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Women's day: Dear lady, be aware of your legal inheritance rights

A Hindu woman is the sole owner of her property. She has exclusive rights over the assets, whether such assets are earned, inherited or gifted

February 28, 2022 / 09:31 AM IST

Purvi Asher & Nitika Bagaria

The role and rights of women across the globe have been dynamic. Given the rapid development of society, the legal rights of women in India have evolved over the years. With various enactments, amendments and implementation of more gender-neutral laws, the judiciary has taken a step in the right direction, resulting in a more equitable environment for women. Below is a lowdown of different rights of women which are guaranteed under the respective personal laws that apply to them.

Property of an individual can be self-acquired, i.e., purchased by themselves; or inherited from their parents, by succession. Inheritance is governed by various personal laws applicable to an individual. In presence of the Will, normally the dictums of the Will are followed. However, where there is no Will left, let’s understand what law is applicable, and what women are entitled to.

Rights of Hindu Women: