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Squid Game has lessons for investors

The parallel between the Squid Game and investment is obvious — the circle is cash (low risk for maximum safety), the triangle represents bonds (low to middling risk), the star is equities (riskier than bonds) and the umbrella strands for alternative investments such as property, commodities and private equity.

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Squid Game has lessons for investors

Unlike Squid Game, investing is not generally a lose-everything scenario — although it can be if you put all your eggs in one basket: it was devastating for those who did so with Woodford. (Representative image: Reuters)

Moira O'Neill If there’s ever been a warning about taking extreme risks, Netflix’s biggest hit Squid Game is it: 456 debt-ridden adults risking their lives playing children’s games for a huge cash prize. But I’m hoping that among the bloodshed and high drama, some of the 111 million viewers clocked the reference to investment. In episode 3, faced with the choice of four shapes — circle, triangle, star and umbrella, banker Cho Sang-Woo (who stole money from his clients and lost it...

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