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The Indian market for online poker is a massive pot waiting to be cashed in

The online poker industry has a lot to offer to the ecosystem in the near and long term, and is a focus area for investors in this sector.

February 24, 2020 / 10:38 PM IST

The Indian economy has faced many ups and downs after the global recession, but the digital revolution has led to major disruption.

The world has a new favorite pastime – gaming, and the same is true for India. With the rise of gaming, the inclusion of various verticals of the digital world like virtual reality, and augmented reality, the gaming industry has established an upward curve in issuing innovative and state-of-the-art gaming platforms. More money is spent on gaming than on any other pastime!

India is witnessing a healthy annual digital growth along with the emergence of a digitally rich India and financial inclusion – approximately 2x increase in online shopping, digital transactions and payments.

The number of game downloads is the highest in India, and the number of game development companies in India was 275 in 2019. The primary drivers to the growth of the industry is the promotion of the ‘Digital India’ initiative by the government to ensure that the its services are made available to Indians electronically, improving online infrastructure by increasing Internet connectivity, and making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology, which has resulted in the increase in the use of mobile gaming and e-wallets.

Making lives easier and access simpler, the online world has shown humans a new facet in every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Outdoor games have largely shifted to indoors due to increasing population and the lack of space. But what’s more fascinating is that indoor games have shifted to our phones, offering players a 24x7 opportunity to engage.


One of the online real money skill game that is captivating the Indian market is poker not only as a pass time, but also at a professional level.

Much before the British raj, India has been cherishing poker as a game of skill. Currently, the online poker industry stands at a favorable market cap in the excess of $100 million. It has been also noted that there are over 1,000 professional pokers in India making umpteen recent news articles. People with regular 9-5 jobs have also been using their skills to excel in poker and are progressively choosing poker as a career option. And every outshining player who performs exceptionally well, be it a sales executive or an investment banker, is making a small contribution to the economy.

The Indian online real money gaming industry is approximately Rs 4,000 crore and is seeing a healthy annual growth of roughly 30 percent. Also, it is directly and indirectly creating jobs, which eventually boosts the GDP.

The online poker industry has a lot to offer to the ecosystem in the near and long term, and is a focus area for investors in this sector.

There is an accelerating inclination towards the time spent on playing online poker. Female players are seeking interest and taking lead at a professional level, with some winning at leading domestic and International tournaments.

Smartphones give an easy and hands-on accessibility for the growing community of players who love playing poker online. Impactful and noticeable improvement in monetization with the online poker industry is not just lucrative for active players, but also for the industry operators to invest, to create, to expand the ecosystem. One can surmise that the Indian online poker Industry, is signifying the importance of player’s skills.

Most of the leading online Indian online gaming operators including poker Companies are members of the All India Gaming Federation(AIGF) and adhere to its skill games charters that lay emphasis on player protection and responsible gaming best practices.
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first published: Feb 24, 2020 10:37 pm
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