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‘Cleared Google but failed tenant interview’: Techie's Bengaluru renting story

Ripu Daman Bhadoria, an engineering manager with the tech giant, is sharing his story in the hopes of educating other tenants in India's IT capital, where renting is becoming increasingly difficult.

March 25, 2023 / 09:51 AM IST
Ripu Daman Bhadoria moved to Bengaluru from Seattle in 2022. (Image credit: LinkedIn)

Ripu Daman Bhadoria moved to Bengaluru from Seattle in 2022. (Image credit: LinkedIn)

It is harder to crack an interview with a Bengaluru landlord than it is to get through one at Google, according to one professional who moved to the city last year.

In a LinkedIn post, Bhadoria wrote that when he relocated to Bengaluru from the US in 2022, he was faced with stiff competition in renting.

With a sudden spurt in renting demands post-COVID, landlords were interviewing many prospective tenants. Bhadoria said he appeared for one but "failed miserably".

"I cleared the google interview but failed the tenant interview in Bangalore," he wrote. "That was a moment of awakening for me as I realized that there are harder interviews to clear than Google".

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Like a job candidate would ask a recruiter for feedback, Bhadoria went back to his interviewer to learn why he was rejected.

The professional said he received transparent feedback for the landlord.

"They believed I was likely to buy a house, given that I work for Google," he wrote. "I never thought that working at Google could be so disadvantageous."

Bhadoria used his experience to prepare better for his next house-hunting interview. He said he was successful the second time, telling his LinkedIn network to reach out to him for advice.

In his comments section, many suggested that Bhadoria compile a document, questionnaire or even write a book on renting tips.

"It's in my to-do list," he responded to one comment. "Will get back."

Professionals in Bengaluru have shared how they undergo rigorous vetting during the house-hunting process.

One tenant was told to show his LinkedIn profile before he could even come see the place. On top of that, he was asked to send across a short written introduction.

Rents in Bengaluru are rising, especially in gates societies. In areas like Koramangala, HSR Layout and around Indiranagar, 2 BHK apartments cost anywhere between Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000.

"The prices we see in these apartments have jumped by 40 percent, some by 50 percent, compared to the last few years," Sunil Singh from real-estate broker Realty Corp told  Moneycontrol.

Because of limited land available for development, property prices have shot up in the Bengaluru city centre, compared to the pre-pandemic period.

first published: Mar 25, 2023 09:44 am