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GuruSpeak | Hitesh Eidnani's journey from a globe-trotting investment banker to a full-time trader

A trend-following trader who believes the return potential of directional trading is more than non-directional

September 06, 2022 / 05:36 PM IST
GuruSpeak | Hitesh Eidnani's journey from a globe-trotting investment banker to a full-time trader

The market is a great leveller — you will find successful traders from Ivy League colleges as well as school dropouts. Trading strategies can be either simple or most complex, depending on the comfort zone of the trader. What matters most in trading is not the knowledge of the markets but the ability to deal with uncertainty. Hitesh Eidnani, an engineer and an IIM Calcutta graduate, is a trend-following trader. Trend-following may look simple to trade but requires nerves of...

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