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Mas Financial – a bad time providing good opportunity for long-term investors

With valuation at a discount to its listing valuation, this weak phase of Mas Financial is an opportunity for long-term investors

February 22, 2021 / 10:11 AM IST
Mas Financial – a bad time providing good opportunity for long-term investors

Highlights - Significant underperformance in the past three months - Weak result on subdued disbursement, decline in AUM and supressed margin - Asset quality a tad weak, Covid provision adequate - Collection efficiency back to pre-Covid levels - Adequately capitalised, a great steady idea for long-term to add amid weakness Mas Financial (CMP: Rs 844, Market Cap: Rs 4,614 crore) has been our favourite long-term portfolio stock and we have never failed to highlight any temporary mispricing that results in a great opportunity for long-term...

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