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Budget 2023
Budget 2023
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Fitness planner | Long-distance cycling: from couch to 50K in 12 weeks - Month 3

You are very close to your fitness goal of cycling 50km. Hitting the wall is a legitimate concern this month; pace yourself based on the time it took you to do the 24km ride in Week 9.

October 30, 2021 / 09:26 AM IST
If possible, do the 50km ride with a partner who can match your pace.

If possible, do the 50km ride with a partner who can match your pace.

Over the last two months you have reached halfway to the 50km mark in terms of distance, but you are a long-distance cyclist already. Don’t let anybody tell you any different. Your fitness, core strength and cardiovascular conditioning should be improving, thanks to the combination of strength training, walking, yoga and cycling. You should also be very comfortable on your cycle by now and would be noticing the saddle soreness less and less with every ride despite the increasing distance.

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You are ready for the final stretch now. However, if you had difficulty with the 25km ride and are feeling unsure about progressing to higher workloads, take an extra day of rest after completing Week 8’s training plan. Use this day to rest both your body and mind and strengthen your mental resolve to stick to the plan.

As you start the final leg of this couch-to-50km training plan put together by Bengaluru-based cycling coach M.S. Sriram, remember not to skip easy training and rest days. Sriram, also the founder of Sprocket Science India, a start-up that provides cycle servicing and bike fit to clients at their doorstep, says: “While you might take your big ride days seriously because your goal is to ride 50km, chances are you just might dismiss the light days such as walking, strength training, stretching and rest days. Strength training helps you build and strengthen the muscles that you would need to ride efficiently and injury-free. Cross-training (like walking and yoga) and rest days help your cycling muscles recover so that you can give your best every time you head out for your rides.”