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Google recruiter laid off in the middle of a call: ‘Dream job, did not expect…’

Many Google employees have reported being abruptly blocked from their work accounts.

January 28, 2023 / 10:56 AM IST
Google has laid off 12,000 of its employees.

Google has laid off 12,000 of its employees.

Google employees are taking to social media to share how they were laid off by the tech giant in an abrupt manner. One professional, a recruiter with Google, said he learnt about his termination while he was on a call.

In a LinkedIn post, the Ireland-based professional said he was hired by Google just a year ago. "I landed a dream job with a dream company," he said."

This month, his journey came to a sudden end. "(I was) blocked out of the system in the middle of a call," the recruiter wrote.

It was unexpected, also because his contract had been renewed for another year, the professional said. Just a week before he was laid off, he had been transferred to a fast-growing department. There were also discussions about a salary hike.

The recruiter said he was caught off-guard but will remain grateful for his "fantastic" colleagues and learnings at Google.

"I am open to work and look forward to taking everything I've learned and achieved and bringing it to my next position, wherever that might be," he added.

Google has sacked 12,000 employees across the world, amid a widespread tech gloom that saw many other corporations cut jobs.

Among those sacked by Google were a pregnant employee, a professional who had just returned from bereavement leave after his mother's death from cancer and a senior manager who had been with the tech giant for over 16 years.

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Before Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and Twitter had announced mass layoffs.

More companies have announced layoffs over the last few days. They include Spotify, IBM and German software company SAP.

first published: Jan 28, 2023 10:56 am