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Infosys – Will its valuation discount to TCS widen, post Q4 FY21?

Should there be a correction in the stock of Infosys, it deserves to be added as a value pick.

April 15, 2021 / 08:27 PM IST
Infosys – Will its valuation discount to TCS widen, post Q4 FY21?

The Q4FY21 performance of Infosys (CMP: Rs 1397, Market Cap: Rs 5,955,278 crore) was just decent unlike the very impressive show posted by its larger peer TCS. Revenue growth was subdued, even seen in the context of seasonal weakness. Pricing pressure was apparent, deal win although strong was devoid of spark in the absence of any mega deal and the sharp increase in attrition points to supply side issues that could be a niggling worry in the days to...

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