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Noida Twin Tower Demolition | A lesson in demolition vocabulary on D-Day

As we get ready to see the demolition live, let's get familiar with some terms relevant to the demolition process

August 28, 2022 / 10:54 AM IST

The Supertech twin towers in Noida will be demolished later this afternoon. This will be the tallest ever demolition in this country with two 100-metre-high towers set to be razed down by explosives. The expected time to bring down the structures will be 9 seconds. As we get ready to see the demolition live, let's get familiar with some terms relevant to the demolition process.

Catch the demolition live here

Geotextile Fibre/Covers: These are synthetic fabrics thicker and stronger than normal day-to-day fabric. These are made from synthetic polymers that enable it to work as a separator. In this case, the geotextile fibre has been used to cover adjoining buildings and in wrapping of the twin towers.

Waterfall Implosion Method: The method used to bring down tall towers safely to not harm nearby structures. In the waterfall implosion method, the building being demolished falls like water - straight from top to bottom. The blast is planned in such a manner that the tower collapses inwards, rather than outwards. That's why it is called implosion, and not explosion.

Steel Containers: You must have seen videos and photos of ports where large containers can be seen for transporting goods. Similar containers will be placed around the towers to prevent debris from spreading after the blast.


Ground Zero: The place where any activity or incident takes place. In this case, the ground zero is twin towers and area within a radius of 250 metres.

Exclusion Zone: A specific area where entry is permissible only for a select few. Common public is not allowed in such a zone. Since the twin towers are being demolished using explosives, an exclusion zone of 450 metres is fixed in front of the twin towers overseeing a road and a city park while it's 250 metres on the other three sides of the towers.

Dust Cloud: Two 100-metre-tall towers will come crashing down within nine seconds through multiple explosions. Every top floor will collapse on its bottom floor and a whopping amount of dust will blow up in the air. This will create a cloud like situation, thus it is called dust cloud. However, the air is likely to become clearer in 10 to 15 minutes after demolition.​
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