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Spotify is reportedly testing a podcast discovery feed

According to the publication TechCrunch, Spotify is testing a podcast discovering feed based on the technology for Podz, which it acquired last year

March 30, 2022 / 04:15 PM IST
Representational image.

Representational image.

Spotify is testing a podcast discovery feed reportedly based on technology from the platform Podz, which it acquired last year. Podz was a podcast discovery platform that showed its users an audio feed based on their preferences.

Listeners could hear 60-second samples from each podcast presented in the feed, to decide on the one they wanted to listen to. The podcasts were shown in a vertical feed similar to TikTok.

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As the publication TechCrunch reported, twitter user @SleepwellCap first uncovered the test and posted a video of how the new feature works.

The dedicated "Podcasts" tab will show you a vertical feed of suggestions, along with cover art and small audio clips. Once you play the snippet, Spotify will let you continue to listen to the rest of the podcast or you can click on a "+" button to add it to another section called "Your episodes" which will let you listen to them later.