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Stocks in news: JSPL, Hindalco, Rel Comm, Tata Power, NBCC, BEML

M&M | JSPL | Hindalco | Reliance Communications | Tata Power | GPT Infra | NBCC | Hotel Leela | Yes Bank | Edelweiss Financial | Ashok Leyland | Hinduja Foundries | Ajanta Pharma | Shelter Infra | National Fertilizers | Patel Engineering | Rolta India | Educomp | DB Realty | BEML and Supreme Infra are stocks, which are in the news today.

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Here are stocks that are in news today:

Reliance Communications Q1
-Consolidated net profit up 5.9 percent at Rs 54 crore versus Rs 51 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated total income down 4.7 percent at Rs 5,259 crore versus Rs 5,521 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA down 21.1 percent at Rs 1,458 crore versus Rs 1,848 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA margin at 27.7 percent versus 33.5 percent (YoY)
-Consolidated other income at Rs 102 crore versus Rs 49 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated finance cost up 10.9 percent at Rs 795 crore versus Rs 717 crore (YoY)
-Revenue per minute at 45.2 paise, up 16 percent (YoY)
-Average revenue per user at Rs 148, up 5.7 percent (YoY)
-Total data traffic at 102 billion MB, up 10.4 percent (YoY)
-Total minutes of usage at 100 billion, down 4.8 percent (YoY)
-Revenue from India operations down 2.5 percent at Rs 4,693 crore versus Rs 4,812 crore (YoY)
-Revenue from global operations up 5.3 percent at Rs 1,185 crore versus 1,125 crore (YoY)

-Consolidated net profit up 12 percent at Rs 46.2 crore versus Rs 41.2 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated total income up 16.6 percent at Rs 1,273.3 crore versus Rs 1,091.9 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA up 28.9 percent at Rs 45.9 crore versus Rs 35.6 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA margin at 3.6 percent versus 3.3 percent (YoY)


Prestige Q1
-Net profit up 20.8 percent at Rs 136.7 crore versus Rs 113.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 38.5 percent at Rs 573.6 crore versus Rs 932.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 8.3 percent at Rs 147.2 crore versus Rs 160.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 25.7 percent versus 17.2 percent (YoY)

Unitech Q1
-Consolidated net loss at Rs 44.8 crore versus loss of Rs 279.6 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated total income up 27.9 percent at Rs 487.9 crore versus Rs 381.4 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA at Rs 12.5 crore versus EBITDA loss of Rs 286.4 crore (YoY)

Supreme Infra Q1
-Net loss of Rs 92.8 crore versus profit of Rs 12.5 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 48.5 percent at Rs 224.2 crore versus Rs 435.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 50.5 percent at Rs 37.5 crore versus Rs 75.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 16.7 percent versus 17.4 percent (YoY)

Kothari Products Q1
-Net profit down 13 percent at Rs 16 crore versus Rs 18.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 0.3 percent at Rs 1,152.8 crore versus Rs 1,148 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 31.7 percent at Rs 19 crore versus Rs 27.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 1.6 percent versus 2.4 percent (YoY)
-Other income at Rs 1,022 crore versus Rs 450 crore (YoY)

A2Z Infra Q1
-Net loss at Rs 18.8 crore versus Rs 34.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income at Rs 202.7 crore versus Rs 81.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 10.9 crore versus EBITDA loss of Rs 9.6 crore (YoY)

Sunteck Realty Q1
-Net profit at Rs 60.1 crore versus Rs 7 crore (YoY)
-Total income at Rs 524.5 crore versus Rs 53.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 1,115 crore versus Rs 18.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 21.9 percent versus 34.5 percent (YoY)
-Tax expense at Rs 38.5 crore versus Rs 5.4 crore (YoY)

Sterling Biotech Q1
-Net loss at Rs 87.5 crore versus Rs 85.3 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 17.7 percent at Rs 103.9 crore versus Rs 126.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 44.4 percent at Rs 11.9 crore versus Rs 21.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 11.5 percent versus 16.9 percent (YoY)

Provogue Q1
-Net loss at Rs 48.8 crore versus loss of Rs 10.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 48.7 percent at Rs 64.8 crore versus Rs 126.2 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 34.9 crore versus loss of Rs 1 crore (YoY)

Den Networks Q1
-Net loss at Rs 57.3 crore versus loss of Rs 50.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 21.2 percent at Rs 238.7 crore versus Rs 196.9 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 4.6 crore versus EBITDA loss of Rs 26.4 crore (YoY)
-Other income down 46.6 percent at Rs 10.9 crore versus Rs 20.4 crore (YoY)

-Net loss at Rs 8.1 crore versus profit of Rs 13.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 45.2 percent at Rs 597.2 crore versus Rs 1,090.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 71.1 percent at Rs 11.8 crore versus Rs 40.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 2 percent versus 3.7 percent (YoY)

Hind Dorr-Oliver Q1
-Net loss at Rs 44.3 crore versus loss of Rs 40 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 50.2 percent at Rs 22.9 crore versus Rs 46 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 5.9 crore versus EBITDA loss of Rs 8.9 crore (YoY)

RattanIndia Power Q1
-Net profit at Rs 5 crore versus loss of Rs 244.3 crore (YoY)
-Total income at Rs 640.9 crore versus Rs 226.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 286.2 crore versus Rs 31.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 44.7 percent versus 13.7 percent (YoY)

Ess Dee Aluminium Q1
-Standalone net loss at Rs 58.8 crore versus loss of Rs 13.1 crore (YoY)
-Standalone total income at Rs 0.3 crore versus Rs 163.4 crore (YoY)

Opto Circuits Q1
-Net profit at Rs 0.3 crore versus loss of Rs 8 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 45.1 percent at Rs 14.1 crore versus Rs 25.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 36 percent at Rs 4.8 crore versus Rs 7.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 34 percent versus 29.2 percent (YoY)

Anant Raj Q1
-Net profit down 8.2 percent at Rs 12.3 crore versus Rs 13.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 1.8 percent at Rs 73.6 crore versus Rs 72.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 17.7 percent at Rs 27.2 crore versus Rs 23.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 37 percent versus 32 percent (YoY)

Alliance Integrated Metaliks Q1
-Net loss at Rs 13.4 crore versus loss of Rs 10 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 35.9 percent at Rs 30.5 crore versus Rs 47.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 4 percent at Rs 2.6 crore versus Rs 2.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 8.5 percent versus 5.3 percent (YoY)

-Net loss at Rs 151.9 crore versus loss of Rs 189.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 27.8 percent at Rs 448 crore versus Rs 620.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA at Rs 26.7 crore versus EBITDA loss of Rs 19.3 crore (YoY)

Adhunik Metaliks Q1
-Net loss at Rs 103 crore versus loss of Rs 94.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income at Rs 208.9 crore versus Rs 2.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 20.4 crore versus loss of Rs 61.2 crore (YoY)
-Exceptional loss at Rs 32 crore

Country Club Q1
-Net loss at Rs 3.5 crore versus loss of Rs 6.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 0.8 percent at Rs 63.2 crore versus Rs 62.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 4.2 percent at Rs 12.3 crore versus Rs 11.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 19.5 percent versus 18.8 percent (YoY)

OCL Iron Q1
-Net loss at Rs 55.4 crore versus loss of Rs 43.6 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 0.7 percent at Rs 99.2 crore versus Rs 98.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 17.6 crore versus EBITDA profit of Rs 11 crore (YoY)

-Net loss at Rs 107.1 crore versus loss of Rs 68.1 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 50 percent at Rs 295.3 crore versus Rs 590.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss of Rs 87.7 crore versus loss of Rs 50.3 crore (YoY)

DB Realty Q1
-Net loss at Rs 8.8 crore versus profit of Rs 9.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 90.4 percent at Rs 5.1 crore versus Rs 53.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 3.8 crore versus EBITDA profit of Rs 14.8 crore (YoY)

Ashiana Housing Q1
-Consolidated net loss at Rs 3.7 crore versus profit of Rs 9.1 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated total income down 13.8 percent at Rs 18.7 crore versus Rs 21.7 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA loss at Rs 2.1 crore versus EBITDA profit of Rs 9.3 crore (YoY)

Educomp Q1
-Net loss at Rs 50.6 crore versus Rs 40.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 5 percent at Rs 52.1 crore versus Rs 49.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 14.6 crore versus loss of Rs 20.2 crore (YoY)

Rolta Q1
-Net profit down 29.4 percent at Rs 23.1 crore versus Rs 32.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 18.6 percent at Rs 800.4 crore versus Rs 983.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 28 percent at Rs 217.9 crore versus Rs 302.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 27.2 percent versus 30.8 percent (YoY)

Jindal Drilling Q1
-Net profit down 3.1 percent at Rs 9.5 crore versus Rs 9.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 11.3 percent at Rs 92.7 crore versus Rs 83.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 13.2 percent at Rs 9.2 crore versus Rs 10.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 9.9 percent versus 12.7 percent (YoY)

Patel Engineering Q1
-Net loss at Rs 20.5 crore versus profit of Rs 6.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 13.3 percent at Rs 594.3 crore versus Rs 714.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 13.3 percent at Rs 88.4 crore versus Rs 102 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 14.9 percent versus 14.3 percent (YoY)

-Net loss at Rs 7 crore versus loss of Rs 30.6 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 36.7 percent at Rs 2,782 crore versus Rs 2,035.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 26.3 crore versus loss of Rs 43.5 crore (YoY)

Gujarat NRE Coke Q1
-Net loss at Rs 108.8 crore versus loss of Rs 60.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 70.6 percent at Rs 72.7 crore versus Rs 247.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 3.8 crore versus loss of Rs 66.6 crore (YoY)

BS Limited Q1
-Net loss at Rs 6.4 crore versus profit of Rs 18.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 32 percent at Rs 394.2 crore versus Rs 579.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 36.2 percent at Rs 51.4 crore versus Rs 80.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 13 percent versus 13.9 percent (YoY)

Welspun Enterprises Q1
-Net profit down 25.5 percent at Rs 5.9 crore versus Rs 7.9 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 49.2 percent at Rs 31.1 crore versus Rs 20.9 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 8.4 crore versus loss of Rs 4.5 crore (YoY)

Reliance Communications announces merger with Aircel
-Wireless business of Reliance Communications to be combined with Aircel
Reliance Communications says
-Company & Maxis Communications Berhad (MCB) announce largest consolidation in telecom
-Wireless business of company to be combined with Aircel
-Company & MCB to hold 50 percent each in 'Mergedco'
-Transaction will reduce company debt by Rs 20,000 crore (over 40 percent of total debt)
-Transaction will create second-largest spectrum portfolio among all operators
-Validity of spectrum of combined entity will be till 2033-2035
-'Mergedco' to rank among top 4 operators on customer base & revenue
-'Mergedco' to rank among top 3 operators by revenue in 12 important circles
-Net present value of capital expenditure & operational expenses synergies estimated at Rs 20,000 crore
-Post merger, company & MCB committed to infusing additionally equity in 'Mergedco'
-'Mergedco' users will have nationwide access to 4G LTE on sub-1 GHz band
-Board to have equal representation from Reliance Communications & MCB; shareholding of 50 percent each
-Management to be handled jointly by both partners, to be collaborative approach
-In talks with international investors for addition equity funding in 'Mergedco'

Tata Power
-Unit acquires Welspun Renewables Energy Private Ltd
-Unit's renewable asset portfolio grows to around 2,300 MW
-With acquisition, company's generation capacity crosses 10,000 MW

Tata Sons Spokesperson
-Tata in compliance with RBI rules on DoCoMo case
-Not aware of any reference to the enforcement directorate in case
-Pact between company & DoCoMo is governed by the laws of India

Shelter Infra
-Company & other parties incorporate new LLP entity named Sandhija Infra
-New LLP to develop property on land owned by other parties

National Fertilizers
-New bentonite sulphur plant to have a capacity of 25,000 mt/year
-New bentonite sulphur plant to commence production in 14 months

Ajanta Pharma
-Announces consolidation of promoter shareholding
-Promoter shareholding to be consolidated amongst 7 family members & 1 entity

Bayer to acquire Monsanto for USD 128 per share
-Bayer acquisition of Monsanto will trigger open offer by Monsanto India later

Other stocks and sectors that are in news today:
-Oasis Tradelink listing of bonus shares
-Crest Ventures ex-date for rights issue
-Jindal Saw - CARE downgrades long term rating from AA- to A+ and reaffirms short term rating of A1+
-Nahar Industrial - ICRA upgrades long term rating from A- to A and short term rating from A2+ to A1
-SBI completed issue of USD 300 million bonds through Dubai International Financial Centre Branch
-GPT Infra bags order worth Rs 99.4 crore from Northern Railway
-Capital First board approves issue of non-convertible debentures (NCDs) worth Rs 75 crore with green shoe option of Rs 150 crore
-Power Grid board meeting on September 19 to consider issue of NCDs
-Shriram Transport Finance board approved and allotted NCDs worth Rs 70 crore
-Hindustan Foods board meeting on September 19 to consider issue of preference shares
-Hotel Leela in focus- PE Funds, Soverign funds in talks to buy Delhi, Chennai properties of Leela ventures
-SEBI sniffs discrepancies in Yes Bank’s botched up QIP
-Edelweiss in talks to sell its agri business
-IOC plans to invest Rs 1.8 lakh crore over 6 years
-Ashok Leyland board has approved the amalgamation of Hinduja Foundries
-M&M halts production of its mini car
-Hindalco to sell Brazil plant, bauxite mines to pare debt
-7 telecom companies submit applications in spectrum auction
-JSPL ramped up output at Australia mine
-Majestic Research in focus: Enterprise Migration Monitor launched by Pantomath-MRSS India
-Caplin Point shareholders approve sub-division of equity shares

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