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Last Updated : May 18, 2017 09:25 AM IST | Source:

Stocks in the news: HUL, Dabur, Hind Copper, La Opala RG, Capital First, Jumbo Bag

Reliance Infrastructure | Capital First | Dabur India | PVR | HUL | Stocks in News | Jumbo Bag | Hind Copper | Jindal Poly | La Opala and Healthcare Global Enterprise are stocks, which are in news today.

Here are stocks that are in news today:

La Opala: Madhupur plant operations temporarily suspended

Operations suspended due to unreasonable demands by workers union

Hind Copper board approves issue of fresh equity via FPO, IIP, QIP

Fresh equity issue approval for up to 10% of existing capital (9.25 crore Shares)

Capital First

'Warburg Pincus sells 25 percent in Capital First, GIC Singapore ups stake to 14 percent'

Healthcare Global Enterprise

Launch of HCG Regency Oncology Centre in Kanpur

Adani SEZ

Intimation of Incorporation of a Wholly Owned Subsidiary Co

PVR realty firm Elan to invest Rs 550 crore and tie up with PVR

IL&FS plans Rs 15000 cr debt refinancing

ICICI Pru and SBI life topple LIC from top spot


CXo. Aims at solution sales strategy going ahead

Net Profit At Rs 1,183 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 1,107 Cr
Revenue At Rs 8,886 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 8,145 Cr
EBITDA At Rs 1,651 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 1,557 Cr
EBITDA Margin At 20.1 percent Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of 19.1 percent

Volume Growth At 4 percent Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of 2-3 percent

Net Profit Up 6.2 percent At Rs 1,183 Cr Vs Rs 1,114 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 6.7 percent At Rs 8,886 Cr Vs Rs 8,329 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 12.2 percent At Rs 1,651 Cr Vs Rs 1,472 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Margin At 20.1 percent Vs 19.1 percent (YoY)
Volume Growth Flat At 4 percent
Domestic Consumer Biz Grew At 8 percent
HUL Says:
Expect Input Cost To Remain Stable In Near Term
Will Pass On Benefits From GST Implementation To Consumers
Growth In Wholesale Channel Not Back To Pre-Demonetisation Levels
Co Focussing On Increasing Direct Coverage

Rural Growth Was Double Of Urban; Now It's Below Urban

JSW Steel Q4
Cons Net Profit At Rs 1,008.6 Cr Vs Rs 300.7 Cr (YoY)
Cons Revenue Up 52.5 percent At Rs 17,917 Cr Vs Rs 11,747 Cr (YoY)
Cons EBITDA Up 64.5 percent At Rs 3,164.7 Cr Vs Rs 1,924.4 Cr (YoY)
Cons EBITDA Margin At 19 percent Vs 18.1 percent (YoY)
Crude Steel Production At Up 28 percent At 4.10 mt Vs 3.11 mt (YoY)
Total Saleable Steel Up 20 percent At 3.96 mt Vs 3.28 mt (YoY)

Coated Products Sales At Rs 2,732 Cr Vs Rs 1,835 Cr (YoY)

JSW Steel Guidance:
FY18 Crude Steel Production Seen Up 4.4 percent At 16.5 mt Vs 15.8 mt In FY17

FY18 Saleable Steel Sales Seen Up 4.9 percent At 15.50 mt Vs 14.77 mt In FY17

Cosmo Films Q4
Net Profit Up 17 percent At Rs 28.2 Cr Vs Rs 24.1 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 13.4 percent At Rs 438.3 Cr Vs Rs 386.4 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 29.8 percent At Rs 33.9 Cr Vs Rs 48.3 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 7.7 percent Vs 12.5 percent (YoY)

JK Lakshmi Cement Q4
Net Profit Down 19.3 percent At Rs 20.9 Cr Vs Rs 25.9 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 9.7 percent At Rs 904.3 Cr Vs Rs 824.7 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 16.1 percent At Rs 71.6 Cr Vs Rs 85.3 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Margin At 8.9 percent Vs 11.6 percent (YoY)

Other Income At Rs 26.3 Cr Vs Rs 12.5 Cr (YoY)

Smartlink Q4
Cons Net Loss At Rs 6.8 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 6 Cr QoQ
Cons Revenue Down 10.4 percent At Rs 20.7 Cr Vs Rs 23.1 Cr (QoQ)

Cons EBITDA Loss At Rs 5.6 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 3.2 Cr (QoQ)

TajGVK Hotels Q4
Net Profit Down86.2 percent At Rs 0.8 Cr Vs Rs 5.8 Cr (YoY)

Total Income Down 5 percent At Rs 73.4 Cr Vs Rs 77.3 Cr (YoY)

Sicagen India Q4
Cons Net Profit At Rs 6 Cr Vs Rs 2.7 Cr (YoY)
Cons Revenue Up 29.6 percent At Rs 196.7 Cr Vs Rs 151.8 Cr (YoY)

Cons EBITDA At Rs 3.1 Cr Vs EBITDA Loss Of Rs 3.7 Cr (YoY)

Kirloskar Brothers Q4
Net Profit Up 8.3 percent At Rs 16.9 Cr Vs Rs 15.6 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 13.5 percent At Rs 600.8 Cr Vs Rs 529.4 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 48.7 percent At Rs 40.9 Cr Vs Rs 27.5 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 7.1 percent Vs 5.4 percent (YoY)

Orient Green Power Q4
Cons Net Loss At Rs 86 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 158.4 Cr (YoY)

Cons Revenue At Rs 58.3 Cr Vs Rs 40.8 Cr (YoY)

IFB Agro Q4
Net Profit Down 25.8 percent At Rs 4.9 Cr Vs Rs 6.6 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 6.9 percent At Rs 142.2 Cr Vs Rs 133 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 33.3 percent At Rs 7.2 Cr Vs Rs 10.8 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 5.1 percent Vs 8.1 percent (YoY)

Fortune Financial Q4
Cons Net Profit At Rs 5.4 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 1.1 Cr (YoY)

Cons Revenue At Rs 55.3 Cr Vs Rs 28 Cr (YoY)

Snowman Logistics Q4
Net Profit Down 49.3 percent At Rs 3.6 Cr Vs Rs 7.1 Cr (YoY)

Revenue Down 16.2 percent At Rs 44.5 Cr Vs Rs 53.1 Cr (YoY)

Bajaj FinServ Q4
Net Profit Up 3.3 percent At Rs 534.9 Cr Vs Rs 518 Cr (YoY)

Revenue Up 11.6 percent At Rs 7,043.2 Cr Vs Rs 6,311.6 Cr (YoY)

UFO Moviez Q4
Cons Net Profit Up 10.2 percent At Rs 19.5 Cr Vs Rs 17.7 Cr (YoY)
Cons Revenue Up 5.8 percent At Rs 154.9 Cr Vs Rs 146.4 Cr (YoY)
Cons EBITDA Down 8.3 percent At Rs 48.4 Cr Vs Rs 52.8 Cr (YoY)

Cons EBITDA Margin At 31.3 percent Vs 36.1 percent (YoY)

Dilip Buildcon Q4
Net Profit At Rs 195.8 Cr Vs Rs 60.7 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 29.3 percent At Rs 1,750.2 Cr Vs Rs 1,353.8 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 61.2 percent At Rs 354.7 Cr Vs Rs 220 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 20.3 percent Vs 16.3 percent (YoY)

Hind Copper Q4
Net Profit At Rs 40.8 Cr Vs Rs 0.6 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 61.3 percent At Rs 571.8 Cr Vs Rs 354.4 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA At Rs 63 Cr Vs Rs 24.4 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 11 percent Vs 6.9 percent (YoY)

Ratanmani Metals Q4
Net Profit Down 15 percent At Rs 39.8 Cr Vs Rs 46.8 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Down 23 percent At Rs 406.8 Cr Vs Rs 528.5 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 18.9 percent At Rs 68.5 Cr Vs Rs 84.5 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 17.6 percent Vs 16.7 percent (YoY)

United Breweries Q4
Net Profit Down 87.2 percent At Rs 6.7 Cr Vs Rs 52.4 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 3.8 percent At Rs 2,557.8 Cr Vs Rs 2,464.6 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 19.7 percent At Rs 101.1 Cr Vs Rs 125.9 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Margin At 9.1 percent Vs 10.4 percent (YoY)

Tax Expense At Rs 89 Cr Vs Rs 21.6 Cr (YoY)

Net Profit Up 43 percent At Rs 1942 Cr Vs Rs 1362 Cr (YoY)
Revenue Up 34 percent At Rs 18,100 Cr Vs Rs 13,477 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 80 percent At Rs 3,189 Cr Vs Rs 1,768 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Margin At 17.6 percent Vs 13.1 percent (YoY)
GRM At $8.25/bbl Vs $8.24/bbl (YoY)

Crude Throughput Down 7 percent At 4.23 mmt Vs 4.52 mmt (YoY)

Net Loss At Rs 646.7 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 936.2 Cr (YoY)
NII Down 1.2 percent At Rs 1,324 Cr Vs Rs 1,307 Cr (YoY)
Gross NPA At 22.39 percent Vs 22.42 percent (QoQ)
Net NPA At 13.99 percent Vs 14.32 percent (QoQ)
Gross NPA At Rs 35,098.2 Cr Vs Rs 34,502.1 Cr (QoQ)
Net NPA At Rs 19,749.3 Cr Vs Rs 19,900.7 Cr (QoQ)
Provisions At Rs 1,789.7 Cr Vs Rs 1,406 Cr (QoQ); Vs Rs 2,666.2 Cr (YoY)

Other Income Up 50.5 percent At Rs 1,032.2 Cr Vs Rs 686 Cr (YoY)

Other stocks and sectors in the news
Dabur signs pact to buy 2 South African cos for a consideration of approximately Rs 24.4 Cr
Jindal Poly board meeting May 25 to consider QIP for raising funds
Reliance Infrastructure’s subsidiary files Section 9 petition in the Delhi High Court for urgent payment of Arbitration Award
Capital First to raise Rs 50 crore by issue of NCD
Time Techno launches full range of structured wall plastic piping systemJumbo Bag commences commercial production at new manufacturing unit

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First Published on May 18, 2017 07:52 am
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