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Mother’s Day 2022: Financial lessons to learn from your mother

In many ways, mothers lay the foundation for the way we manage our finances as adults. And those lessons are priceless

May 08, 2022 / 07:59 AM IST
(Illustration by Suneesh K.)

(Illustration by Suneesh K.)

Mothers are the most important women in your lives and you shouldn’t be surprised if they’ve influenced your financial habits at large. Most of you may remember your mothers as hardworking women. You may have watched and learned valuable life lessons from them. Working mothers, especially, might have made it a point to teach you important things needed to survive in this world.

This Mother’s Day, these financial lessons might stay with you through thick and thin. Here are some of them:

Always be financially independent. It is a source of confidence

Mothers want their children to be independent once they are teenagers. By offering incentives for doing chores around the house, moms teach their children that it is important to work hard and get paid for it always. And they encourage us to save that money in a piggy bank to spend later during bigger occasions like birthdays or festivals.