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SIS: Post COVID recovery and shift to organised players, strong tailwinds for investors

The newly passed labour reform bills is among the biggest legislative reforms for labour-intensive services like SIS

May 05, 2021 / 11:08 PM IST
SIS: Post COVID recovery and shift to organised players, strong tailwinds for investors

SIS Ltd’s (CMP: 366; Market Capitalisation: Rs 5,418 crore) March 2021 quarter results were below Street expectations. While the India business underperformed, international business held up well. However, some of the margin gains in the international business might be transitory. The cash logistics segment witnessed a turnaround on the back of increase in billing rate, diversified non-ATM business and a steep increase in cash in circulation, along with higher operating leverage. The buyback of Rs 100 crore will begin from May...

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