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Banking on real money in the virtual world

As far as Indian banks go, there is nothing one can actually do in the metaverse other than potter around or get some basic information, which can be got in a quicker and easier to access fashion from a bank’s website

September 23, 2022 / 11:34 AM IST
Banking on real money in the virtual world

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This week, I took my first trip into the metaverse. Not to play a game, or buy an NFT or attend a virtual concert — but to visit a bank, the centenarian Union Bank of India, to be precise. In July, UBI had become the first Indian bank to step into the metaverse with its virtual lounge, Uni-verse. As experiences go, it wasn’t bad. Instead of my podgy, pot-bellied self, I got to choose a trim, jeans-clad avatar. One enters...

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