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Last Updated : Feb 01, 2019 05:56 PM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Budget 2019: FM Piyush Goyal unveils Modi govt’s 10-point ‘Vision 2030’

Here are the ‘10 dimensions’ of government’s ‘Vision 2030’ for India.

Interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal on February 1 listed out the government’s 10-point economic growth plan for the coming decade.

The interim finance minister said that the Centre would focus on Digital India, cleanliness, rural industrialisation, infrastructure and healthcare.

Here are the ‘10 Dimensions’ of government’s ‘Vision 2030’ for India:


1) Physical and social infrastructure

Goyal said that the first dimension will build physical and social infrastructure for a “ten trillion dollar economy” and to provide ease of living.

This will comprise of next generation infrastructure of roads, railways, seaports, airports, urban transport, gas and electric transmission and inland waterways, Goyal said.

“On the social infrastructure side, every family will have a roof on its head and will live in a healthy, clean and wholesome environment. We will also build a quality, science oriented educational system with Institutes of Excellence providing leadership at the top,” he added.

2) Digital India

The finance minister said that digital Infrastructure and digital economy will be built upon the “successes achieved in recent years in digitisation of Government processes and private transactions.”

3) Clean and green India

Besides making India a “pollution free” nation, the government plans to drive the electric vehicle revolution.

“This India will drive on Electric Vehicles with Renewables becoming a major source of energy supply. India will lead the world in the transport revolution through electric vehicles and energy storage devices, bringing down import dependence and ensuring energy security for our people,” Goyal said.

4) Rural industrialisation

The government is aiming to develop grass-roots level clusters, structures and mechanisms encompassing the MSMEs, village industries and start-ups spread across India.

5) Clean rivers

Goyal listed ‘Clean Rivers’ as one of the dimensions for Vision 2030, “with safe drinking water to all Indians, sustaining and nourishing life and efficient use of water in irrigation using micro-irrigation techniques.”

6) Oceans and coastline

The government is aiming to tap into the ‘Blue Economy’ by scaling up the Sagarmala project to develop other inland waterways faster.

7) Space

“Our space programme -- Gaganyaan, India becoming the launch-pad of satellites for the World and placing an Indian astronaut into space by 2022 reflect this dimension of our vision,” Goyal said.

8) Self-sufficiency in food production

The Centre aims to achieve self-sufficiency in food in an “organic way” using. “High farm production and productivity will be achieved through modern agricultural practices and value addition,” Goyal said.

9) Health

The government will be aiming to create a “healthy society” with an environment of health assurance and the support of health infrastructure. The aim is to work towards a “distress free health care and a functional, and comprehensive wellness system,” according to the interim finance minister.

10) Minimum government, maximum governance

The Centre is aiming to have a proactive and responsible bureaucracy which will be seen as friendly by the people, by 2030.

“With this comprehensive ten-dimensional Vision, we will create an India where poverty, malnutrition, littering and illiteracy would be a matter of the past. India would be a modern, technology-driven, high growth, equitable and transparent society,” Goyal said during the Interim Budget presentation.
First Published on Feb 1, 2019 05:56 pm