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India could play a key role in shaping our metaverse efforts: Meta's Vishal Shah

Mark Zuckerberg has been one of the biggest proponents of the metaverse, so much so that the social media firm changed its corporate name to Meta and plans to spend at least $10 billion in building this platform.

December 13, 2021 / 11:36 PM IST
Digital commerce will be a key starting point for Meta from a business model perspective, says Vishal Shah.

Digital commerce will be a key starting point for Meta from a business model perspective, says Vishal Shah.

India, which has been a vital testing ground for several of Meta's (formerly Facebook) products and features, could play a similar role in shaping its efforts in building the metaverse, said Vishal Shah, the firm's head of Metaverse products.

"India has been a key early adopter market for us for years now, whether it is in Spark AR, products like Reels, or even the small business ecosystem and what we're seeing from an entrepreneurial perspective ... which is why we invested heavily in terms of bringing new things to market because we saw so much early adoption and excitement around some of the creative tools that we were building," said Shah, who previously served as the product head of Instagram until August 2021.

"I consider the entire metaverse ecosystem kind of rooted in the creator ecosystem and India is also a key market for that. So as we launch new things, you could expect to make them available, especially as they cut across devices and help people access them from more than just a VR headset," he said.

Metaverse has emerged as one of the tech sector's new favourite buzzwords, with several companies detailing their plans for what's being billed as the next big computing platform. Broadly, Metaverse is a virtual world where you will be able to interact with your friends and colleagues through digital avatars either through a headset or other similar devices.