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Last Updated : Jul 02, 2020 02:25 PM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Hacktivist group Anonymous is reportedly setting its sights on TikTok

According a Reddit user who claims to have “reverse-engineered” TikTok, the app stealing what's on a user's clipboard is just the tip of the iceberg.

TikTok has been soaring during the lockdown, despite being one among the 59 Chinese apps banned in India and the numerous allegations of data mishandling, censorship. Now, the Byte Dance-owned platform has been targeted once again, this time by hacktivist group Anonymous.

One of the better followed Twitter handles presumably linked to the group has reportedly been mounting a fierce campaign against TikTok for weeks. The campaign has gained prominence since the events of the past couple of days, we are of course referring to the ban in India and the snooping allegations.

An account followed by the Anonymous handle posted a tweet about a Reddit user who claimed to have “reverse-engineered” TikTok to find a series of privacy and security flaws. The user who posted the Reddit engineer's findings wrote, "Here’s what he found on the data it (TikTok) collects on you. It’s far worse than just stealing what’s on your clipboard."

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As of now, there is no confirmation of the veracity of the allegations, while TikTok has not addressed them. However, this campaign against TikTok will put it in a tight spot as hacktivist and governments seem to be uniting against the platform. It remains to be seen whether the platform is at risk of being hacked. But this is the way it works, a rallying call, naming and shaming, followed by hacks or DDoS website attacks.

First Published on Jul 2, 2020 02:25 pm