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Nestle India Ltd.

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Series: EQ | ISIN: INE239A01016 | SECTOR: Food Processing

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Company History - Nestle India
 - On 28th March, the Company was incorporated at New Delhi.  The
 company was promoted by Nestle Alimentana S.A. through a wholly owned
 subsidiary, Nestle Holdings Ltd., Nassau, Bahama Islands.
 - 1,37,785 Bonus shares issued in proportion 1:10 on 12.9.1968.
 - On November company issued 3,00,000 shares at par. 22,000 shares
 reserved for directors, etc. and 2,78,000 shares offered to the
 - 34,251 shares issued against machinery to collaborators.
 - During the period 4,00,114 equity shares and 382,751 existing
 equity shares held by Nestle's Holdings, Ltd., Nassau, Bahama Islands
 (Nestle) were offered to the resident Indian nationals at a premium of
 Rs. 2.50 per share.
 - 22,50,000 bonus shares issued in proportion 1:1 on 30.7.1980.
 - 27,00,000 bonus shares equity shares issued in prop. 3:5.
 - 18,00,000 Rights equity shares issued (Prem. Rs 30 per shares;
 prop. 1:4).  4,50,000 additional shares allotted to retain
 oversubscription. 90,000 No. of equity shares allotted (prem.  Rs 30
 per share) to employees of the Company on an equitable basis.  60,000
 No. of equity
 shares allotted (prem. Rs 30 per share) to Nestle's Holdings Ltd. to
 maintain their shareholding.
 - The Shareholders approved the issue of non-Convertible debentures
 (IInd series) for an aggregate value of Rs 11.52 crores.
 - 96,00,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.
 - During the year installation of a new factory at Nanjangud
 (Karnataka), for the manufacture of instant coffee was in progress.
 - During Jan/Feb, the Company offered 19,35,360-12% secured
 redeemable convertible debentures of Rs 160 each of which 92,160
 debentures were reserved for allotment to Indian working directors
 and employees of the company.  The remaining 18,43,200 debentures
 were offered to the shareholders (except Nestle) of the company on
 right basis in the ratio of 4 debentures for every 25 shares of Rs.10
 each of the company held. Additional 2,76,480 debentures were allotted
 to shareholders to retain over-subscription.
 - As per the terms of issue, the convertible part of Rs 60 out of the
 total face value of each debentures of Rs 160 will be Automatically
 converted into one equity share of Rs 10 each as fully paid up at a
 premium of Rs 50 per share on 31.3.1989.  The non-convertible part
 Rs 100 of each debenture will be redeemed after a period of seven
 years from the date of allotment of debentures.  
 - 22,11,840 No. of equity shares allotted (prem. Rs 50 per share) in
 part conversion of 12% debentures.  14,74,560 No. of equity shares of
 allotted to retain oversubscription.  90,000 No. of equity shares
 allotted (prem. Rs 30 per share) to employees of the Company on an
 equitable basis.  60,000 No. of equity shares allotted (prem. Rs 30
 per share) to Nestle's Holdings Ltd. to maintain their equity
 - The name of the company was changed from `Food Specialities Ltd.'
 to `Nestle India Ltd.' on 24th March.
 - During the year company entered into chocolate business by
 introducing Nestle premium chocolates.
 - During the year company issued 10,00,000-14% secured redeemable
 non-convertible debentures (series PP-1) of Rs. 100 each to
 Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd., on private
 placement basis.
 - As per the term of Amalgamation scheme 100,51,850 No. of equity
 shares of Rs.10 each of the company were issued to the NFPIL share
 holders in the proportion of two equity shares of Rs. 10 each of the
 company for every thirteen equity shares of Rs.10 each held in the
 - Samalkha factory was commissioned during the year and underwent
 expansion for cereal based products.
 - 196,07,054 shares 47,51,625 No. of Equity shares of Rs 10 each
 allotted to M/s. Nestle SA Switzerland to raise the stake to 51%.
 128,55,429 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:4.
 - During the year company launched a number of new products viz.,
 Cerelac Soya, Milk maid, Dessert Mixes, Maggo Tonit's Special Cooking
 Bases, Maggi 1-2-3 noodles, Contodina snack dressing and the chocolate
 items, milky base marbles and bar one peanut.  And also launched,
 Bonus and Polo.
 - During the year company commenced construction of a new factory at
 Bicholim, Goa.  At the same year, instant noodles factory was
 installed and commissioned at Samalkha factory.
 - During the year company launched Kit Kat manufactures at the new 
 factory at Ponda, Goa.
 - During the same year the Nanjangud factory was commissioned and the
 unit was to manufacture MILO - the World's Largest Selling Chocolate
 energy food drink.
 - During 95-96, the company issued secured redeemable non-convertible
 debentures of Rs. 100 each on private placement basis.  i.e. 3,000,000
 - 16.5 % (series PP-2) debentures and 2,500-17.5% debentures (series
 pp-2) and 2,500-17.5% debentures (series PP-3).
 - 32,138,572 bonus shares allotted in prop. 1:2.
 - The Chennai-based Indian Food Fermentations tied up with Nestle
 India Ltd., to market its dosa and vada batter in consumer pack, in
 the country.  The company has signed an agreement to this effect
 recently. Nestle would sell the ready-to-use dosa, vada, sambhar and
 unique masala dosa batter in consumer packs, under its own brand name
 in the
 - During the year company launched MILO-Chocolate energy food drink
 in South India and a range of culinary products like, Dosa and Sampar
 mixes, pickles and new varieties of soups under the brand Maggi. 
 - Nestle India (NIL) is raising Rs.50 crore through a non-convertible
 debenture issue.  The issue has been rated AAA by Credit Rating and
 Information Services of India (Crisil), indicating the highest safety
 with respect to timely payment of interest and principal.
 - NIL is one of the top players in the processed food & beverages
 industry and the largest producer of instant coffee with a 49 per
 cent marketshare.
 - After the success of KitKat and Polo, Nestle India has launched its
 first product in the hard boiled sugar confectionery market, Allen's
 - Nestle's wafer chocolate brand, Kit Kat, which created a major dent
 in the market with its launch, its international milk drink brand Milo
 has garnered a mere three per cent share (value terms) in the Rs 500
 crore market, a year after its launch in India.
 - Nestle India Ltd. (NIL) leads the list of the country's top 15
 coffee exporters for the ongoing calendar year in terms of both
 quantum and value for the period January 1 - October 23.
 - Swiss multinational Nestle SA has ordered an international auditing
 of its Indian subsidiary, which has been mired in a controversy of
 alleged financial irregularities and insider trading.
 - Nestle SA and the BM Khaitan group set up a joint venture,
 Nutritional Food Products India Ltd, in 1990 which was amalgamated
 with NIL in 1993.
 - Nestle has set up a parallel distribution network across the
 - The company has also set up a special cold chain for product
 distribution in select retail outlets.
 - Nestle India has entered into a 10-year agreement with Campco in
 February, 1990 for manufacture and supply of bulk quantity of
 chocolates and cocoa products.
 - Nestle is set to enter the domestic bottled water business and will
 launch the product under the brand name `Pure Life'.
 - The Company has launched its ultra heat treated liquid milk,
 `Nestle Pure Milk', in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi.
 - The Company has launched Perrier and will celebrate Perrier
 Invitation Golf-2000.
 - Nestle India Ltd. to launch Nescafe Gold and Nescafe Gold
 - Nestle India has launched a range of gift packs under the Fox
 confectionery brand name for the festivel seasons.
 - The Company launched its second premium mineral water brand San
 Pellegrino in India.
 - Nestle India Ltd. has launched `Pure Life', its mass-market bottled
 water, adding one more premium brand to the already saturated Rs
 600-crore bottledwater segment.
 - The board of directors of Nestle India on July 27, nominated the
 Chairman and Managing Director of NIIT Ltd, Mr Rajendra S. Pawar, on
 the company board with effect from October this year.
 - The board of directors of Nestle India on July 27, nominated the
 Chairman and Managing Director of NIIT Ltd, Mr Rajendra S. Pawar, on
 the company board with effect from October this year.
 -Nestle Group increases holding in Nestle India to 53.27%
 -Ties up with Nilgiris to co-brand various dairy products like dahi,
 paneer, ghee and possibly milk
 -Launches a throat lozenge branded Acti-V  to compete against
 Proecter & Gamble's Vicks cough drops
 -Regains top coffee exporter positon in India
 -Parson Nutritional Pvt. Ltd. buys the assets of Excelsia Foods,
 including its manufacturing unit at Ghaziabad, from Nestle S.A
 -Rolls out Nestle Development Nutrition Plan for infant weaning and
 launches its infant food CERELAC 123 as a range of products graded to
 the needs of infants in each stage of the plan
 -Nestle India's executive director Ranjit Raj re-elected to be the
 Coffee Board member representing instant-coffee manufacturers
 -Nestle SA, Switzerland, buys 1.01 million shares in its Indian arm
 'Nestle India'. With this purchase, the parent holding in its Indian
 arm goes up to 59.8 per cent from 58.7 per cent
 -Consumer Body files case against Nestle India in National Consumer
 Dispute Redressal Commission (NCDRC) regarding the non-compliance in
 weight in its 50-gm Nescafe packs
 -Signs a 100 per cent buyback pact with Bengal Nestor's India Ltd
 (BNIL) for its ultra heat treated milk and other dairy products
 -Ed Marra, the head of Nestle's Canadian business, will succeed Frank
 Cella as head of strategic business units and marketing at the turn of
 the year, the Swiss group said in a statement.
 -Paul Bulcke, now head of German operations, will replace Carlos
 Eduardo Represas as top executive in the Americas zone from July 1,
 -Nestle India bags Tetra Pak's annual dairy and beverage industry
 -Nestle India has signed on Bollywood actress Preity Zinta to feature
 in its latest commercial brand maggi
 -Nestle introduces 'Sweet Lassi' in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana
 -Nestle India said on June 24, 2004, it has signed Rani Mukherjee as
 brand ambassador for its chocolate brand Nestle Munch and the
 advertising campaign will be released on June 25
 -Neslte India launches new variant of Maggi
 -Delists securities  from the Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd
 (DSE) w.e.f. July 15, 2005.
 -Nestle's starts Uttaranchal unit
 - Nestle India Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of the
 Company at its meeting held on July 31, 2007, inter alia, has
 appointed Mr. Pradip Baijal as a Non-Executive Director of the
 -Nestle India Ltd has recommended a final dividend of Rs 2.50 per
 equity share
 -Nestle India Board Approves Proposal To acquire Healthcare Nutrition
 Business of Speciality Foods
 -Nestl Inaugurates New Culinary Plant at Nanjangud. 
 -Nestl signs India Pledge
 -Nestle opens new plant in Karnataka, invests Rs 360 cr
 -Nestl India Celebrates 100 years With Earnings per Share at  100 
 -Nestl India reviews the General Licence Agreement - Independent
 Directors appreciate the governance process.
 -Nestl India Acquisition of 26% minority stake in Indocon Agro and
 Allied Activities Private Limited
 -Nestle India commences export of noodles, sauces from New Mangalore
 -Nestl India signs an Agreement with Magic Bus India Foundation
 -Nestle begins Maggi production in 3 states after the brand cleared
 court-directed safety tests 
 -Nestle India resumes manufacturing at Pantnagar (Uttarakhand)
 -Nestle resumes manufacturing of MAGGI at Tahliwal, HP unit
 -Nestle India Launches NESTLE a+ GREKYO Yoghurt
 -Nestle India reinforces its commitment towards environmental
 -Nestle India delights consumers with new variants of MAGGI Noodles
 -Nestle India launches NESTLE a+ PRO-GROW containing 20% higher milk
 -Nestle India Launches NESCAFE Ready-to-Drink 
 -Nestle India - CFTRI reports show 100% samples of MAGGI Noodles
 clear. MAGGI Noodles were and are safe.
 -Nestle India -MAGGI Vegetable Atta Noodles and MAGGI Oats Noodles
 -Nestle India Launches NESTLE a+ GREKYO Yoghurt.
 -Nestle join hands with Alibaba to market products.
 -Nestle introduces new variants of Maggi noodles (MAGGI HOT HEADS,
 MAGGI No Onion No Garlic Masala, MAGGI CUPPA Masala, MAGGI CUPPA
 Chilly Chow and MAGGI HOT HEADS CUPPA).
 -Nestle India Launches CRUNCHILICIOUS MUNCH Campaign - Shruti Haasan
 Takes on the Challenge of Music Trio Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy.
 -Nestle India extends support to Girl Child Education in Partnership
 with Nanhi Kali.
 -Nestle India Changes Packaging of Iconic Brands MAGGI, NESCAFE and
 KITKAT Supports the Cause of Educate the Girl Child with Nanhi Kali.
 -Nestle India Launches NESCAFE Ready-to-Drink.