leaving your house. This includes details of the residents, family members, pets, and a confirmation that all appliances have been switched off, gas connection has been turned off, there is no loose material in the balconies, doors and windows have been sealed properly, air conditioners and chimneys have been covered and a declaration that all occupants, including pets, have left the flat. One copy of this completed form will have to be pasted on the main gate of the flat and the other handed over to the tower guard.

6.      Don't try to stay back: It could prove to be dangerous.

The Noida administration has barred entry and exit in other nearby societies, including Purvanchal Silver City, Parsvnath Prestige, Parsvnath Shristi, Eldeco Utopia and Eldeco Olympia. Over 3,000 families are living in these societies; they have been asked not to venture out between 7 am and 5 pm on August 28.

Here is a checklist for them:

1.      Groceries and medicines: Get your groceries and medicines before August 28.

2.      Windows and doors: Since dust from the demolition may reach the neighbouring societies as well, keep your windows and doors closed. Either cover your plants or shift them inside.

3.      Don't invite guests, relatives, or friends to watch the demolition as they won't be allowed inside.

4.      Care for asthmatic patients: If any member of your family is allergic to dust or is suffering from asthma, then make proper arrangements for them in advance.
Akash Sinha
first published: Aug 28, 2022 07:00 am
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