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Baby born under earthquake rubble in Syria rescued by locals. Her parents didn't survive

Syria earthquake: The parents of the baby both died in the catastrophic earthquake that also hit Turkey on Monday.

February 07, 2023 / 05:13 PM IST
People search through the wreckage of a collapsed building in  Syria on Monday.

People search through the wreckage of a collapsed building in Syria on Monday.

A harrowing video shows a baby born under the rubble in a Syrian town, devastated by the earthquake, being rescued by locals. Her parents didn’t survive the catastrophe.

The girl has not yet been given a name. The nine-second footage shows a man running towards help with the newborn in his arms – the little girl barely moving. The family of the baby, displaced from Deir Ezzor, were in the town on Jenderes in Afrin when the strong earthquake hit.

"This girl, who hasn't have a name yet, was born today under the wreckage during the earthquake in Afrin in Syria, both her parents died, she made it alive. Born an orphan," a Syrian journalist tweeted with the clip.

Three earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria on February 6 killing over 5,000 and leaving thousands injured and trapped under the rubble. The first and the most powerful was of 7.8 magnitude. A 7.5 magnitude quake struck a bit later while another 6.0 earthquake hit the middle-eastern countries hours later.

The search for survivors trapped under the rubble of over 5,600 buildings is still on. Most people were asleep when the first earthquake hit. Rescuers are braving cold weather, collapsing buildings and aftershocks to find anyone they can from under the rubble.

There are fears that the death toll will rise inexorably, with World Health Organization officials estimating up to 20,000 may have died.

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