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Hindalco Industries Ltd.

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Company History - Hindalco Industries
 - The Company was Incorporated on 15th December, at Mumbai to
 manufacture alumina, aluminium and aluminium fabricated items.
 - The Company was formed by the house of Birlas in collaboration with
 the Kaiser Organisation of U.S.A.  According to the Company's
 agreement with Kaiser Aluminium and Chemical Corporation, the
 Collaborators agreed to allot to the Collaborators 4,80,000 fully
 paid-up equity
 shares of Rs 10 each.
 - The Company also concluded Technical Advisers and Consultants
 Agreements with Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services Inc., California,
 who agreed to train the Indian technical personnel, to supply the
 Company necessary technical advice, to assist in operating the plant
 including aluminium fabrication and to provide information for a
 period of 20 years on all technical matters.
 - An agreement was also entered into with Henry J. Kaiser Company for
 such design, engineering procurement and related services with regard
 to the construction of the plant at Rihand as were to be performed
 outside India and with Kaiser Engineers Overseas Corporation for such
 services to be rendered in India.
 - 2,50,000 Pref. & 58,50,000 equity shares issued through a
 prospectus of which 4,80,000 shares allotted without payment in cash
 to Kaiser Aluminium Corporation and 9,61,000 shares against cash. 
 1,20,000 shares to Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services Inc. allotted
 payment in cash 21,33,000 shares to Birla Gwalior Pvt. Ltd. &
 21,56,000 shares to public.
 - Rate of dividend on pref. shares altered.  In 1962, 10,750 No. of
 equity shares & 300 pref. shares forfeited.  Forteiture on 2,250 No.
 of equity shares annulled.
 - The Properzi mill plant was set up for the production of redraw
 rods with a rated capacity of 6,000 tonnes per annum.
 - Forfeiture on 30 pref. and 3,950 No. of equity shares annulled.
 Another 2,250 No. of equity shares forfeited.  Arrears: Rs 4,000.
 - An extrusion press and rolling mill for the production of aluminium
 extrusions and rolled products (sheets, etc.) was installed with rated
 capacity of 2,000 tonnes and 7,000 tonnes respectively, thus bringing
 the total capacity of the fabrication plant to 15,000 tonnes per
 - The annual licensed production capacity of the primary metal of
 60,000 tonnes was achieved.  Several modifications in the plant were
 also implemented which enhanced the Company's production of primary
 metal to 200 tonnes per day by the end of 1968.
 - Another Properzi mill plant was commissioned which expanded the
 fabrication plant capacity from 15,000 tonnes per annum to 37,000
 tonnes per annum.
 - Two more extrusion presses and a few additional facilities in
 rolling mill were erected by the end of the year to get higher
 - 1,00,000 9.3% Pref. shares issued at par in 1968. 3,61,383 Equity
 shares out of 1967 issue allotted in 1968.  Arrears of Rs 4,000.
 - 20,07,973 Bonus Equity shares issued in the proportion 1:4. 
 Arrears of Rs 4,000.
 - By the middle of the year the total installed capacity of the metal
 rose to 95,000 tonnes per annum.
 - The Company revalued its plant and machinery as on 1st January, and
 the surplus of Rs 61,71,60,821 arising out of it was transferred to
 capital reserves.
 - As on 1st January, the Company further revalued the major items of
 land, buildings and plant and machinery.  A surplus of Rs
 83,97,23,344 arising out of this was transferred to capital reserve.
 - 33,46,622 Bonus Equity shares issued in proportion 1:3 in June.
 - The Company issued secured non-convertible debentures for a sum of
 Rs  17.50 crores for augmenting the resources for long-term working
 - 26.69% of the Company's equity capital was held by Kaiser Aluminium
 & Chemical Corporation, U.S.A., along with their nominees (Kaisers)
 aggregating to 35,73,332 equity shares of Rs 10 each as on 31st
 - The highlight of the alumina plant expansion and modernisation was
 the installation of a gas suspension calciner which was reported to
 be the first of its kind in the world.  The design and technology was
 provided by F. L. Smidth & Co. of Denmark.
 - An agreement was finalised with M & F of Switzerland for installing
 the double digestion system to further reduce the steam consumption. 
 - With regard to the reduction plant, the Company received a licence
 to enhance its capacity from 1,20,000 tonnes to 1,50,000 tonnes of
 aluminium per annum.
 - The Company was also engaged in expansion of capacity from 1,20,000
 tonnes to 1,50,000 tonnes of aluminium per annum. 
 - The Company was also engaged in modernising its smelter with a view
 of effect substantial savings in energy consumption.  With regard to
 the fabrication facilities, the Company had in hand a licence to
 expand the capacity from 37,000 tonnes to 55,700 tonnes per annum.
 - The Company holds the entire issued capital of 35,006 equity shares
 of Rs 10 each of its subsidiary, Minerals and Minerals Ltd., Calcutta.
 During the year the two companies named Siddhpeeth Commercial Pvt.
 Ltd., and Dhakshinanchal Commercial Pvt. Ltd., became subsidiaries of
 the Company.  Marigold Holdings & Trading Ltd., and Dhakshinanchal
 Finance Ltd., were also subsidiaries of the Company.
 - The Company issued 40,00,000-15% non-convertible debentures of Rs
 100 each for Rs 40 crores as rights to resident equity and preference
 shareholders and debenture holders.  The proceeds were to be utilised
 for financing the Company's modernisation scheme.
 - As a matter of policy, Kaiser Group decided to divest its holdings
 in various corporations world-wide where they did not hold the
 majority interest.  As part of this disinvestment programme, they
 also decided to disinvest their holdings in the Company.
 - The scheme to install double digestion system in the alumina plant
 was under implementation.  As a part of its energy conservation
 programme, the Company commissioned a microprocessor based controls
 on 20 pots on an experimental basis to control pot voltage, alumina
 feeding, etc.
 - During the year, an application was submitted for permission to
 increase the smelting capacity of Renukoot by a further 1 lakh tonnes
 per annum along with matching alumina production and thermal power
 generating capacity.
 - The Company entered into an agreement with the Pradeshiya
 Industrial & Investment Corporation of U.P. (PICUP) on 2nd January
 for setting up an aluminium foil manufacturing unit in the Assisted
 Sector at Jagdishpur in Sultanpur district of U.P.  The capacity of
 this foil 
 plant was envisaged at 5,000 tonnes per annum and the estimated cost
 of the project was Rs 50 crores.  This project was cleared under the
 MRTP Act in April 1989.
 - During May-June, Kaiser Group disinvested all its equity
 shareholders in the Company.
 - Conform extrusion machine was installed and commissioned.
 - (15 months), the Company issued 14% non-convertible debentures of
 Rs 100 each for Rs 45 crores on a rights basis to the existing
 resident equity shareholders and preference shareholders.  The funds
 thus raised were utilised for the Company's modernisation schemes.
 - The holdings of Kaisers were offered for sale as follows: (i)
 32,71,050 equity shares of Rs 10 each at premium of Rs 40 per share
 to the shareholders of the Company as rights in proportion 1:3
 (fractions to be ignored) and (ii) 3,02,282 equity shares of Rs 10
 each at a premium of Rs 40 per share to the employees of the Company
 on an equitable basis.
 - 44,62,622 Bonus Equity Shares issued in proportion 1:3.  Rate of
 interest on preference shares increased to 15%.
 - The sixty pot line was commissioned, with the addition of 70 pot
 cells, thereby increasing the installed aluminium production capacity
 to 1.35 lakh tonnes per annum.  Installation of a new cold rolling was
 taken up to enhance the capacity of rolled products by 40,000 tonnes
 per annum.
 - The rate of Central Excise Duty on aluminium was also increased by
 the Finance Act.
 - The name of the Company was changed from Hindustan Aluminium
 Corporation Ltd., to Hindalco Industries Ltd.
 - During January-February, the Company issued 53,54,595-12.5% secured
 redeemable partly convertible debentures of Rs 250 each on Rights
 basis in the proportion 3 debentures: 10 equity shares held. 
 Additional 8,03,189 debentures were allotted to retain
 - Another 2,81,820 debentures were issued to the employees (including
 Indian working directors)/workers) of the Company on an equitable
 basis (only 2,23,450 debentures were taken up).  The unsubscribed
 portion of 58,370 debentures was allowed to lapse.
 - As per the terms of the debenture issue, a portion of Rs 110
 (Part-A) of the face value of each debenture was converted
 automatically into one fully paid-up equity shares of Rs 10 each at a
 premium of Rs 100 per share on the expiry of six months from the date
 of allotment.
 - The balance of Rs 140 (Part-B) of the face value of each debenture
 would be redeemed at par in two equal instalments of Rs. 70 each at
 the end of the 7th and 8th year from the date of allotment of
 - 63,81,234 No of Equity Shares allotted in part conversion of 12.5%
 debentures as on 1.10.1990 (prem. Rs. 100).  145,37,930 bonus shares
 issued in prop. 3:5 in October.
 - The Company issued 40,00,000-17.5% redeemable non-convertible
 debentures of Rs 100 each to financial and other institutions on
 private placement basis.
 - Renusagar Power Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company,
 was merged with the Company with effect from the close of business on
 31st March.  The Company was engaged in obtaining certification for
 ISO 9000 and for introduction of TQM.
 - The Company again revalued its assets as on 1st April, and the net
 surplus of Rs 90623.37 lakhs arising out of this was credited to
 revaluation reserve.
 - The erstwhile Renusagar Power Co. Ltd. issued 6,50,000-18%
 non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each to financial institutions
 on private placement basis to augment the long-term resources for
 working capital.  Out of this, 3,00,000 debentures are redeemable at
 5% premium
 in equal annual instalments on 23rd June, 1998, 23rd June, 1999 and
 23rd June, 2000.  The remaining 3,50,000 debentures are redeemable on
 23rd June, 1999.
 - The Company was in the process of implementing the expansion
 project to raise the smelter capacity by 40,000 TPA to 2,10,000 TPA.
 - With a view to meet the demand of over seas markets, the company
 proposed to instal own Ingot Casting machine.  Also, alumina
 production capacity was enhanced to 3,50,000 TPA reducing thereby the
 company's dependence on external sources.
 - It was also proposed to undertake a further expansion of alumina
 production capacity to 4,50,000 TPA with the technology from Remolds
 International Inc. USA and Reytheon Engineering & Construction, USA.
 - The Company undertook to instal 9 high pressure boiler along with
 back pressure turbines for generation of power. 
 - During the year, the company proposed to install two power
 generating units lamp a total capacity of about 150 MW at Renusagar
 power plant. In addition, upgradation of existing extrusion
 facilities, the existing hot and cold mills.
 - It was also proposed to install a vertical ingot casting facility
 and vertical billet casting facility using air ship technology
 required from Wagstaff Engineering Inc. USA.
 - The Company participated in the equity capital of Birla
 International Ltd., incorporated in the Isle of MAU.  This was to
 promote exparte in India.  Indo Gulf Fertilizers & Chemicals
 Corporation Ltd., Bihar Caustic & Chemicals Ltd., Tanfac Industries,
 Mangalore Refinery &
 Petrochemicals Ltd., & Birla Global Finance, Ltd. are all joint
 venture companies.
 - Birla Capital International AMC Ltd., is a joint venture asset
 management company was promoted by Grasim Industries Ltd., Hindalco
 Industries Ltd., Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd. and Birla Global
 Finance Ltd. with the capital group International Inc., a major US
 based investment management organisation.
 - The joint venture manages mutual fund schemes for Birla Mutual
 Fund. Another joint venture, Rajashree Polyfil Ltd. was setting up an
 integrated plant with a capacity of 66,000 TPA of polycondensation and
 37,900 TPA of partially oriented polyester filament yarns project.
 - The Company issued 25,00,000-17% secured non-convertible redeemable
 debentures of Rs 100 each on private placement basis.  Theser are to
 be redeemed in three equal instalements on 11th May of 1999, 2000 and
 2001 at a premium of Rs 5 per debentures.
 - On 22nd July, the Company issued 44,73,000 GDRs of U.S. $16.10 per
 GDR equivalent to Rs 505 per unit (conversion rate of U.S.  $1 = Rs.
 31.37).  Each GDR comprises one equity share of the nominal value of
 Rs 10 together with one-half of a warrant which can be converted into
 equity share on exercise of two half warrant at the price of U.S.
 $16.10 subject to adjustment) during the period from 3rd November,
 1993 to 2nd November, 1995 (both days inclusive).
 - These GDRs were offered to non-U.S. persons in offshore
 transactions in reliance on Regulations under the Securities Act of
 1933, a amended, in the United States to Qualified Institutional
 Buyers (QIBs) in reliance on Rule 144A under the Securities Act. 
 There was a lock-in period of 30 days for the GDRs.
 - 46,03,650 equity share out of 67,09,500 shares were allotted.  The
 net proceeds of this issue, estimated to be about U.S.  $69,331, 500
 (before expenses) were to be utilised to part finance the  Company's
 capital expansion programme.
 - The Company proposed to further expand the smelting capacity to
 2,42,000 tonnes p.a. with an upgradation of all attendant plants.
 - It was also proposed to increase alumina capacity to 4,50,000 TPA
 to match the smelting capacity.  Technology was being secured from
 Reynolds international Inc. USA and United Engineers International
 Inc. USA.  A significant feature of the expansion is the installation
 co-generation system with a high pressure boiler and back pressure
 turbines for power generation.
 - During the year, the Company undertook to increase the power
 generation capacity at Renusagar power plant from 350 MW to 500 MW. 
 - With the strategy of undertaking down stream activity with the
 purpose of acheiving higher realisation, the company undertook to
 instal an aluminium foil plant with an initial capacity of 5000 TPA.
 - During July, the Company issued its second GDR issue of 41,66,666
 receipts at the rate of 24 $ per GDR.  Each GDR was converted into
 one equity share and accordingly 41,66,666 equity shares were to be
 - Installed smelting capacity was increased to 2,10,000 MTPA with the
 completion of 7th Potline.  The hot and cold rolling mills were being
 modernised.  On completion rolled product capacity would be increased
 to 80,000 MTPA.
 - The company of its first international US $36 million.  The warrant
 holders have the option to exercise these warrants by 2nd November
 after April, 32.4% of the warrants exercised till 31st March 1995,
 4,67,900 equity shares allotted on excuse of warrants.
 - 16,37,950 No of Equity shares allotted on conversion of GDRs. 
 6,000 No. of Equity shares forfeited.
 - One of the power generating turbine of 75 MW was commissioned
 during the year, taking the total capacity to 425 MW.
 - It was proposed to acquire additional bauxite mines in M.P. 
 - The upgradation of existing extrusion facilities with technology
 from Reynolds (Europe) Ltd. was undertaken.
 - With a view to improving quality of feed stock for the upgraded
 rolling and extrusion facilities, the company undertook to instal
 vertical ingot casting facility and vertical billet casting
 Both the facilities were to use the Air Slip Technology of Wagstaff
 Engineering Inc., U.S.A.
 - Following a comprehensive technological upgradation of the
 Company's hot and cold rolling mills, the two mills were commissioned
 in March
 - Also, the Company's installed capacity of rolled products was
 increased to 80,000 tpa.  In addition, the vertical ingot casting
 facility, a scalpter, soaking pits and slitting line were
 - The Company received the special export award conferred by the
 Chemical & Allied Products Export Promotion Council of India for its
 outstanding export performance.
 - 24,827,990 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:2.
 - Extrusion Press No. 3 was completed by increasing the overall
 extrusion capacity to 13700 MTPA.  The Foil plant at Silvassa was
 commissioned in February 1998.
 - With a view to capitalising its inherent strength, the Company was
 exploring the feasibility of setting up an integrated Aluminium
 complex in Orissa.
 - A MOU was signed with Orissa Mining Corporation for transfer of two
 bauxite deposits with adequate reserves.  The project was to be named
 `Aditya Aluminium'.
 - During the year the Company has signed a technical collaboration
 agreement with Stahlschmidt & Maiworm Gmbh of Germany for setting up
 an Aluminium Alloy Wheel Plant adjacent to the Foil Plant at
 Silvassa. This project will promote a new application in the domestic
 market besides presenting the export market.
 - Hindalco Industries, a flagship company of Aditya Birla group, on
 March 29 signed a MoU with the Orissa Mining Corporation (OMC) for
 setting up of a mega integrated aluminium complex in the state, at an
 estimated cost of Rs.10,000 crore.
 - The company also plans to set up a captive power plant of 600 mw
 close to the coal deposit at Ib Valley.  The state-owned OMC will
 lease out its bauxite deposits at Kodingamali-Pottangi to Hindalco
 for mining.
 - The mega project includes setting up an alumina refinery of one
 million tonne per year capacity near the Kodingamali-Pottangi bauxite
 deposits in the Koraput district in Orissa.
 - Hindalco Industries, an Aditya Birla group company, commissioned
 its 5,000 tpa aluminium foil unit at Silvassa.
 - Hindalco commissioned the potline, where aluminium is smelted by an
 electrolytic process, on February 18.  State-controlled National
 Aluminium Company (NALCO), currently India's biggest aluminium
 producer, has a smelter capacity of 2,30,000 tonnes per annum.
 - Hindalco on 11th Sept announced that it would acquire a 51 per cent
 stake in B M Khaitan owned India Foils Ltd (IFL).
 - Hindalco Industries Ltd is slated to commission its aluminium alloy
 wheel plant at Silvaasa in Gujarat in September, Mr.  Kumar Mangalam
 Birla, Chairman of the company, said.
 - Hindalco Industries, the flagship company of the Aditya Birla
 group, is the country's largest integrated aluminium company. 
 - Aditya Birla group company Hindalco Industries Ltd (Hindalco) has
 acquired 18,38,900 shares of public sector major National Aluminium
 Company Ltd (Nalco) through one of its investment subsidiaries.
 - The Rs 1,767-crore aluminium major, Hindalco Industries Ltd, is
 setting up a one lakh tonne per annum brownfield (expansion at
 current site) aluminium smelting project at Renukoot at an estimated
 cost of Rs 2,500 crore.
 - The board of directors has approved entering into an agreement with
 Alcan Aluminum Ltd of Canada, for purchase of 3,88,44,324 shares
 constituting 54.6 per cent of the paid-up capital of Indian Aluminum
 Co. Ltd. Rs. 190 per share.
 - Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd. became a subsidiary of the Aditya Birla
 flagship company Hindalco Industries Ltd., which has taken up a 74.6
 per cent equity stake in Indal.
 - Crisil has reaffirmed the highest safety rating for the Rs.
 100-crore non-convertible debenture programme of Hindalco Industries
 and very strong safety for its Rs. 50 crores commercial paper
 - The Company acquired a majority ownership of 54.62% in the company
 from Alcan Aluminium Limited, Canada.  It acquired an additional 20%
 stake pursuant to the open offer under the SEBI Regulations, 1997.
 - The Company of the Aditya Birla Group has made a strategic move to
 implant the legendary `prata' and allied management information
 services systems at all operational locations of Indian Aluminium
 Company Ltd.
 - Hindalco Industries proposes to buy 10 per cent stake in Bihar
 Caustic & Chemicals from Grasim Industries,
 - Hindalco has recently acquired from Alcan Aluminium (Alcan) around
 38.84 million shares of Indian Aluminium Company, (Indal) aggregating
 to 74.6% holding. Indal's strength in Alumina and downstream products
 would ideally dovetail with Hindalco's strong presence in metal. It
 also among the world's lowest cost aluminium producers.
 -Hindalco has embarked on a brownfield expansion in Renukoot. It will
 enhance the smelter capacity by 1,00,000 TPA and the alumina refining
 capacity by 210,000 TPA. A matching increase in the captive power
 generating capacity is also on the anvil. So consequent to its
 completion, aluminium smelting capacity will increase to 3,42,000
 MTPA. Alumina refining capacity will be augmented to reach 6,60,000
 MTPA and power generation capacity will stand raised to 769 MW.  The
 project is being implemented at a cost of Rs. 18 billion and is
 slated for 
 completion in a phased manner, largely by end 2002-03.
 -The company recently entered the Rs 250-crore branded foils market
 under the Hindalco Wrap brand name. With this launch, the company
 wants to address a category in the FMCG sector. Launched in 54 cities
 across the country, Hindalco Wrap is currently available at most
 retail outlets in a unique dispenser pack at Rs 42 for a nine metre
 roll. The company also plans to enter the aluminium-based kitchen
 utility products market in a big way.
 -Hindalco, Indal marketing division integrated
 -Launches its new product 'Aura' aluminium wheels
 -Board of Directors approves buyback of shares
 -Mr Rajendra K. Kasliwal, Chief Financial Officer, named the winner
 of the CFO Asia Pricewaterhouse Coopers Achievements in Best
 Practices Awards for 2002 for managing external stakeholders
 -Receives the FICCI-Socio Economic Development Foundation's
 (FICCI-SEDF) Social Responsiveness Award for the year 2001, for its
 projects on rural development and promoting economic self-reliance in
 over 334 villages
 -Birlas increase stake in the company to 22.8% from 21.4%
 -Acquires 4% stake in National Aluminium Company Ltd. (Nalco)
 -Makes open offer to acquire 25.5% stake in Indal at Rs 120 per
 -Indo Gulf's investments in group firms transferred to Hindalco
 -Hindalco Industries Board approves sale of equity shares in
 Mangalore Refineries to ONGC
 -Hindalco discontinues scheme of buyback
 -Sebi stalls Hindalco's Indal open offer
 -Temporarily shuts down Gurdari mines
 -Commissions 11th potline
 -Acquires Nifty Copper Mine of Australia for Rs 225 crore
 -Copper Business of Indo Gulf Corporation Ltd merged with the company
 with effect from Feb 12, 2003, swap ratio fixed at 1:12 (1 share of
 Hindalco for 12 shares of Indo Gulf Fertilisers held)
 -Gives boiler contract of Rs 87 crore to Alstom Projects India Ltd.
 -Aditya Birla Group divests its Equity Stake in Mangalore Refinery &
 Petrochemicals Ltd.  (MRPL) to Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. 
 -Hindalco Industries Ltd executes scheme of amalgamation involving
 Hindalco Industries Ltd., Indo Gulf Corporation Ltd. & Indo Gulf
 Fertilisers Ltd.
 -Acquires 2.98 pc stake in Indian Rayon & Industries, enhances
 holding to 12.80% percent
 -Picks up 30-pc stake in Bihar Caustic & Chemicals Ltd., increases
 the stake to 50%
 -Hindalco increases its holding in Grasim to 3%  and in Indian Rayon
 to 12.79%
 -Shareholders approve to delist equity shares from three stock
 exchanges (Madras, Calcutta & Delhi Stock Exchanges)
 -Divests its entire stake in Indo Gulf Fertilisers Ltd. (IGFL)
 -Appointed Mr. D Bhattacharya as Managing Director
 -Acquired Mount Gordon copper mine in Australia
 -Hindalco Industries Ltd. has informed that the Delhi Stock Exchange
 Association Limited, New Delhi, has informed the Company that it has
 delisted the Equity shares of the Company from its Stock Exchange
 w.e.f. December 29, 2003 pursuant to the application made by the
 Company to it for voluntary delisting of its Equity shares.
 -Hindalco Industries Ltd. has informed that the Madras Stock Exchange
 Limited has informed the Company that it has delisted the Equity
 shares of the Company from its Stock Exchange wef January 07, 2004
 pursuant to the application made by the Company to it for voluntary
 delisting of its Equity shares.
 -Hindalco Industries Ltd has informed that Shri Sanjeeb Chatterjee
 has been appointed as Company Secretary of the Company w.e.f.
 February 1, 2004 with cessation of Shri Anil J Jhala as Company
 -Hindalco Industries expansion for enhancing the capacity of Copper
 -Birla Copper acquired two mines in Australia.
 -Hindalco Industries signs an agreement with ST Telemedia & TM
 International to acquire stake in Idea Cellular
 -Hindalco inks MoU with Orissa Govt to set up aluminium complex
 -Hindalco signs agreement with UAE based Foodco
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1
 -Hindalco Industries Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 1:4
 - Hindalco Industries Ltd has announced that on October 30, 2006 the
 Company has entered into a Joint Venture partnership with ALMEX USA,
 Inc., for the manufacture of High Strength Aluminium Alloys for
 applications in the aerospace, sporting goods and surface transport
 - Hindalco awarded the Greentech Safety Silver Award for its
 outstanding safety performance during the year.
 - The acquisition of Novelis Inc. a world leader in aluminium rolling
 and can recycling, marked a significant milestone in the history of
 the aluminium industry in India. With Novelis under its fold,
 Hindalco ranks among the global top five aluminium majors, as an
 integrated producer with low-cost alumina and aluminium facilities
 combined with high-end rolling capabilities and a global footprint in
 13 countries.
 - Hindalco awarded the CII - Sorabji Green Business Centre National
 Award for Excellence in Water Management 2007
 - Novelis becomes a Hindalco subsidiary with the completion of the
 acquisition process. The transaction makes Hindalco the world's
 largest aluminum rolling company and one of the biggest producers of
 primary aluminum in Asia, as well as being India's leading copper
 -The company has issued rights in the ratio of 3:7at a premium of
 Rs.95/- Per Share.
 - Hindalco Industries, Aditya Birla group flagship firm, has decided
 to cut its overseas operations and is restructuring its capital
 expenditure in India in an effort to stabilise operations. As part of
 this overall plan, Novelis, which Hindalco acquired for $6 billion in
 2007, is closing its sheet mill at Rogerstone in the UK, involving
 440 job losses. 
 - Hindalco ranked ninth across industries on Forbes Asia's Fab 50
 companies list of Asia's 50 most valued companies.
 - Hindalco and Birla White declared winners in the Golden Peacock
 Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility 2010 by an eminent
 international jury, headed by Justice P.M. Bhagwati, the erstwhile
 Chief Justice of India. 
 - Hindalco wins Amity International Business Schools, Amity
 Corporate Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.
 - Hindalco has entered into an agreement with Coal India Ltd (CIL)
 for securing mine-specific coal supplies to the Renukoot facility of
 Hindalco at 10 % premium over the agreed price.
 - Hindalco Industries Ltd has announced that its subsidiary - Utkal
 Alumina International Ltd. (UAIL) has tied up a debt of Rs. 4,906
 crore from a group of banks. 
 - Hindalco Industries Ltd, Utkal Alumina International Ltd. (UAIL),
 100% subsidiary of Hindalco, is setting up a 1.5 mtpa alumina
 refinery in Rayagada district of Orissa. The project will feed the
 alumina requirements of the Mahan and the Aditya smelters presently
 under construction.
 - Hindalco - Novelis Inc. Announces Pricing of $2.5 Billion Senior
 Unsecured Notes.
 - The Company is setting up a Greenfield Aluminium Smelter Project in
 Madhya Pradesh (Mahan Project) with a capacity of 359,000 TPA of
 aluminium supported by 900 MW captive power plant at a cost
 (including financing cost) of Rs. 10,500 Crs.
 - An Imminent name in aluminium production in India, Hindalco
 Industries has recently got Government approval for cutting down the
 forest of Orrisa, Rayagada district. The proposed reason for
 acquiring this green clearance is an alumina refinery project to be
 set up in Rayagada that would involve an investment up to Rs. 6,000
 - Hindalco Industries, an integral part of the Aditya Birla Group
 announced it is expecting to commence its 1.5 million tonnes per
 annum (mtpa) alumina refinery by January 2013, located in Orissa. 
 - Moving against the trend of avoiding any capex plan by companies
 amid global economic slowdown, Hindalco Industries has achieved
 financial closure for Rs 9,896 crore debt for its greenfield smelter
 project at Lapanga in Odisha in one of the largest syndication in
 recent times.
 -Hindalco Industries Ltd. - Acquisition of Alumina Refinery and
 Bauxite Mines from Novelis Do.