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Jul 17, 2019 02:07 PM IST | Source:

Karnataka crisis LIVE updates: Will act in accordance with Constitution, Speaker says after SC decision

Live updates of the Karnataka political crisis. SC has ruled that rebel MLAs can't be forced to participate in the floor test tomorrow. This leaves the Congress-JD(S) government on shaky ground

  • Jul 17, 01:46 PM (IST)
  • Jul 17, 01:58 PM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates: CM HD Kumaraswamy, Congress Legislative Party leader Siddaramaiah and state Home Minister MB Patil are meeting at the Hilton hotel, News18 has reported.

  • Jul 17, 01:41 PM (IST)

    Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy will be meeting JD(S) MLAs at 4.30 pm today, reports suggest.

  • Jul 17, 01:40 PM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates: Roshan Baig has informed the Speaker’s Office that he cannot attend the hearing today.

  • Jul 17, 01:20 PM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Will act in accordance with Constitution: Karnataka Speaker after SC ruling

    Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar today welcomed the Supreme Court decision, giving him the freedom to decide on the resignations of rebel MLAs, and said he would conduct himself responsibly in accordance with the principles of the Constitution.

    “With utmost humility, I welcome and respect the Supreme Court decision,” Kumar said soon after the apex court pronounced its order on the issue that has pushed the state into political turmoil. “The Supreme Court has put extra burden on me, I will conduct myself responsibly in accordance with constitutional principle,” he told reporters in Kolar, his home town.

  • Jul 17, 01:18 PM (IST)
  • Jul 17, 01:15 PM (IST)

    Congress leader DK Shivakumar: The Supreme Court has given a good judgment. We are confident of our numbers; our MLAs have been misguided. I request the rebel MLAs to not follow what B S Yeddyurappa’s lawyer is saying.

  • Jul 17, 12:48 PM (IST)

    If the rebel MLAs abstain from voting tomorrow, it could result in the collapse of the Congress-JD(S) government.

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  • Jul 17, 12:05 PM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Rebel MLAs in Mumbai: We honour the Supreme Court's verdict. We all are together. We stand by our decision. There is no question of going to the Assembly.

  • Jul 17, 12:03 PM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | BJP’s GVL Narasimha Rao on SC ruling: SC in its final judgement will have to create timelines for Speakers to decide a matter be it Assembly or Parliament. If required we will look at the need for amending the Act so that Speakers cannot go by their own whims and fancies.

  • Jul 17, 11:51 AM (IST)
  • Jul 17, 11:33 AM (IST)

    Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and BJP leader from Karnataka, Pralhad Joshi on SC ruling: This (Congress-JD(S) government has lost confidence. They should and will go.

  • Jul 17, 11:18 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Mukul Rohatgi, appearing for the rebel MLAs, has said: The Supreme Court has said that the matter will be fully thrashed out at a later date. The rebel MLAs are free to decide whether they are want to attend the House.

  • Jul 17, 11:13 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar on SC’s ruling: (Rebel) MLAs can come or not. Up to them. I only know Congress, JD(S), BJP MLAs. Don't know rebel MLAs. I will take a decision that in no way will go contrary to the Constitution, the Court and the Lokpal.

  • Jul 17, 11:13 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Asked if the Speaker may disqualify the rebel MLAs, BS Yeddyurappa said “let’s wait and see”.

    "Certainly the (Congress-JD(S)) government will not last because they do not have the numbers," Yeddyurappa added.

  • Jul 17, 11:12 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Former chief minister and BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa has said: The Supreme Court has given a very good verdict. All 15 MLAs who have resigned can’t be forced to attend the House. No whip is applicable to them. That means, Kumaraswamy (the Chief Minister) has lost his mandate and he doesn’t command a majority. Therefore, he (Kumaraswamy) must reign tomorrow. This is a victory of the Constitution and democracy. It is a moral victory for the rebel MLAs. This (SC ruling) is only an interim order, the Supreme Court will decide about the power of the Speaker in the future. I have great respect for the Speaker.

  • Jul 17, 11:06 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Mukul Rohatgi, appearing for the rebel MLAs, has said: The three-line whip issued against them (rebel MLAs) to attend the House tomorrow is not operative in view of the SC’s judgement. Secondly, the Speaker has been given time to decide on the resignations as and when he wants to decide.

  • Jul 17, 11:04 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Mukul Rohatgi, appearing for the rebel MLAs, has said: In view of the trust vote scheduled for tomorrow, the Supreme Court has said two important things -- 15 MLAs will not be compelled to attend the House tomorrow. All 15 MLAs have been given the liberty that they may or may not go to the House tomorrow.

  • Jul 17, 11:02 AM (IST)

    Karnataka Congress has tweeted in Kannada, "Operation lotus will fail. Truth alone triumphs."

  • Jul 17, 10:59 AM (IST)
  • Jul 17, 10:49 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Key points from Supreme Court's order:
    > Rebel MLAs cannot be compelled to participate in the trust vote tomorrow
    > Speaker given liberty to decide on resignation of rebel MLAs, can take more time
    > This is an interim order and the matter could be taken up in detail at a later stage

  • Jul 17, 10:40 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates: The Supreme Court has said that it is the rebel MLAs’ discretion to attend the floor test tomorrow.

    The top court has also given the Speaker the liberty to decide on the resignation of these 15 rebel MLAs within any time frame.

  • Jul 17, 10:38 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | NEWS FLASH: 15 MLAs cannot be compelled to participate in the floor test tomorrow. However, no time limit can be set for the Speaker to decide on the rebel MLAs' resignations, the Supreme Court has ruled. (Reports)

  • Jul 17, 10:36 AM (IST)

    The Supreme Court has convened. The Chief Justice of India is now reading out the order.

  • Jul 17, 10:31 AM (IST)

    A Supreme Court bench led by CJI Gogoi is set to hear rebel MLAs shortly.

  • Jul 17, 10:29 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Former CM and BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa: We are waiting for the Supreme Court's decision. The MLAs who have resigned will not be affected. Tomorrow the chief minister is going to move the confidence motion. He will lose the mandate. Let us see what will happen.

  • Jul 17, 10:03 AM (IST)

    In a bid to keep their flock together ahead of the trust vote, the Congress, BJP and JD(S) have shifted their MLAs to resorts.

    The Congress shifted its MLAs from a hotel in Bengaluru to a resort on the outskirts yesterday, amid fears that some more legislators may resign.

  • Jul 17, 10:01 AM (IST)

    Karnataka crisis live updates | Quick recap on the resignations: As many as 16 MLAs -- 13 from the Congress and three from JD(S) -- have resigned so far while two independent MLAs S Shankar and H Nagesh have withdrawn their support to the coalition government.

  • Jul 17, 09:30 AM (IST)

    Karnataka political crisis live updates: Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar yesterday told SC that he, being a constitutional functionary, cannot be directed to first decide on the resignations of rebel Congress-JD(S) MLAs, that too within a particular time frame.

    Senior advocate AM Singhvi, appearing for the Speaker, told a bench headed by the Chief Justice that disqualification applications against these MLAs were moved prior to their resignations and the Speaker was well within his right to choose his course of action.

    CM HD Kumaraswamy also questioned the jurisdiction of the apex court in entertaining the rebel MLAs’ pleas and said these lawmakers are "hunting in a pack" to bring down his government. (PTI)

  • Jul 17, 09:14 AM (IST)

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