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GuruSpeak | Puneet Tewani, an algo trader who deploys 20 intra-day strategies

The former bureaucrat who studied engineering and business administration uses his multi-tasking skills to devise a number of derivative trading strategies

May 31, 2021 / 12:29 PM IST
GuruSpeak | Puneet Tewani, an algo trader who deploys 20 intra-day strategies

Intra-day trading is exhausting but can still be a satisfying profession provided you are making money. Even though intra-day traders are gradually moving towards algorithmic trading, it still requires close observation. Most traders are happy using one or two strategies as staring at the screen and checking if the trades are taken in line with the strategy can be taxing. But Puneet Tewani has a different approach and since 2019 trades 20 strategies, mostly intraday, and all are algo-based. Alongside,...

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