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Tripura Assembly Elections 2018: Constituency-wise Results

The BJP has emerged as a strong party in the North-East region by putting up a spectacular show in the Assembly Elections

  • Mar 04, 12:30 AM (IST)

    Tripura Assembly Elections 2018: Constituency-wise Results - Final Tally

    Constituency Name Winning Candidate Winning Party
    Agartala SUDIP ROY BARMAN Bharatiya Janata Party
    Amarpur RANJIT DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Ambassa PARIMAL DEBBARMA Bharatiya Janata Party
    Ampinagar SINDHU CHANDRA JAMATIA Indigenousn People's Front Of Tripura
    Asharambari MEVAR KR JAMATIA Indigenousn People's Front Of Tripura
    Badharghat DILIP SARKAR Bharatiya Janata Party
    Bagbassa BIJITA NATH Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Bagma RAM PADA JAMATIA Bharatiya Janata Party
    Bamutia KRISHNADHAN DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Banamalipur BIPLAB KUMAR DEB Bharatiya Janata Party
    arjala DILIP KUMAR DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Belonia ARUN CHANDRA BHAUMIK Bharatiya Janata Party
    Bishalgarh BHANULAL SAHA Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Boxanagar SAHID CHOUDHURI Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Chandipur TAPAN CHAKRABORTI Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Chawamanu SAMBHU LAL CHAKMA Bharatiya Janata Party
    Dhanpur MANIK SARKAR Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Dharmanagar BISWABANDHU SEN Bharatiya Janata Party
    Fatikroy SUDHANGSHU DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Golaghati BIRENDRA KISHORE DEBBARMA Bharatiya Janata Party
    Hrishyamukh BADAL CHOUDHURY Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Jolaibari JASHABIR TRIPURA Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Jubarajnagar RAMENDRA CHANDRA DEBNATH Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Kadamtala-Kurti ISLAM UDDIN Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Kailashahar MOBOSHAR ALI Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Kakraban-Salgarah RATAN KUMAR BHOWMIK Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Kalyanpur-Pramodenagar PINAKI DAS CHOWDHURY Bharatiya Janata Party
    Kamalasagar NARAYAN CHANDRA CHOWDHURI Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Kamalpur MANOJ KANTI DEB Bharatiya Janata Party
    Kanchanpur PREM KUMAR REANG Indigenousn People's Front Of Tripura
    Karbook BURBA MOHAN TRIPURA Bharatiya Janata Party
    Karmachara DIBA CHANDRA HRANGKHAWL Bharatiya Janata Party
    Khayerpur RATAN CHAKRABORTY Bharatiya Janata Party
    Khowai NIRMAL BISWAS Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Krishnapur ATUL DEBBARMA Bharatiya Janata Party
    Majlishpur SUSHANTA CHOWDHURY Bharatiya Janata Party
    Mandaibazar DHIRENDRA DEBBARMA Indigenousn People's Front Of Tripura
    Manu PRAVAT CHOWDHURY Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Matarbari BIPLAB KUMAR GHOSH Bharatiya Janata Party
    Mohanpur RATAN LAL NATH Bharatiya Janata Party
    Nalchar SUBHASH CHANDRA DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Pabiachhara BHAGABAN DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Panisagar BINAY BHUSHAN DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Pencharthal SANTANA CHAKMA Bharatiya Janata Party
    Pratapgarh REBATI MOHAN DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Radhakishorepur PRANAJIT SINGHA ROY Bharatiya Janata Party
    Raima Valley DHANANJOY TRIPURA Indigenousn People's Front Of Tripura
    Rajnagar SUDHAN DAS Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Ramchandraghat PRASANTA DEBBARMA Indigenousn People's Front Of Tripura
    Ramnagar SURAJIT DATTA Bharatiya Janata Party
    Sabroom SANKAR ROY Bharatiya Janata Party
    Santirbazar PRAMOD REANG Bharatiya Janata Party
    Simna BRISHAKETU DEBBARMA Indigenousn People's Front Of Tripura
    Sonamura SHYAMAL CHAKRABORTY Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Surma ASHIS DAS Bharatiya Janata Party
    Suryamaninagar RAM PRASAD PAUL Bharatiya Janata Party
    Takarjala NARENDRA CHANDRA DEBBARMA Indigenousn People's Front Of Tripura
    Teliamura KALYANI ROY Bharatiya Janata Party
    Town Bordowali ASISH KUMAR SAHA Bharatiya Janata Party

    Note: Counting for AC No: 19 , Charilam (ST) Assembly Constituency will be held on 15th of March, 2018 

  • Mar 04, 12:22 AM (IST)

    Tripura Assembly Election 2018 - Final Tally (Party-Wise)

    Party Seats Won
    Bharatiya Janata Party 35
    Communist Party of India (Marxist) 16
    Indigenous People's Front Of Tripura 8
    Total 59

  • Mar 04, 12:18 AM (IST)

    Nagaland Assembly Election 2018 - Final Tally

    Party Seats Won
    Bharatiya Janata Party 11
    Naga Peoples Front 27
    Janata Dal (United) 1
    National People's Party 2
    Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party 16
    Independent 1
    Total 58

    Read Full List of Constituency-Wise Results Here

  • Mar 04, 12:17 AM (IST)

    Meghalaya Assembly Election 2018 - Final Tally

    Party Seats Won
    Bharatiya Janata Party 2
    Indian National Congress 21
    Nationalist Congress Party 1
    Hill State People’s Democratic Party 2
    National People's Party 19
    United Democratic Party 6
    Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement 1
    People's Democratic Front 4
    Independent 3
    Total 59

    Read Full List of Constituency-Wise Results Here

  • Mar 03, 07:56 PM (IST)

    Full text of PM Narendra Modi’s victory speech after North-East Assembly Elections 2018

    # Several workers of BJP have sacrificed their lives, our innocent workers were killed only due to ideological differences.

    # Left parties killed our several workers. The killings of our workers have been answered by the public of Tripura through their vote.  They fought against Maoist ideology. Fear & confusion are the weapons of leftist parties. Let’s observe two minutes silence in a mark of respect to workers who were killed in the Left violence.

    # The Left party has received a befitting reply for spreading ‘bhay’ and ‘bhram’ among people in Tripura.

    # Targeting Congress, PM Modi said that it has not been able to take the defeat sportingly, adding that people should accept even defeat gracefully.

    # BJP chief Amit Shah has been the architect of this victory.  Even in the remote North-East truth about BJP and BJP Government has reached the common man. I thank all the voters on behalf of BJP.

    # Today, the entire country is painted with saffron. Our party is a party of all colours...from saffron to rainbow. In vastu, the North-East position is very important. According to vastu shastra, North-East is the most auspicious side. I am happy that north east is part of the ‘vikas yatra’. The North-East region has today come forward to lead India on the path to development.

    # From being 'no one', BJP has 'won' today.  This victory has been achieved with limited resources. No celebrities were used in these elections.  Tripura elected team is the youngest team...we have a young team here, they have done wonders.

    # When North Eastern people used to harass in Delhi, we sent the first message in 2014 by taking up these matters seriously. Rajnath Singh addressed the issue of violence against North-Eastern students.

    Our ministers travelled to the North-East states extensively, we sent more ministers to the region in the last 4 years than any other government since independence. BJP workers are being targeted and killed in states such as West Bengal, Kerala, even Odisha and now in Karnataka.

    # Opposition always says this is vendetta...this is not vendetta, this is ‘mandate’. BJP has risen in every corner of the country due to hard work of the party workers.

    # Congress party’s status has gone down even as some people have got elevated. Once, I had told a Congress Chief Minister that the party will soon become a specimen. Congress's popularity was never on a decline as it is today. BJP workers must be alert that it does not allow Congress culture in the party.

    # People from North-East always felt that Delhi is far away from them, but with the ‘Doner Ministry’ in place, BJP has brought Delhi to their doorsteps.

  • Mar 03, 06:32 PM (IST)

    Here’s what BJP chief Amit Shah said on BJP’s stellar performance in North East Assembly Elections:

    # This ‘vijaya rath’ of BJP will now go to Karnataka. This is the first celebration in new BJP headquarters...this is a historic day for the party.

    # BJP has given a fitting answer to the killing of its 9 workers in Tripura. This is the victory of ‘act east policy’ of PM Modi.

    # This victory shows people of North-East have excepted ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas.’ This is a victory of politics of performance.

    # In all these three states public has given a mandate against the Congress. Voters have rejected Congress.

    # We will get even bigger mandate in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. We will win Karnataka, Kerala & Odisha. This victory is dedicated to those party workers are being killed in Kerala, Karnataka & Odisha.

    # This is not our final destination: next is Odisha, Kerala and West Bengal.

  • Mar 04, 12:31 AM (IST)

    Lotus Blooms again! Left red-faced, BJP triumphant, Congress embarrassed

    Acche Din for North-East? The BJP has emerged as a strong party in the North-East region by putting up a spectacular show in the Assembly Elections.

    As we wrap up our North-East Assembly Elections coverage, we want to thank our readers for tuning-in. 

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  • Mar 03, 08:14 PM (IST)

     Result status of Tripura Assembly Elections 2018 At 8 PM

    Party Won Leading Total
    Bharatiya Janata Party 34 1 35
    Communist Party of India (Marxist) 13 3 16
    Indigenous People's Front of Tripura 8 0 8
    Total 55 4 59

  • Mar 03, 06:31 PM (IST)

    Latest political voices on North East Assembly Elections 2018

    Mamata Banerjee, CM West Bengal

    Anti-incumbency is a factor in Tripura election…I personally spoke to Rahul Gandhi…he needs to choose his alliance correctly.

    I had told Rahul Gandhi, to come together for Tripura elections. Congress gave the power to BJP.

    Kamal Nath, Congress

    BJP utilised massive deployment of money & other resources to influence the elections.             

    Ahmed Patel, Congress

    We are confident of forming the government in Meghalaya. We are not going involve into horse trading...but I can’t say anything about BJP.

  • Mar 03, 06:15 PM (IST)

  • Mar 03, 06:14 PM (IST)

  • Mar 03, 06:11 PM (IST)

  • Mar 03, 06:10 PM (IST)

  • Mar 03, 06:09 PM (IST)

  • Mar 03, 04:21 PM (IST)

    BJP chief Amit Shah on North East Verdict

    # It is a day for joy for the BJP. This is a great day for lakhs of BJP workers, win in the North-East is very important for us. This win has many different meanings for us. I congratulate our workers in all the three states.

    # We will focus on development of the North-East region. When we won the 2014 elections, PM Modi had mentioned how the Eastern India was neglected...PM started the ‘act east policy’ to bring development into North-East.

    # This is a victory of PM Narendra Modi's North-East policy.

    # Our workers faced violence from communists in Tripura, many of them were also killed also. But, they gave victory to us.

    # Our victory in Tripura is a big 2013, we just had 1% vote share, now we have won elections with over 50% vote share. Our allies in Meghalaya have done well.

    # Results of this election will have a cascading effect on Karnataka Assembly Polls. We are preparing for a big win in Karnataka.

    # Results of these three states are an indication of the results we will get in Karnataka and then 2019.

    # This is a big moral victory for our workers in West Bengal and Kerala.

    # Our win in Tripura is historic...Congress did not win a single seat in Tripura or Nagaland.

    # Left is not right for any part of India. Tripura has proven that Left is not the right party for India.

    # In 2014, Narendra Modi ji had said western side of the nation has developed a lot but the same has not reached the eastern side yet. He immediately started his 'act east policy'. I believe this is the victory of his policies, stamped by the 3 states of the north-east.

    # In Tripura, BJP and allies won all 20 tribal seats. All three states are dominated by tribals...and BJP and its allies have won majority of these tribal region seats.

    # North-East needs development and peace. 21 states in the country are now NDA, BJP ruled states.

    # Manik sarkar was a failed government. No development took place in the last 25 years. CPM will find new excuses as this time Voter-verified paper audit trail were being used.     

    # Congress has not got full majority in Meghalaya, why did senior Congress leaders went to Meghalaya?

    # No win is small for us...our workers fought against the violence of left and today their souls will rest in peace.

    # Our golden period is yet to come...we will make our governments in Odisha, West Bengal & Kerala...and we will definitely win Karnataka. These results will boost our confidence for 2019.

    # Amit Shah’s jibe on Rahul Gandhi: "perhaps there are elections in Italy"

  • Mar 03, 04:14 PM (IST)

  • Mar 03, 04:05 PM (IST)

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment on North East Assembly Elections Verdict:

    # People of Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura have spoken!

    # I thank the people of these states for supporting the good governance agenda and ‘Act East Policy’ of BJP & our valued allies. We remain committed to working towards fulfilling the dreams & aspirations of the people.

    # 2018 Tripura election will be remembered as an epoch-making one! What my sisters and brothers of Tripura have done is extraordinary. No words will be enough to thank them for the phenomenal support towards BJP Tripura. We will leave no stone unturned in transforming Tripura.

    # The victory of BJP Tripura is not an ordinary electoral victory. This journey from ‘Shunya’ to ‘Shikhar’ has been made possible due to a solid development agenda and the strength of our organisation. I bow to every BJP Karyakarta for working assiduously on the ground for years.

    # The historic victory in Tripura is as much an ideological one. It is a win for democracy over brute force and intimidation. Today peace and non-violence has prevailed over fear. We will provide Tripura with a good government that the state deserves.

    # I express my gratitude to the people of Meghalaya for supporting BJP. The welfare of Meghalaya is of utmost importance for us. I appreciate the BJP Karyakartas for their continued efforts in the state to serve the people.

    # Thank you Nagaland for supporting BJP and our valued ally. I assure my sisters and brothers of Nagaland that we will continue to work for the progress and prosperity of Nagaland. I applaud the tireless work of the local BJP unit.

    # Time and again, election after election, the people of India are reposing their faith in the positive and development oriented agenda of the NDA. People do not have the time or respect for negative, disruptive and disconnected politics of any kind.

  • Mar 03, 03:09 PM (IST)

    North East Assembly Election 2018: Ram Madhav says BJP board to meet to decide Tripura CM

    The BJP and its ally Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) had surged ahead and established a lead in 39 constituencies, according to Election Commission sources here.

  • Mar 03, 03:08 PM (IST)

    North East Assembly Election 2018: BJP-IPFT combine set to end 25-year Left rule in Tripura

    The Left Front had tasted defeat in 1988 Assembly polls at the hands of the Congress-Tripura Upajati Juba Samity combine. BJP leader Ram Madhav said the party would come to power in Tripura, winning over 40 seats.

  • Mar 03, 03:07 PM (IST)

    North East Assembly Election 2018: Himanta Sarma takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi's political capabilities

    Sarma was in the Congress for nearly two decades and a minister in the then Tarun Gogoi-led Congress governments for nearly 15 years before joining the BJP in 2015.

  • Mar 03, 03:07 PM (IST)

    North East Assembly Election 2018: Tripura CM has 3 places to go, says Himanta Biswa

    Outgoing Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar can take shelter in West Bengal, Kerala, or Bangladesh, says Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

  • Mar 03, 03:06 PM (IST)

    North East Assembly Election 2018: BJP credited Tripura results to PM, people's desire for change

    "The prime minister had addressed four rallies in Tripura. He had worked very hard and continuously monitored our campaigning. The credit must go to him," BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said at a press conference.

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