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Weekly Tactical Pick – Why this insurer can turn out to be a star performer

Star Health’s premium valuation is justified given its favourable product mix, large distribution channel, healthy solvency profile, and improving profitability

April 21, 2023 / 09:48 AM IST
Weekly Tactical Pick – Why this insurer can turn out to be a star performer


The demand for health insurance has risen post the pandemic due to enhanced awareness, creating an opportunity for health insurers. Going forward, the low penetration of health insurance, high out-of-pocket expenses, and consistently higher healthcare inflation are some of the structural factors that will drive the demand for healthcare insurance. Among all the non-life insurers, Star Health and Allied Insurance (CMP: 595, Mcap: Rs 34,624 crore) is one of the best plays on the long-term health insurance growth story as...

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