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Pokemon Go, Set, Ready: All That Jazz Leading Up To The Mania

In the wake of the Pokefever, there were around 70,000 conversations in the first week of its launch on July 6 among Indian social media users, says a Blueocean Market Intelligence report Social Media Analysis – Pokémon Go.

Jul 26, 2016 / 12:00 PM IST
Raveena Singh

Pokemon Go is a true game-changer: all pun intended. The virtual game in a short while has caught on with kids and adults alike.  

No wonder that social media users took to it like a duck to water. About 70,000 conversations about the game happened just in the first week of its launch on July 6, finds a Blueocean Market Intelligence report Social Media Analysis – Pokémon Go.

In simple terms, the game allows you to capture magical beasts on your phone. These beasts are hidden in real-life locations through augmented reality -- the phones become a screen displaying real locations in which the virtual beasts are hiding. In other words, you escape into a virtual world. 

Since the game isn't in India yet, the only way to get it is to share the APK file to download the game unofficially.

Key triggers driving the social buzz

Beating social giant Facebook, Twitter attracted the most conversations about the game, says the report. Twitter attracted over 99 percent among media posts and discussions.

In this Pokemania, majority users were from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

Artists formed the largest part -- 22 percent -- of the total professionals who engaged in interactions about the game.

Twitterati shared and suggested links to videos instructing players on how to get down with Pokemon Go.

Though there were privacy concerns, PokeGo memes, strolls and other tweets flooded Twitter. 

A few companies threw their lot into the frenzy by selling power banks to maket their products.

Clearly, no other virtual game in recent times has managed to give players a thrilling ride for their money.
first published: Jul 26, 2016 12:00 pm

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