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Looking to supply the entire e-Mobility platform to various governments, says JBM Group

Nishant Arya, Executive Director, JBM Group said that the firm is looking to supply the entire e-mobility platform to various governments

February 24, 2021 / 03:59 PM IST
JBM Eco-life (File Image)

JBM Eco-life (File Image)

Tamil Nadu government's FY22 budget indicated an intent to revamp the whole public transport system. The state government said that it will be procuring electric buses at a cost of nearly Rs 1,600 crore.

Nishant Arya, Executive Director, JBM Group talks about the potential opportunity for JBM Auto. He said that the firm is looking to supply the entire e-mobility platform to various governments.

“We as a company are clearly looking forward to deploy our EV ecosystem which entails the electric buses, battery technology, charging technology, power infrastructure, operation and maintenance as well as the intelligent transportation system. So we can integrate everything and give a e-mobility platform,” he said.

Arya further stated that the company currently has about more than 600 EV orders and is expanding order book working with different cities.

The firm has over 600 buses which would be upwards of Rs 700 crore in terms of top line, he mentioned.

“For FY22 at JBM Auto level, we will be looking to enhance our revenues by about 60-70 percent. In the bus business, our revenue would go upwards of 100 percent,” he pointed out.

In terms of capacity expansion, Arya said, “We are investing about Rs 500 crore for capacity expansion, for technology development of products. out of which about Rs 200-250 crore is invested and up to Rs 300 crore we will be investing in the coming two financial years for the growth of the company. Our current capacity is around 2000 buses per year.”

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Source: CNBC-TV18

first published: Feb 24, 2021 03:59 pm