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Tata Communications Ltd.

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Company History - Tata Communications
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam was Incorporated on 19th March with the object
 of assuming responsibilities for providing international
 telecommunication services, which were being provided by the
 erstwhile OCS, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of
 - The main business of the Company is to provide basic international
 switched telecommunication services - comprising telephone, telex and
 telegraph services.
 - VSNL is now concentrating on two telecom - related services.  One
 is a vital service for aeronautical, maritime, and onshore and
 offshore mobile communications in the Indian ocean, the other is the
 growing software export business.
 - The Company provides telex services to 237 territories worldwide
 and handles on an average more than 15,000 international telex calls
 each day.  The Company handles on an average approximately 600
 telegrams daily.
 - The Company offers Intelsat Business Service - a dedicated
 satellite-based service that provides high speed, high quality data
 circuits on a point-to-point basis through earth stations
 strategically located near the customer's premises.
 - The Company has entered the era of mobile communications by
 commissioning its own Land Earth Station (LES) at Arvi near Pune. 
 - The Company won the prestigious IMM Award (Institute of Marketing
 and management) for the best marketing Company of the year 1992
 amongst both public and Private Sectors.
 - The Company introduced Inmarsat-C service, which permits
 transmission of messages via small portable terminals.
 - The Company introduced a video conferencing service (both domestic
 and international) through studios located at the Company's
 international gateways at Mumbai, New Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai. 
 The Company also provides international relay of television programs
 and  news services via satellite on a contractual basis.
 - The company has been recognised as one of the best run companies in
 the country, rated `EXCELLENT' for the sixth successive year 1998-99,
 among Memorandum of understanding [MoU] signing PSEs. 
 - The Company launched the Concert Packet Service (CPS) for Indian
 customers on 7 June, in co-operation with British Telecom, UK. 
 - In November, the Company introduced Inmarsat-B services for voice
 and data transmissions and Inmarsat-M services for voice
 transmissions, both in digital format.
 - The Company commenced providing Internet access services in August,
 and is the largest commercial provider of access to the Internet in
 Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore and Pune and also a
 dominant commercial provider of access to the Internet in India, with
 DoT providing access where the Company is unable to do so. 
 - The Company is one of the founding investors in ICO Global
 Communications (Holdings) Limited which was formed by a consortium of
 international telecommunications companies, governments and satellite
 and telephone equipment manufacturers to establish and operate a
 satellite-based mobile telecommunication system.
 - Internet Access Services were introduced by the Company in India on
 15th August.
 - The Company is setting up two Standard `A' Intelsat earth stations,
 one at Halisahar (Calcutta) and second at Korattur (Chennai).  
 - The Company has introduced two innovative Incentive Schemes for
 increased usage of Hindi with cash incentives to staff at all levels
 viz. incentive scheme for passing different Hind examinations and
 incentive scheme for doing original work in Hindi.
 - VSNL have accorded approval to set up a subsidiary company to
 provide value added services in India, with a share capital of upto
 Rs 80 crores.
 - The Company is the exclusive provider of public international
 telecommunication services in India, linking the domestic Indian
 telecommunications network to 236 territories worldwide.
 - The Company has entered into a Construction and Maintenance
 Agreement with other international telecommunication carriers for the
 construction of SEA-ME-WE-3, a high capacity undersea optical fibre
 cable extending from Germany to Japan and Australia that will land in
 total of 33 countries.
 - The Company has recently announced the introduction of `Universal
 Connect' services jointly with TMI (Tele Media International) a
 wholly-owned subsidiary of Telecommunications Italia.
 - The Company has signed a Construction and Maintenance Agreement for
 the Fibre Optic Link Around the Globe (FLAG).
 - The Company introduced managed data network services in January and
 now offers such services through the global alliance networks of six
 global partners-BT, Cable & Wireless, EQUANT, Global One, IBM Global
 Services and Tele Media International.
 - In February, the Company and DoT agreed to the current revenue
 sharing arrangement, which took effect on 1st April, and will remain
 effective until 31st March 2002.
 - The Company has made an offering of 30000000 Global Depository
 Receipts (GDRs) representing 15000000 No. of Equity Shares at an
 offer price of US $13.93 per GDR in March/April.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd, the country's only Internet service
 provider, has suspended new dial-up connections.
 - Subhash Chandra promoted Afro-Asian Satellite Communications (ASC)
 and Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) will be jointly setting up a
 dedicated primary gateway in Mumbai following the implementation of
 the former's $900 million Agrani project.
 - VSNL will also set up its own facilities for a Direct-to-Home (DTH)
 television service platform for Indian satellite television channels.
 - The company has also entered into a construction and maintenance
 agreement with other international telecom carriers for the
 construction of SEA-ME-WE-3, a high capacity undersea optical fibre
 cable extending from Germany to Japan and Australia that will land in
 a  total of 33 countries.
 - VSNL also gearing up to introduce Globally Managed Data Services in
 technical cooperation with telecom major Cable & Wireless of the UK. 
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) launched the Inmarsat-Phone
 services, also called the Mini-M service, in Chennai.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) will be setting up international
 gateways in Ernakulam, Jalandhar and Ahmedabad by the year-end, and
 two more next year, in Hyderabad and Kanpur. 
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) is inviting fresh proposals from
 AT&T Unisource, BT-MCI and Sprint International for its proposed
 joint venture for setting up a regional hub in the country.
 - A memorandum of understanding was signed here recently between
 Electronic Corporation of Goa (ECG) and Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd
 (VSNL) for setting up an earth station at the Verna software
 Technology Park, South Goa, besides providing allied services in
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has emerged as the second largest
 investor in ICO Global Communications (ICOGC).
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) has joined several other Asian
 telecom companies in legally challenging the right of US telecom
 regulator, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to
 unilaterally determine the rates for telecom access to the United
 - Globalstar India Satellite Service (P) Ltd. (GISS) and Videsh
 Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL) have signed a memorandum of understanding
 for putting up three gateways for GISS in India.
 - VSNL and ICO Global Communications signed a final agreement for
 establishing an ICO Satellite Access Node (SAN) at Chattarpur, New
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL, India's international telecom carrier)
 has obtained a AAA rating from Credit Rating & Information Services
 of India (Crisil) for a Rs.100 crore bond issue.  This is the first
 time the VSNL has gone in for a credit rating.
 - The company signed a five year revenue sharing agreement with the
 DoT assuring VSNL and stead per minute revenue from international
 basic telephony traffic despite fall in accounting rate and
 restructuring the License fee arrangement.
 - VSNL is set to join World source Services, which provides latest
 telecommunication facilities and get membership of World Partners
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL), the country's international
 telecom monopoly, has decided to amend its memorandum of association
 to include domestic long distance telephony as part of its service
 - VSNL has qualified for being rated Excellent amongst MOU-signing
 Public Sector Undertakings with GoI for the year based on
 achievements against targets set out in the MoU for that year.
 - In July, the Company signed an MOU for access to capacity in
 Project Oxygen, a high speed fiber optic cable network.
 - In September, the Company signed an MOU for participation in the
 South Africa and Far-East (SAFE) undersea optical fibre system. 
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) has signed a Memorandum of
 Understanding (MOU) with Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development
 Corporation Limited (Optel) on 24th April, at Bhopal to set up a
 Statelite Earth Station at Indore.
 - VSNL and Microsoft have together set up a Microsoft download server
 in India (  The server, the first
 of such mirror sites in India, mirrors Microsoft's software download
 - The telecom major Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) and IBM
 Global Services India have expanded the network services portfolio in
 India by introducing `IBM managed data network services (MDNS)' for
 remote access (IP dial) on IBM global network infrastructure.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL), the country's international
 telecom carrier, is set to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU)
 for a $15 billion (Rs.63,000 crore) submarine optical fibre telecom
 cable project.
 - The Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) on 16.07.98 launched sim
 cards for Inmarsat mini-M global mobile phone users.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd is set to tie up with home grown
 television channels like Sun TV, Enadu TV, Asianet, New Delhi
 Television TVI and Udaya for providing satellite uplinking.
 - The telecom commission is considering a plant to merge Videsh
 Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL India International telecom carrier) into
 India Telecom, the proposed corporatised version of the department of
 telecom (DoT).
 - Public sector Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) has launched
 India's most advanced earth station at, International Technology Park
 (ITPL), Bangalore to serve software companies operating from there. 
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited has awarded a contract to Siemens
 Public Communication Networks Limited for setting up a nationwide
 state-of-the-art data network, using digital cross-connect. 
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) introduced a new Internet dial-up
 service through high speed ISDN (integrated services digital network)
 lines in Bangalore.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has introduced a flexihour accounts
 scheme for Internet users, allowing its customers to upgrade form one
 slab to another.
  - The Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL) has conducted a Vision 2004
 - The Company provides Home Country Direct services, which permit a
 caller to speak to an operator in his home country directly and place
 a collect or charge call.
 - The Company provides an international E-mail service - GEMS 400,
 swhich permits subscribers to send E-mail both to other subscribers
 within India and to 242 public E-mail systems in 75 countries.
 - As on 31st March, the Company had switching capacity of 34200
 international telephone, 2386 telex and 128 telegraph terminations. 
 - The capacity of International Voice Circuits has increased from 966
 to 17922 as on 31st March.
 - The Company has introduced several international specialised and
 value added services in recent years and seeks to increase the
 portion of its revenues derived from such value-added services.
 - The Company seeks to enter into joint ventures with foreign
 companies to develop telecommunication projects to permit the Company
 to utilise its existing expertise and gain additional experience with
 potential strategic partners.
 - The Company and DoT entered into a licence agreement on 25th
 January, under which the Company was granted a licence to provide
 Internet access service in six cities on a non-exclusive basis. 
 - International telecommunications provider Videsh Sanchar Nigam
 Limited (VSNL) will enter the national long distance telephony
 segment when it is opened up for competition in 2000.
 - VSNL, which is the second largest shareholder in ICO Global, a
 consortium of telecom operators, entered into a pre-launch agreement
 with ICO Global on Monday to pave the way for the setting up of a
 joint venture company.
 - VIDESH Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) and ICO Global Communications, the
 global mobile satellite communications company, signed the pre-launch
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has launched an Internet Central Control
 Facility (ICCF) and a new Web Site.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has emerged as the top exporter for
 the year 1997-98, while Indian Oil Corporation, occupies the second
 spot, according to the annual Global magazine's survey of top
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL), India's international
 telecommunications provider, has launched a number of Internet
 services, including a global Internet roaming services.
 - PowerGrid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) and Videsh Sanchar Nigam
 Ltd (VSNL) signed a memorandum of understanding on future cooperation
 in the area of telecommunications.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL) has tied up with Indian Overseas
 Bank (IOB) to extend Internet connections to subscribers over the
 counters of IOB in Mumbai.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has set up an internal committee to
 look into its proposed entry into domestic long-distance telephony
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has tied up with ICICI Bank to
 provide the latter's Net-banking clients on-line registration and
 payment facility for taking Net connections.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) and Hughes Escorts Communication
 Ltd signed an agreement that would enable Hughes Escorts
 Communications to use the VSNL's Internet infrastructure.
  - The company has also launched an e-mail service exclusively for
 the media called this is to bring media
 professionals on one virtual platform, to hear their views and help
 the common man to give single point access to the media.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) is planning to set up an Internet
 consultancy division, which will offer technical consultancy to
 start-up Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) and Haryana Electronics Development
 Corporation Ltd (HARTRON) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU)
 to set up a high speed data communication facility with associated
 marketing services for data links, internet access and other value
 added services of VSNL.
 - The proposed VSNL-HARTRON project, is setting up of a high speed
 data communications facility to provide optical fibre and micro-wave
 connectivity between the electronics city and VSNL's international
 gateway based in Delhi.
 - The company has tied up with a Silicon Valley-based software
 company for the technology to manufacture Internet appliances
 including colour televisions (CTVs).
 - In March, the Company plans to install electronic data interchange
 facilities at Chennai, New Delhi and Calcutta and to upgrade and
 augment its existing electronic data interchange facilities at
 - The Company has signed an MoU with for a period of
 three years.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam the State-owned international telecom carrier,
 is planning to use foreign satellites to provide band-width to private
 internet service providers.  It has doubled its bandwidth capacity to
 300 Mbps.
 - A MoU for the year 2000-20001 has been signed between the
 Department of Telecom Services and the Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.
 - The Company is setting up a Standard-B earth station facility at
 Hyderabad, to enable the region to have better international
 telecommunications facilities.
 - The Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Antrix,
 the commercial arm of the Indian Space Reserach Organization for
 acquisition of satellite capacity in the Indian Ocean region.
 - The Company has signed an MoU with ISRO's commercial arm, Antrix
 Corporation, for acquisition of satellite capacity in the region.
 - The Company will convert its global depositary receipts into
 American Depositary Receipts ina one-for-one ratio.
 - The Company commissioned its roof-top Earth Station at P S G
 College of Technology in Coimbatore.
 - The Company will acquire an additional internet bandwidth in the
 current fiscal, bringing its total to 750 megabites from the present
 315 megabites.
 - The Department of Telecommunications has asked Videsh Sanchar Nigam
 Ltd to set up an exclusive website showing requirement and status of
 applications from private players for bandwidth.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd's., `monsoon package' introduced from
 June, for a period of two months has resulted in a spurt in internet
 connections in Calcutta.
 - The Company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Yahoo!
 India to host the latter's servers at its facilities in Mumbai.
 - The Company has recommended a 1:1 bonus to its shareholders and
 proposed increasing the authorised share capital to Rs 250 crore from
 the existing Rs 100 crore.
 - The Company has become the first Indian Public Sector undertaking
 to list on the New York Stock Exchange as it began trading its
 American depository receipts under the ticker symbol VSL.
 - The Company revised the ratio of bonus shares to 2:1 -- two new
 shares for each existing share from the earlier recommended ratio of
 - VSNL and HDFC have jointly launched online renewal facility for
 Internet subscription in Mumbai, New Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Pune
 and Bangalore.
 - VSNL has launched a 65-day Festive Fiesta for its Internet
 customers in the six cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta,
 Bangalore and Pune.
 - VSNL is set to enter the cellular service sector.
 - The Company will raise its bandwidth capacity to nearly one giga
 byte, to improve Internet infrastructure in the country.
 - Crisil has removed from rating watch, the FA rating assigned to the
 fixed deposit programme of SREI International Finance.
 - The Company has commissioned a new and improved stream of 155 mb
 international Internet bandwidth at its New Delhi gateway.
 - VSNL has launched high speed Internet access through Integrated
 Services Digital Network at its customer awareness centre in Videsh
 Sanchar Bhawan, Jalandhar.
 - The Company launched its first IT-node in Coimbatore after the
 grant of all-India license which permits VSNL to expand beyond the
 six cities licensed earlier.
 - SNL offers both basic and specialised value-added telecommunication
 services such as maritime mobile communications, e-mail, electronic
 data exchanges, leased lines, bureau fax tele-conferencing, radio
 photos, etc. It is an international company both in terms of the
 services it provides and its ownership. It has been constantly
 upgrading its infrastructure investing in switching and transmission
 facilities, new earth stations and gateways and mobile satellite
 communication networks. The compnay is also participating in ventures
 that provide quality services for multimedia applications to customers
 with the help of emerging Global Multimedia Satellite Systems.  
 - The Company has commissioned Cisco's high-end gigabit switch
 routers to serve as important internet exchange points in the
 - The Company has issued Bonus Shares at the rate of 2:1.
 - The race for the 25 per cent stake in Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd is
 hotting up with telecom majors France Telecom, Essar and Singapore
 Telecom joining the likely-bidders list along with Reliance and
 Concert - joint venture between AT&T and British Telecom.
 - The Company is all set to launch direct to home service throughout
 the country by the end of this year. 
 - The Company has marked out a capital expenditure of Rs 2,000 crore
 for 2001-02 which will be broadly allocated among it's
 direct-to-homeand domestic longdistance projects as well as
 acquisition of extra bandwidth among other areas.
 - The Company has entered into an agreement with Teleglobe, a
 subsidiary of the Canadian Telecom major BCE, for assured revenues in
 a bid to corner some of the global traffic between Teleglobe and other
 carriers in the Asia-Pacific region.
 - S K Gupta, chairman and managing director of Videsh Sanchar Nigam
 Ltd (VSNL), has been elected as one of the directors on the board of
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam wants to reward its existing shareholders by
 declaring a 1,000 per cent dividend.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has informed that Shri Subodh Bharagava an
 independent part-time-non-official Director has resigned from the post
 of Directorship from the Board of VSNL and ceases to be Director with
 effect from January 17, 2002.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has informed BSE that Shri Ashok
 Wadhwa an independent (part-time non-official) Director has resigned
 from the post of directorship from the Board of VSNL and ceases to be
 Director with effect from January 23, 2002.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has informed that Shri Rakesh Kumar, Sr.Dy
 Director General (ML), DoT has been appointed as Government Director
 on the Board of VSNL.
 - GOI signs share purchase agreement for divestment of stake in VSNL
 with M/s Panatone Finvest Ltd.
 - The Board of Directors of Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd was
 reconstituted as below:
 Shri Ratan Tata Chairman
 Shri S K Gupta Managing Director 
 Shri N Srinath Director (Operations)
 Smt Sadhana Dikshit Director
 Shri Rakesh Kumar Director
 Padmashri N R Narayana Murthy Director.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has informed that Smt Sadhana Dikshit has
 resigned from the post of Director of the Company and ceases to be
 - In Feb. 2002 the company has informed that, the Tata Group has been
 declared the successful bidder in the disinvestment process initiated
 by the Government of India (GOI). Accordingly GOI has entered into
 share purchase agreement with M/s. Panatone Finvest, as investing
 vehicle for the four Tata Group Companies as its principals viz. Tata
 Sons, Tata Power, Tata Iron & Steel Company and Tata Industries for
 transfer of 25% stake in VSNL at Rs 202 per share.
 -Y S Bhave & Subodh Bhargava appointed on the Board of VSNL.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has appointed Mr Suresh Krishna on the
 Board with effect from May 24, 2002 as part-time Independent
 -The Tata group has appointed two of its group executives -- Ishaat
 Hussain, director (finance), Tata Sons, and Kishore A Chaukar,
 managing director, Tata Industries -- as additional directors on the
 board of Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
 -At the Board Meeting the Board also appointed Mr Vivek Singhal and
 Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala as Additional Directors (Independent
 Directors) on the Board of VSNL w e f from the conclusion of 16th AGM
 held on August 20, 2002.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has informed BSE that  the Chairman Mr R N
 Tata informed that Mr S K Gupta the present Managing Director of the
 Company on his superannuation on September 30, 2002 from VSNL will be
 appointed by Tatas as their senior executive for a period of five
 years and will be deputed to VSNL for a period of upto two years as
 its Managing Director.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL) signs an interconnect agreement with
 Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL)
 -Increases dial-up net access tariffs by 5 to 13 pc
 -Re-emerges as the country's largest consumer internet service
 provider (ISP) in terms of subscriber numbers
 -NSE terminates VSNL from Futures &Options list
 -Signs interconnect pact with BSNL &  MTNL
 -Invests Rs 350 cr in Tata Teleservices Ltd.
 -Introduces VRS to its employees
 -Receives in-principle approval from Board of Investment as also the
 Telecom Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka for formation of a company
 in Sri Lanka for undertaking international telecommunication
 -A new company named VSNL Lanka Ltd. incorporated on June 12, 2003
 under Sri Lanka's Companies Act. The company applies for its
 certificate for Commencement of Business under the applicable Sri
 Lankan Regulations
 -Gets six cellular operators across the country crossed over from
 Bharti for routing the international long-distance calls made by
 their subscribers
 -VSNL Lanka gets license to offer ILD services in Sri Lanka
 -Forms a wholly owned subsidiary in USA (VNSL AMerica Inc.) in the
 State of Delaware
 -Acquires the assets and network of an international Internet
 protocol-virtual private network (IP-VPN) solution provider in the
 -Ties up with  AT&T for corporate networking
 -950 employees opt for VRS
 -VSNL Lanka Ltd (VLL) enters into an agreement with the Board of
 Investment, Sri Lanka
 -Emerges as the topper in the list of all-India Internet Service
 Providers (ISP) in terms of number of outstanding connections
 -ADR holders file class action suit over  VSNL on the issue of the
 sharp erosion of their stake value
 -Writes off its Rs 9.2 crore investment in the joint venture TVC
 India Pvt Ltd.
 -LIC holding in the company crosses 5%, settles at 5.09%
 -VSNL ranked 3rd Best ISP provider in Asia and 29th In World by the
 England-based Network Specialist Netconfigs
 -VSNL inks Lease pact with Hong Kong-based Company
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has informed that Mr YS Bhave has resigned
 from the post of Director of VSNL and ceases to be Director wef
 December 8, 2003.
 -VSNL Launches 'Tata Indicom Total Internet' - An Integrated Net
 -VSNL unveils prepaid international calling card
 -BSNL inks pact with VSNL for sharing ILD infrastructure
 -VSNL embarks on due diligence of DishnetDSL
 -VSNL launches call card
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has signed an agreement with DishnetDSL to
 acquire the Internet businesses of the Sterling Infotech group
 company for Rs 270 crore.
 -VSNL floats wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore, VSNL Singapore PTE
 Ltd, to facilitate the landing of cable in that country
 -Core Projects enters into MoU with VSNL
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has entered into a memorandum of
 understanding with a company called Core Projects & Technologies Ltd
 to arrive at a definitive contract document to jointly offer
 customers fleet management services.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) has achieved the distinction of
 being the first telecom service provider globally to achieve the TL
 9000 Quality Management System Certification.
 -The Bharti group  finalised a Rs 500-crore deal to share its
 national long-distance (STD) network with VSNL in a first-of-its-kind
 accord between two top telecom service providers in a bid to optimise
 capacities in the NLD segment.
 - Internet gateway and services provider, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
 (VSNL) has signed a Right to Use (RoU) agreement to deploy mobile
 telephony major, Bharti Tele-Ventures' existing National Long
 Distance (NLD) backbone.
 - VSNL opens Global Offices In US, UK, Hong Kong
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has tied up with Tata Teleservices
 Ltd (TTSL) to launch STD/ISD prepaid calling cards under the brand
 name Hello Duniya.
 -VSNL establishes International headquarters in Singapore
 -Launches its pre-paid broadband initiatives under two plans
 'volume-based' and 'time-based', which would be offered through the
 Tata Indicom brand
 - Joins hands with Speedera Networks for Internet infrastructure
 services for the Indian market.
 -VSNL unveils Tata Indicom Global Calling Card on september 29, 2004
 -VSNL & AMD launches the personal internet communicator on october
 - Delists equity shares of the Company from The Calcutta Stock
 Exchange Association Ltd (CSE).
 -VSNL America joins CompTel / ASCENT
 -VSNL UK launches Wholesale Voice Service in Europe
 -Ratan Tata quits as VSNL chief
 -VSNL introduces 'Software Services on Demand'
 -VSNL completes acquisition of Tyco Global Network a state-of-the-art
 under sea cable network that spans 60,000 kms (37,280 miles) and the
 continents of North America, Europe and Asia
 -VSNL teams up with Bharti to share undersea cables
 -VSNL slahes bandwidth prices to US, Singapore
 -VSNL joins hands for fixed line telephony operator in SA
 -VSNL - SNO receives PSTS license
 -VSNL's Executive Director N Srinath named Telecom Asia's CEO of the
 -VSNL signs agreement to acquire DIL, an Indian ISP
 -VSNL- VSNL International Launches Next Generation Dedicated Global
 Ethernet Service connecting North America, Europe, Asia & 
 -VSNL ties-up with Pizza Corner & Coffee World to offer Wi-Fi at 500
 -VSNL to launch cyber cafes at railway stations
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has announced that leading
 international telecom service providers, Etisalat, Saudi Telecom,
 Telecom Egypt, Telecom Italia Sparkle and the Company have entered
 into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work jointly on the
 construction of a new submarine cable (I-ME-WE) linking India, the
 Middle East and Western Europe.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has appointed Mr. N Srinath as the
 Managing Director of the Company for a period of five years and the
 Chief Executive Officer of the VSNL Group of Companies, with effect
 from February 02, 2007.
 - VSNL joins hand with Teleglobe.
 - VSNL unveils WiMax services in Bangalore.
 - VSNL rolls out managed hosting, storage solution.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd has informed that Mr. S Ramadorai, CEO &
 Managing Director, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd has been appointed
 on the Board of the Company as Additional Director by way of Board
 Resolution dated June 28, 2007.
 - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has informed that Mr. A K
 Srivastava, DDG(AS), DoT, has been appointed as permanent
 (non-retiring) director on the Board of the Company with effect from
 July 31, 2007.
 - VSNL Launches Next Generation Dedicated Global Ethernet Service for
 The Australia Market.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has announced the launch of
 trueroots, an International Calling Service that allows people from
 South Asia residing in the United Kingdom to reliably, securely arid
 economically reach out and connect with their family and friends.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL)Ltd has appointed Mr. A R Gandhi as
 Additional Director with effect from September 10, 2007.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has informed that, Mr. H P Mishra,
 DDG (WPF), DoT, has been appointed as Director on the Board of the
 Company as permanent (non-retiring) director w.e.f. October 22, 2007
 vice Mr. Pankaj Agrawala.
 -Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) was presented with the ATLANTIC-ACM
 Global Wholesale Best-in-Class Data Price award at the 4th annual
 Global Wholesale Carrier Excellence Awards on January 14, 2008.
 -VSNL partners with iPass for international Wi-Fi roaming in India.
 -Members of are hereby informed that the name of Videsh Sanchar Nigam
 Ltd. shall be changed to Tata Communications Limited w.e.f. February
 13, 2008.
 - Tata Communications on Tuesday announced the further expansion of
 its network reach into Africa through an arrangement with Neotel,
 South Africa's first converged communications network operator.
 - Tata Communications Ltd has appointed Mr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala as
 Additional Director liable to retire by rotation.
 -Company name has been changed from Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd to Tata
 Communications Ltd
 - Tata Communications Ltd has launched Application Performance
 Visibility Service; Global Service Helps Customers Ensure Optimal IT
 -Tata Communications launches EASY INTERNET targeted at SMBs
 -Tata Communications Launches secured Secure Franchisee Connect for
 the Businesses in India
 -Tata Communications joins consortium for cable project in Africa
 - Tata Communications, a leading provider of the new world of
 communications, today announced the launch of its IP Exchange (IPX)
 solution, which will enable mobile service providers to seamlessly
 and efficiently route all communication traffic, including voles, IP
 and signaling solutions, via one IP pipe while supporting end-to-end
 QoS, security, multilateral connectivity, and cascading payments.
 - An agreement signed back in June 2008 between Tata Communications
 and Beijing-based China Entercom Communications, for the acquisition
 of 50 per cent equity interest in the latter has been fizzled out.
 - Tata Comm - Extends Video Connect Reach in Americas with Hibernia
 - Tata Communications Adds New Global Head to its Leadership Team
 - Tata Communications and China Entercom Communications Withdraw
 Equity Joint Venture Application
 - Tata Comm - Tata Communications and Google collaborate to bring
 on-the-go business connectivity to enterprises in India
 - An outsourcing contract with Canada based Videotron has been signed
 by the Tata Communcations , which will handle the entire international
 voice traffic through the Tata Firm's network in the later stages.
 - CIIE and IIM-A's start-up incubation programme, iAccelerator
 powered by Tata Communications
 - Essar Telecom Kenya (yuMobile) selects Tata Communications as its
 sole provider of international voice termination.
 - Tata Communi - Leading Analyst Firm Places Tata Communications in
 its Visionary Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers
 - Tata Communications Completes Acquisition of BitGravity
 - Tata Communications Announced Definitive Agreement to Acquire
 - Tata Communications Launched Global Virtual Proxy Service with
 - Tata Communications launched mobile broadband solutions enabled by
 IPX+ framework
 - Tata Communications wins Best Global Wholesale Offering Award at
 Capacity Awards 2011 - three years in a row.
 - Tata Communications Launched 40Gbps enables services on
 TGN-Atlantic subsea Cable System
 - Tata Communications launched cloud service in Singapore
 - Tata Communications bags Best Asian Wholesale Carrier Award
 - Telecom industry leaders join forces to form Global Meeting
 - Tata Communications launched TGN-Gulf cable system connecting
 India, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and onward to the
 - Tata Communications launched global low latency network to
 accelerate high frequency trading
 - Tata Communications announces global technology association with
 - Tata Comm joined hands with Formula 1, establishes global
 technology association
 - Global Low Latency Network launched by Tata Communications
 - Tata Communications brings 100G connectivity to carriers and
 enterprises across the US and Europe using Cienas GeoMesh.
 -Tata Communication launches worlds first cloud-based policy
 management solution for mobile network operators.
 -Tata Communications and PCCW Global bring Voice over IPX and HD
 voice to mobile operators worldwide
 -iStreamPlanet and Tata Communications sign multiscreen live linear
 streaming services agreemen
 Mercedes AMG Petronas links up with Tata Communications
 -Tata Communications sets Tech City against Silicon Valley in
 trans-Atlantic Hackathon
 -Tata Communications launches mobile VoIP platform to bolster
 converged communications capabilities for mobile service providers
 -Tata Communications inaugurates its 44th, state-of-the-art, data
 centre in New Delhi
 -Tata Communications announces the winner of the inaugural
 F1Connectivity Innovation Prize
 -Tata Communications and Google join forces to provide businesses a
 predictable way to Cloud Interconnect over the Internet
 -Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards
 -UC as a Service Product Line Strategy Award
 -Data Communications Service Innovation Award
 -MEF Excellence Awards
 -Tata Communications launches RoamPulse
 -Tata Communications is expanding its recently launched Media
 Ecosystem globally
 -Tata Communications launches Data Roaming Boost to speed up Internet
 access for mobile users globally
 -Tata Communications named an Aon Best Employer India 2016
 -Tata Communications enters into agreement with ST Telemedia
 -Tata Communication launches new storage service portfolio
 -Tata Communications - Mobile network operators can now offer their
 customers Wi-Fi calling, messaging and Internet access - both at
 home and abroad
 -Tata Comm unveils F1 Connectivity Innovation prize winner
 -Tata Communications launches IZO SDWAN
 -Tata Communications partners BSNL for WiFi services.
 - Liquid Telecom completes acquisition of Neotel.
 -ST Telemedia and Tata Communications complete the Singapore data
 centre joint venture transaction.
 -Tata Communications positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic
 Quadrant for Network Services, Global for the fourth consecutive
 -HPE to work with Tata Communications to build worlds largest IoT
 network in India to enhance resource utilization.
 -Tata Communications receives accolades for its Five Awards win at
 the 2017 India Digital Transformation Awards.
 -Tata Communications has expanded its cloud footprint in Europe,
 Middle East and Asia Pacific to capitalise on the nearly USD 80
 billion market in these regions.
 -Tata Communications and Formula 1 complete world's first truly live
 360 video trial at 2017 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand
 Prix. links with Tata Communications to deliver video
 seamlessly to any device across the globe.
 -Tata Communications becomes the first Indian internet service
 provider to join the Internet Watch Foundation..
 -Tata Communications extends emerging markets reach to Brazil .
 -The European Tour joins forces with Tata Communications to usher in
 a new digital era for golf .
 -Cloudera and Tata Communications launch big data platform to tackle
 data deluge.
 -Thai start-up 'DRVR' partners with Tata Communications to
 revolutionise Asia's first smart fleet network.