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Controversy erupts over MTV Dropout winner, accusation found fake

The winning group is making a product which will help people carry their Aadhaar linked digital profiles everywhere...

November 16, 2017 / 04:47 PM IST

Controversy erupted at MTV’s recent startup show called Dropout Pvt Ltd over an accusation of sexual harassment against the winner of the series.

The accusation turned out to be fake and was found to be a survival tactic used by a competing participant.

22-year-old MTV Dropout contestant and winner of the show Karmaditya Bagga was wrongly accused of sexual harassment by a fellow female contestant.

Both the judges Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman have stood out in support of the show’s winner.

After getting to know that the accusation was fake, both judges Raghu and Rajiv said, “The way it is wrong if a boy harasses a girl, same way it is equally wrong, if a girl threatens a boy by making a false sexual accusation against him. It might be a survival tactic for you but it will ruin his life forever.”


The TV show was later aired on television. Raghu Ram added, “He can be jailed for this fake accusation. You have no right to call him a creep or insinuate anything.”

After listening to several business pitches, presentations and entrepreneurs solving real-world business problems, MTV Dropout announced its winner Delhi based Karmaditya Bagga.

Delhi-based Bagga had in the past dropped out of Viginia Tech University to make an app for struggling Bollywood actors.

Bagga was teamed in a group with contestants such as Gurgaon-based Ajay Vishnu from Gurgaon, who had dropped out of college and Jabalpur-based Priyansha Jain who had dropped out of a chartered accountant course.

The trio of Ajay-Priyansha-Bagga are all set to work for their new startup and their product called ERA which Vishnu, the 27-year-old winner describes as a product that is going to solve the problem of fake profiles in the digital world.

“We are trying to make digital profiles through an Aadhaar Card. The profiles will work with all the services. It will be easy for people when they carry their digital profile rather than carrying credit cards or other documents.”

The trio will work together on this product in their new startup.

During the show, a female contestant accused Bagga of physical harassment but soon it was revealed that it was her survival tactic to stay in the competition.

Describing this situation in an interview with Moneycontrol, Bagga said, “After being falsely accused of something you never did and face the situation in the reality TV show I learned a great lesson. As you can see the whole world is in a phase of sexual harassment cases. It happens also in places like Silicon Valley.”

He added, “Facing this at an early age, I learned a very important lesson and now I know how to face it in the real world.”
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first published: Nov 16, 2017 04:47 pm
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