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Cricket | 2023 could be India Women’s all-at-once year, after everything, everywhere in 2022

The Under-19 India Women squad, headed to the inaugural U-19 Women’s T20 World Cup next week, looks a watertight set-up one would bet their money on.

January 08, 2023 / 07:17 PM IST
India Women's squad. (Photo: Twitter)

India Women's squad. (Photo: Twitter)

Things happened for women’s cricket in India in 2022. Almost everything. Nearly everywhere.

If the roads not taken last year, and the paths that were, lead to where the players, fans and, now quite unequivocally, the BCCI hopes they do, it could all come together for the women’s game in the country in 2023. At once.

In a year of more than 30 World Cups and Games across multiple sports, three of which are in cricket alone, the inaugural Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup sets the ball rolling, next week. The eighth edition of the senior Women’s T20 World Cup then kicks off, next month. South Africa hosts both.

That’s two shots at a maiden women’s world title for India. In as many months, in a country where India first made the final of a Women’s World Cup, 18 years ago. The past is poised to meet the present. Epochs far removed from each other are set to overlap. Worlds will collide.