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Best Visa credit card in India: Types, features and benefits

Visa Credit Card: VISA is one of the most popular credit card service provider who offers various types of Credit Cards with special benefits & features. Check out more about Visa Credit Card in India at Moneycontrol.

Visa Inc. is a US-based company that enables the transfer of funds through their credit, debit, and gift cards. All these cards have a VISA brand on them.


Types of VISA Cards: VISA cards are classified into the following categories

- VISA Classic Credit Card
- VISA Gold Credit Card
- VISA Platinum Credit Card
- VISA Signature Credit Card
- VISA Infinite Credit Card

VISA Classic Credit Card: This category of VISA Cards are the most used in the world, and offers 24/7 assistance in case of an emergency. People generally use this card for shopping, travel, or dining transactions.

VISA Gold Credit Card: With a VISA Gold Card, you have access to travel, legal, and medical assistance throughout the year. The VISA Gold Card also has special offers on travel, dining, and retail purchases VISA Gold Credit Cards also gives access to a higher credit line, as well as emergency card replacement and cash disbursal while travelling.


VISA Platinum Credit Card: As the name suggests, this is a premium card offered to you by VISA. In case you are a VISA Platinum Credit Card holder, then you should avail of its benefits and rewards. You can avail offers from hotels, electronic stores, medical stores, etc.

VISA Signature Credit Card: The VISA Signature Card is accepted the world over, and provides the card owner with 24/7 concierge services. In addition, the card holder can avail benefits from hotels, air tickets, and merchandise.

VISA Infinite Credit Card: An elite card offered by VISA, the VISA Infinite Credit Card offers a wide range of offers and benefits ranging from shopping benefits to travel benefits, as well as benefits in case you’re booking a hotel room. The VISA Infinite Credit Card has a constant concierge service available in case of emergency.


All you need to know about the VISA Network

Apart from having its stamp on credit and debit cards, VISA also works as a settlement network for banks who issue the cards and charge a small amount as processing fee. VISA network payments are secure and always have an additional level of security to protect card users from phishing and credit card fraud.

How to get a Visa credit card?

Visit the bank that will provide you with the credit card, and then look at whether there is an association with VISA. Compare the cards, if you need to check which one suits your needs the most and then apply. The application form needs to be filled with the details and submit it.


Features and benefits of VISA cards

VISA credit cards are beneficial in several situation, as the cards come with world-class facilities and offer several benefits. Here are some things that you automatically get in case you have a VISA card.

- You have access to VISA Global Customer Assistance Service: VISA offers VISA Global Customer Assistance Service that will provide 24x7 assistance with any card-related queries.

- Chance of getting round-the-clock concierge service: In case you own a VISA Platinum, VISA Signature, and VISA Infinite Credit Card, chances are you will get a round-the-clock concierge service. Through this, you can be assisted in booking flights, planning trips, making hotel/restaurant reservations, etc.

- Secure transactions: VISA has a secure VISA network that provides your card with an additional layer of security that will dramatically reduce the risk of credit card fraud or phishing. This system provides several levels of protection for each online transaction.

Remember these points while using your VISA card

Check for secure servers: In case you’re making an online transaction, ensure that you use a site that begins with https:// rather than http, as ‘s’ stands for secure. Do NOT save your card details on any website.

Use the Verified by Visa gateway: While making an online purchase using your credit card, you are redirected to the Verified by Visa payment gateway, which is a secure payment method, as it sends an OTP to your registered mobile phone to confirm the transaction.

Never share your PIN: Ensure you never share your PIN number or passwords. Memorise them instead of writing them down. In case you forget your PIN, call the bank that has the VISA card on its helpline and change your pin using mobile banking.


Paying your VISA Credit Card

- Visit the page of the bank that has issued your credit card
- Go to the Credit Card section
- Enter your

Visit the official website of Visa and choose the option of bill payment.
Choose your country and then click on the type of credit card you have.

Enter your credit card number and then click on "pay".


Visa Credit Cards in Indian banks:

List of top banks and their credit cards that are available in India:

SBI Visa Credit Card
SBI Simply Save Card
SBI Simply Click Card
IRCTC SBI Platinum Card
SBI Platinum Card
Air India SBI Signature Card
Air India SBI Platinum Card
Standard Chartered Visa Credit Card
Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card
IndusInd Bank Visa Credit Card
Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Visa Credit Card
IndusInd bank Platinum Edge Aura Credit Card
IndusInd Bank Visa Signature Card
Axis Bank Visa Credit Card
Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card
Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card
Axis bank My Zone Credit Card
Axis Bank Neo Credit Card
HSBC Bank Visa Credit Card
HSBC Visa Platinum Card
Kotak Mahindra Bank Visa Credit Card
Kotak Bank Chip Card Royale Visa Credit Card
Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card
Kotak PVR Platinum Credit Card
Kotak Delight Credit card
Citibank Visa Credit Card
Citibank Cashback Card
Citibank Premier Miles card
Citibank Rewards Card
Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card
HDFC Visa Credit Card
HDFC Bank Regalia First Card

Snapdeal HDFC Bank Card

List of Visa Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

Often individuals look for credit cards that come without the liability of an annual fee. Credit cards with no annual fee are not only more affordable but they are easy to maintain as well. Visa offers a number of credit cards that come without the hassle of paying an annual fee. Listed below are some of the most preferred credit cards that can be owned without having to pay any annual fee:

Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card
HSBC Visa Platinum Card
ICICI Instant Platinum Card
HDFC MoneyBack CardRBL Bank IGU NHS Golf World Card

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